Friday, March 12, 2004


PTC Council responds to Regions Bank demand

Peachtree City officials were to respond this week to a letter sent Feb. 19 from Regions Bank threatening to sue the city because the Development Authority has defaulted on a $200,000 loan.

Offer made to airport manager candidate

After meeting in executive session for 15 minutes Wednesday night, the Peachtree City Airport Authority took a big step toward hiring a new airport manager for Falcon Field.

Police: Center Green house was hub of drug activity

A Peachtree City woman whose house was the center of drug activity, police say, was arrested Tuesday for trafficking methamphetamine.

AMEX account unpaid by DAPC taints credit of former employees

An American Express account used by employees of the Peachtree City Tennis Center and Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater when the Development Authority of Peachtree City still operated those facilities apparently hasn’t been paid in months, say officials with the Peachtree City Tourism Association who now manage the venues.

Nonprofit boutique opening to public

Don’t call it a thrift shop.

City moves to curb cut-throughs in Smoke Rise

Motorists who cut through one of Peachtree City’s most exclusive neighborhoods to avoid Ga. Highway 54, Walt Banks Road and Peachtree Parkway North will find the shortcut takes a little more time, once the city installs “traffic calming devices.”

Airport official defends use of Air Show office

A member of the Peachtree City Airport Authority formally responded to questions Wednesday night that were raised by another authority member last month in an unusual spectacle while the authority nominated persons to serve as chairman.

Schools Briefs

Cox on agenda Sunday at PTC Library

Police Blotter

FAA opposes location of TDK Boulevard extension project

The Federal Aviation Administration is objecting to the plans for the extension of TDK Boulevard, which will link Peachtree City with Coweta County.

Sharpsburg getting ready for changes

Will East Coweta’s smallest town remain quaint, or will growth strangle it like the kudzu that leads into town?

Liquor vote headed to court

Sharpsburg residents could learn next week whether liquor will be flowing in their East Coweta hamlet.

Three from Coweta make Eagle Scout

The Eagles have landed in Coweta County.

Dutch company buys Southern Mills

Royal Ten Cate, a Dutch-based multinational in technical textiles, announced this week that it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire Union City-based Southern Mills, Inc., to strengthen its position in niche markets and advance Royal Ten Cate’s global investment in technical textiles.

Pre-K, kindergarten registration underway

With new elementary school districts adopted and in place in the southern part of the county, Coweta’s 17 elementary schools are ready to begin kindergarten and pre-kindergarten registration this coming week.

Connell: Schools working hard amid budget cuts

As everyone knows, the Coweta County School System is facing difficult choices as it prepares to adopt its budget for the 2004-05 school year.

Harwell is STAR student

Newnan High School student Andrew Harwell was announced as the Coweta County STAR student of 2004 at the annual Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce STAR student and teacher breakfast. The breakfast was held at the Central Educational Center in Newnan.

Soldier visits pen pals

Willis Road Elementary School students recently welcomed home a U.S. soldier after writing letters to him in Iraq during the school year.

Soldier visits pen pals

The little pond surrounded by open fields on Lower Fayetteville Road near Ga. Hwy. 154 will take on a whole new look in the future, following the announcement by the parish of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church that they have selected an architect and builder for a new church to be erected on the site.



A journey back in time

“I was traveling on a stretch of highway last September that connects Asheville, N.C., with Johnson City, Tenn. It used to be that the 90-mile trip was an ordeal that offered catastrophe every half-mile or so. The narrow, winding roads that snaked around the mountains were treacherous and, during the winter, tested the nerve of all but the most suicidal drivers.

My teenager suffers from brushaphobia
By Rick Ryckeley
Fayette County Fire & Emergency Services

Looking back at my youth through the sharply focused eyes of a grown-up, I have determined two things. The first: the further I get away from teen years, the less trouble I remember being to my parents. In fact, if you ask me in a couple of years, I’ll tell you I was a saint as a teenager and never did anything bad. The second: kids nowadays do things we wouldn’t even dream of doing when we were kids.

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