Tyrone Council Post 1 candidates

Wed, 10/17/2007 - 3:27pm
By: The Citizen

Ken Matthews

Tyrone Citizens and voters should vote for me. I am a native of Fayette County and I have family roots back to the Creek Indians which resided here long before Tyrone became a town. Tyrone has always been home to me.

I can dedicate time to the people and the needs of Tyrone. I do volunteer my time, the last four years to Founders Day. I have spent many hours assisting the Recreation Department in planning, set-up and organization of the event so that Tyrone families could enjoy the festival.

Having a management background has awarded me skills with personnel and people. I will listen and be accountable to you, the constituents.

Tyrone is faced with many challenges and I want to help lead Tyrone in the most effective manner and tackle every problem as they come up and be a part of the solution.

When tackling problems that face the town, I will be objective, keeping an open mind while researching the issue, voting for what appears to be the best for Tyrone and the citizens.

As a councilman, I would have one vote, and that vote is very important, as we have had too many tied votes with Mayor casting the ultimate vote. I encourage council members to work closer with one another and put personal issues to the side and to work for the betterment of Tyrone.

When presented with development issues I will listen to you the citizen, and vote accordingly. I will uphold zoning for one-acre minimum buildable lots with exceptions of downtown and environmentally sensitive areas where building would require sewer.

Zoning is the key to density no matter if sewer or septics are used. Sewer is more environmentally friendly.

I encourage Tyrone to have more family friendly parks and green space. The restorations of Shamrock Park need to be finished in a timely manner. Shamrock Park is considered the park for family enjoyment.

I will encourage the current basketball and tennis courts to be resurfaced and the fencing to either be painted or replaced, Restroom facilities to be rebuilt and the entire park to become the jewel of Tyrone.

Vote Ken Matthews Nov. 6,2007 at Tyrone First Baptist Church.


Tracy Young

Over the last several weeks, I have had the opportunity to meet and speak with many citizens about the future of Tyrone. The typical conversation begins with generalities and small talk but always ends in a pointed question about the trustworthiness of our town government.

As I stated in my announcement letter, this community deserves new leadership and a new direction. All government employees, elected or appointed, must be accountable to its stakeholders and decisions made for the good of everyone. With your vote this November, my first priority in 2008 is to improve accountability.

There are other key issues and they are outlined below:

• Maintain low density.

• Shamrock Park is one of Tyrone’s greatest assets and creating a family-friendly environment for citizens of all ages is important.

• Promote open and honest government by conducting all public business in public and allow citizens to speak without fear of judgment.

• Promote resolution to codify town ordinances and establish organization and structure.

• Dissolve additional sewer capacity discussions to support high-density development.

• Propose amendment to ordinance 459 to address sewered lot size in future developments.

• Promote technologies that improve record retention and availability by requiring records in electronic format and publish pertinent information on town’s website including ordinances.

• Promote policy and procedures for annual sewer system maintenance.

• Adhere to the land use plan.

My opponent and I differ in opinion relating to density and additional sewer capacity. My desire is to maintain low density and dissolve any discussions for additional sewer capacity. My opponent has stated that he would like additional sewer capacity to create high-density areas.

Based on the results from the comprehensive plan, I believe my views are more aligned with the wishes of this community.

Feel free to contact me at tyougforcouncil@numail.org or 678-612-2169 to discuss my vision for Tyrone.

Tracy Young

Candidate, Post 1

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