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Friday, October 9, 1998


Falcon Field may land eatery soon
Peachtree City airport officials Wednesday took the first concrete step toward establishing a restaurant at Falcon Field.

Training for nightmares
The Peachtree City Fire Department hones its skills by practicing nightmares.

Peachtree City planners eye unresolved issues
Three unresolved questions from previous meetings and at least eight new agenda items will be discussed Monday at the regular meeting of the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

Officials consider plan to become (Peach)Tree City
With its reputation for protecting trees, Peachtree City would seem a logical choice for designation as a "Tree City USA," but there's more to be done.

Commissioners slam Charter
The weather outside was sunny, but storm clouds gathered inside the Coweta Commission chambers Tuesday morning when Charter Communications representative Phil Skinner asked the commission to approve sale of the company transfer of its franchise to the new owners.

Senoia gives developer early start for '99
Senoia's first new subdivision could be under construction by the beginning of the year after the council agreed Monday night to allow the developer to start the permitting process.

Sign variance triggers concern over loopholes
A variance granted to Southtowne Hyundai during Tuesday's Coweta County Commission meeting may trigger the county to further examine its policy concerning grandfathered signs.

Senoia to Barnacle Bob's: 'Turn off those blinking lights'
The blinking sign is on the verge of extinction in Senoia.

Trouble in the world? Dial 911 for infantry
When most of us make a 911 call, we expect a local dispatcher to plug us into an emergency medical service, fire station or police immediately.

East Coweta homecoming set tonight
Alumni from near and far will travel back to Sharpsburg this weekend for East Coweta High School's annual homecoming.

'Oaktoberfest' set Saturday
This year's "Oaktoberfest" at Oak Grove Elementary School in Peachtree City, Saturday, Oct. 10, will raise funds for an organization dedicated to helping children who have cancer.

Peachtree City Council hopes to close apartment loopholes
Though Peachtree City has no more land available that is zoned for apartments, the City Council still wants to seek a way to halt multifamily housing development where it is.

Tyrone eyes airport plan to bring bus service to Fayette
The town of Tyrone wants to make sure the bus doesn't pass them by.

Homeowner blames PTC sewer plant for foul odor
Water and sewer officials in Peachtree City say they will keep trying to sniff out the origin of a foul odor at Bill Whitehouse's home in Interlochen.



Find out where your team is playing

Teams get a feel for LaGrange course
On Oct 31, when ghosts and ghouls walk the streets, the McIntosh and Fayette County cross country teams will be running for the regional championship in LaGrange. The course there has been lengthened a little to make it the full 3.1 miles. On Tuesday both teams got a feel for the course that will determine who rules the region.

Richard Petty driving school to open soon
It is the dream of many young men and women to become race car drivers. There is a need for speed that transcends gender, race and creed. Previously, if this was your dream there were few outlets and opportunities. That will change as the new year approaches.

Local athletes keep winning accolades around the country
From time to time, the sports desk receives announcements of local athletes' achievements. It is not lack of interest that keeps these stories out of the paper but lack of space. Today, there is space. Today, the accomplishments will be recognized.

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