FT McPherson Closing

With the closing of FT McPherson in SEP 2011 is there any thoughts of the affect to PTC? It appears that there are several high salaried military and civilians that live in PTC.

Planterra Ridge

I have read several things about Planterra Ridge subdivision but would like to get some other opinions here. We will be coming down at the end of July to look for houses.

Moving to Peachtree City

Our family is moving to Peachtree City from Minneapolis sometime this fall. My husband will be working with Delta. We have two boys, 7 years and 15 months. We would appreciate any information about good family neighborhoods. We were looking at the Chadsworth subdivision and Planterra Way. From past posts, there was an issue with the traffic on Planterra Way. Is the traffic still an issue in this area? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hwy 54 W & MacDuff Parkway

Does anyone know what is going in at HWY 54 @ MacDuff Parkway across from the new MacIntosh Village development -- it wa

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