Week 3 — Elections Forum for Tyrone

Tyrone Mayor


Don Rehwaldt

This is my last chance to clarify any doubts about where I stand and how I would like to see Tyrone evolve in the next four years.

Week 2 Elections Forum-Tyrone Council Post 1&2, Mayor

Tyrone Council Post 1

Ken Matthews

Thank you, Citizen News and Tyrone Business Association, for the candidate forum and all the citizens for attending. After the forum I talked with many, and those citizens realized we have many qualified candidates. I heard comments that all candidates were in consensus of sewer need, if Old Town Tyrone was to be revitalized as a vibrant town.

Tyrone Mayor candidates

Tyrone Mayor candidates

Don Rehwaldt

I wish to thank those of The Citizen newspapers for the opportunity to express some of my ideas to improve the life styles of ALL citizens of Tyrone.

As many of Tyrone citizens already know, there are many issues separating the town. Foremost is the development that is being thrust upon us. This, seemingly, is without considering that a corresponding level of infrastructure has to be planned to support these visions; i.e., traffic congestion, citizen safety, etc.

Tyrone Council Post 1 candidates

Ken Matthews

Tyrone Citizens and voters should vote for me. I am a native of Fayette County and I have family roots back to the Creek Indians which resided here long before Tyrone became a town. Tyrone has always been home to me.

Tyrone Council Post 2 candidates

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Jesse Nasianceno, candidate for Tyrone Council Post 2 in the Nov. 6 election did not submit an essay for inclusion in this forum.]


Eric Dial

I’ve lived in Fayette County for over 20 years and have seen many changes. In 2000, my wife and I decided to move to Tyrone because it was the most appealing of our options.

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