Sheriff Election

Thu, 06/19/2008 - 11:08am
By: Peachtree St

I must admit I am new to the area. I have lived here for about 2 years. My wife was born and raised here so we came back. My wife knows Barry Babb's family so she convinced me to put his "ELECT BABB" signs on my car. I was at a store on the south end of Fayette County, and a Fayette Deputy stopped me in the parking lot. He told me that I better be careful with the BABB signs because if I got stopped by a traffic unit I would get a ticket. He went on to tell me about how Wayne Hannah would be a great sheriff. I did not really care before but now I am telling everone. VOTE FOR BARRY BABB.

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Submitted by Spyglass on Wed, 06/25/2008 - 10:56am.

I think my vote is down to between those two...

Give me reasons for against either. I'm listening.

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Wed, 06/25/2008 - 2:45pm.

Spyglass, whether you vote for Hannah or Babb depends on how you believe the department should be managed.

First of all, both men are good men and good leaders. What we have here is a true referendum on what sort of management style is needed at the Fayette County Sheriff's dept.

Now, I want to preface my opinion with the qualification that I do not know either men personally, nor have I ever met each man. I am of the opinion that each man has a seperate and distinct management style. This gives the voters of Fayette county an unprecedented chance to shape the FCSO of the future.

Wayne Hannah, from all the reports and letters and comments I have read here, is very much a "by the book" leader. He leads by instilling a fear of screwing up in his subordinates. This is not necessarily a "bad" leadership style, some paramilitary... heck some military....outfits need to be led via a solid boot to the rear sometimes. Would this approach work on a day-in, day-out basis in Fayette county? I'm not sure. I do know there appears to be more than a little bottled up resentment towards Hannah's strict management style among the rank-and-file of officers in the FCSO...take a look at some of the low-level sniping from anonymous bloggers that obviously are related to the Sheriff's department here. At the end of the day, though, there is no requirement that says you have to be popular amongst your subordinates to get the job done.

Barry Babb appears to be the polar opposite of Hannah's style. He seems (again, I'm relating information secondhand) to have a "lead by example" sort of guy, pushing his people to want to do their best. This makes him popular amongst the rank and file, but you have to ask yourself are Babb's subordinates getting the job done on time and on budget? Babb is more a results-oriented guy, beholden to the spirit of the law if not the exact letter. If this bothers you, then Babb is most likely not your man.

Intangibles: As I said earlier, Hannah has made a number of enemies with his by-the-book approach. We are beginning to hear a steady drumbeat of alledged infractions by Hannah, most likely by those with an axe to grind: "Hannah campaigns in uniform", "Hannah showed up at my doorstep after I criticized him" "Hannah showed poor judgement in the Captain Woodie affair". Valid criticisms? I don't know.

The main...heck, the ONLY knock on Barry Babb appears to be that he wears his faith on his uniform sleeve. Several posters have insinuated that Babb will change the Fayette county sheriff's dept into the Fayette Christian Sheriff's dept. I personally think he's smarter than that, but again, I don't know the man.

It's not an easy choice, both men appear to be supremely qualified to lead the department. I'm about 75% sure I'll vote for Babb.

Submitted by skyspy on Wed, 06/25/2008 - 12:28pm.

They are definitly the front runners and most qualified. It will be a tough call.

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Submitted by brooksga1994 on Wed, 06/25/2008 - 11:22am.

Yes the both of those, to me, are the two that stick out to me i prefer Babb though because of his character. Both Babb and Hannah have spent many years in the Fayette County Sheriff Departmant, but Babb has lived in Fayette County his whole live, and his family has and still does. This county means alot to him. He is also a man of great faith. He has my vote.

Submitted by buckstopshere on Tue, 07/01/2008 - 6:59am.

around here so much? There are plenty of people--good people that were brought up in some other good town in America. They are just as qualified to run for office or just vote. Fayette county is small minded when it comes to this subject. Think about it...there are more of us transplants here than there are life timers in Fayette County. Get a clue...we are all americans, and being a home town guy is not a good enough reason to support or negate a candidate.

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Submitted by Git Real on Tue, 07/01/2008 - 7:18am.

I had an ornery uncle that fought through the Pacific Islands in WWII and whose job it was to scout behind Jap lines. This 'real' cowboy made John Wayne characters look like supply clerks. One thing that will always stands out in my mind as I was made to work with him on his ranch in the summers (child slavery Eye-wink ) was a statement that, in short, went something like this: "I and many friends of mine fought and some died so that you could live in free land. Don't ever let anyone tell you where you can and cannot live and work."

Let's step on a toe or two here. If it weren't for many of us transplants, this place would still be run by the characters that frequent Kenny's Koffee Klatch. Wait.... Many still do. Shocked

What's most important to me is not where some folks are from... but how they're going to benefit and protect 'this great place to live'.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


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Submitted by carbonunit52 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 6:56am.

that the office of sheriff should not be an elected position.

Submitted by ROSEBUD on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 9:10pm.

"I can't promise you what I'll do on January 1st........
Has anyone asked him if his wife will stay employed with the department if he becomes Sheriff? or is he not making any promises on that issue either? and for those citizens who think he does not have ties while on leave of absence, is his wife still there? keeping ties on the department?...just curious

Submitted by grits on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 11:44pm.

Yes, she is still there...

and he plans to keep her if he is elected.

Submitted by sageadvice on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 6:27am.

Now jest hold on a minit. Ifn youall see fit ti lect me as yore sherif, I too plan to emmploye uncle billybob as a jailer. His wif, cantankerus, will also cook sum. she a gude cook.
cousin Hairy will kept the gras cliped and bresh cut on the groundes.
All uf the youngins of em all wil stau in thu ofice fer company.
we are a family type candidate.
i see nothin rong wif wifes workin at the office. I jest dont know whar thu kids are?

Submitted by GiveMeABreak4507 on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 10:16pm.

Although your paraphrased his quote, you left out the most important part where he said, if this stays clean and you don't do something I couldn't live with, I don't see any reason you wouldn't keep your job.

You see Rosebud, when your word is that important, you just don't give it out like a throw away newspaper. Where does this no ties to the department thing come from. Not the Sheriff. They are not working and not getting paid. They are still employed by the Sheriff. Any of the three can come whenever they want.

I don't know, but it seems that his wife has been working at the Sheriff's Office for a number of years before they got married. She does the DARE Program. Come to think of it, who's her direct supervisor? Hmmmmm. Oh that's right; Its Barry Babb.

Submitted by ROSEBUD on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 10:43pm.

your reply does not really answer my question, but thanks for trying. Will she, (if Hannah is elected) have to resign since THE SHERIFF is in charge of all of the employees? What is the policy do you know?? That was the question- not how long has she been there and who supervises her now. It does not matter that she works for Babb now, as they are not married. So again...just curious

Submitted by GiveMeABreak4507 on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 11:46pm.

You know, I don't know the answer to that. Ask him, because it isn't an issue to me. I would not want her job and there doesn't seem to be any rush for someone to get it either.

Back when they got married, I'm pretty sure the general feeling was that Bruce was going to be the next Sheriff so I can't imagine they thought much about it.

Now, as far as her working there, I would not like it if she received preferential treatment and there are lots of ways to point that out if she were to get some. I'm not much worried about that, but I understand why you would want to hear his thoughts on it.

Seems like an issue of fundemental fairness to me. Why should she be punished and forced to quit her job because her husband became Sheriff.

On a related note, Barry's thoughts expressed on what I think was his 1st event after announcing was pretty telling about his position. I can't quote it because I didn't hear it directly, but the person who told me has been pretty accurate when we have spoken before. When asked what he would do if his wife worked at the Sheriff's Office and he was elected. He replied, I wouldn't let my wife work at the Sheriff's Office.

His web site lists Wayne's telephone number as 770-851-5033 and his e-mail as

Give him a buzz.

Submitted by sherwood on Mon, 06/30/2008 - 7:16pm.

The county is fortunate to have Wayne Hannah's wife as part of the department. She an asset to the county and is wonderful at her job. Her dedication is admirable. If Wayne is elected, I do not believe that there would not be a conflict of interest. They are not that kind of people.

Submitted by sageadvice on Tue, 07/01/2008 - 6:43am.

My suggestion to you is to be silent on this subject!
Defending someone's wife that works for the boss as a DARE agent, and is not a line officer, is never going to fly.
Many see this program as useless due to those who participate in it.
It is like "just say no," program of Nancy Reagan! The billet should be on foot at the pavilion! Think Mr. Hannah will order that?

Submitted by McGerkin88 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 9:50am.

"Seems like an issue of fundemental fairness to me. Why should she be punished and forced to quit her job because her husband became Sheriff."

I believe the good citizens of Fayette County care. Who cares what you think about this? You are an employee FGS!

We don't want another Hilary in the office thats for sure. I believe that will happen here, unless she is removed from her position, IF HANNAH gets elected. Hopefully, that won't be an issue, they'll both go.

Submitted by GiveMeABreak4507 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 1:31pm.

That’s what elections are for McGerkin. If he were to show her favoritism, it would be easy to show and then he'd get voted out.

I'm a citizen too. I vote too. I care about this. I realize no one cares what I think except me.

Hey, can I ask you a question?

Allow me to pose a simple scenario to you and I care about what you think.

Let’s say you make a driving mistake and wreck your patrol car. Enough so that you might get a day off without pay. You tell your supervisor and he replies that it’s not bad damage, don't worry about it.

A few days later, your division director notices the damage and tracks down your supervisor and asks him about the damage. The supervisor says “I don't know anything about it.

The Division Director calls you in and asks you about it with your supervisor sitting there. The supervisor doesn't say a word and you are reluctant to tell the Division Director that you had reported the damage to your supervisor.

Your discipline for the original wreck would have been one day, but instead of one day, you get another 3 for hiding the damage, after getting really harshly chastised for not being forthcoming.

What would your opinion of that supervisor be?

Submitted by McGerkin88 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 2:55pm.

1. "If he were to show her favoritism, it would be easy to show and then he'd get voted out."

Can't do that...Hannah is already in and has more POWER to intimidated officers to hide it.

2. "Let’s say you make a driving mistake and wreck your patrol car. Enough so that you might get a day off without pay. You tell your supervisor and he replies that it’s not bad damage, don't worry about it."

I would take my punishment like a man and admit this mistake and report it to my superior. Knowing that this was not honest. I would demanded this be written up properly, what ever that "up the chain ladder" would have been. This keeps me honest and above board.

3. "A few days later, your division director notices the damage and tracks down your supervisor and asks him about the damage. The supervisor says “I don't know anything about it."

Well, you posed the question to me as to what I would do. Therefore this saga would have stopped here.

4. "The Division Director calls you in and asks you about it with your supervisor sitting there. The supervisor doesn't say a word and you are reluctant to tell the Division Director that you had reported the damage to your supervisor."

I would apologize, and let them know that you were in judgment error. You have since educated yourself as to the proper procedure. And continue to apologize.

5. "Your discipline for the original wreck would have been one day, but instead of one day, you get another 3 for hiding the damage, after getting really harshly chastised for not being forthcoming."

I would take it like a man. I would make damn sure this or anything like this would never happen to me again. I would educate myself on all policy and procedures of this dept. I would return to work, happy to be back and do the best job that I can possibly do.

6. "What would your opinion of that supervisor be?"

The same as yours is today.

Continue becoming educated. Find someone who promotes education in your dept. And Givemeabreak....this stuff happens in Corporate America everyday. We all have these battles, but we don't have the luxury of working for someone who gets to be your boss, because he was ELECTED!

Submitted by sageadvice on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 6:38am.

It is legel now fer Hannah's to marry Bruces and Margarets!
California and Massa chussettesetts alredy do it.
John and Larry kin also git maried.
i dont know these people so i git confuse.

Submitted by McGerkin88 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 10:03am.

for them both. Maybe Mrs. will feel more comfortable and living in the Bible Belt won't be such moral scrutiny at its best.

Submitted by NeedtoKnow on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 6:00am.

On a related note, Barry's thoughts ... When asked what he would do if his wife worked at the Sheriff's Office and he was elected. He replied, I wouldn't let my wife work at the Sheriff's Office.

GOOD! That is exactly what I would like to hear Hannah say. I believe county policy states that one spouse can not be in a position of authority within the same department over another spouse. Which is exactly what Hannah will be if he becomes Sheriff and his wife keeps her position (or ANY position within the Sheriff's dept). So for Babb to say that his wife would not be working for the dept if Babb became Sheriff... that is EXACTLY the right thing to say!

Submitted by susieq on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 11:26am.

What does Babb mean, "I wouldn't let my wife..."
Let his wife?

That's a slap in the face to any woman working in the sheriff's department. He'd better think about the woman's vote.

So what does he LET his wife do? Stay home, cook and clean?

brooksga1994's picture
Submitted by brooksga1994 on Wed, 06/25/2008 - 10:35am.

He said he wouldn't let his WIFE work with the sheriff not all woman. He is simply saying he wouldn't put his wif and the Fayette County Sheriffs Departmant in that kind of situtation.

Go Babb

Voice of Fayette Future's picture
Submitted by Voice of Fayett... on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 1:19pm.

To twist Babb's comment into chauvinism (that's the correct spelling; you may want to also review your understanding of the definition, too, SusieQ) is without basis.

Long ago, before he was promoted to Vice Admiral or whatever, Hannah and his wife should have done the right thing and gotten her a job elsewhere. It would have been the honorable thing to do.

He was saying that he would not do what Hannah will do--- allow his wife to work in the same department. Hannah will inevitably create a departmental lack of respect for the rules, just as Gena Abraham did with the DOT. Since he will be reluctant to punish his wife for breaches, he either creates a laxity on the rules or a double standard.

Babb has my vote.

Submitted by KCW56 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 9:28pm.

I understand from most officers that they want Mrs. Hannah out. That she is really not respected and that's why the swing votes are swinging towards Babb.

Submitted by sageadvice on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 3:43am.

Is the Mrs. Hannah a practicing officer of the law or a speech giver and a paperwork shuffler?
I don't know, but I have been around such offices before and there are always those who aren't fully participating officers. (pass the fitness and shooting tests, go on calls, etc.
Maybe she isn't one of those?
It would look better if she was on patrol!

Submitted by KCW56 on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 7:56am.

Mrs. Hannah works in the D.A.R.E. dept.

Where I have a problem is that Babb and Mindar rightfully turned in their patrol vehicles. They are campaigning in street clothes and their own personal vehicles.

Hannah still has his patrol vehicle. Both Mr. and Mrs. Hannah campaign in their uniforms. NOT RIGHT!

Road Runner's picture
Submitted by Road Runner on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:59am.

This is one reason why Hannah won't get my vote. Still not sure who is worthy of being our next Sheriff but it sure isn't Mindar!

Submitted by sageadvice on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:01am.

What is the DARE department?
How does that answer my questions?
You must be a cop also!

Submitted by sageadvice on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:49am.

It sounds like a YMCA party organization position for students! Why in the Police department?
They have all kinds of badges and sew-ons. etc. Talks about drugs given to student.
Nothing said about any other enforcement duties, however.
Wouldn't this be better as a function of a private organization?

Submitted by susieq on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 3:25pm.

Thanks for the spelling correction. I understand the definition of chauvinism. As far as I am concerned, it applies to any man who "lets" his wife. Sorry I'm so sensitive about it.

I'm sure Babb is a fine fellow. I know his entire family. I just wish he would not use the word "let" when it applies to his wife.

I believe that Hannah, if elected, would do the right thing according to policy.

Submitted by grits on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 5:22pm.

Givemeabreak4507 accomplished exactly what he meant to. When there is an "uncomfortable" issue or question, they turn it in to something negative about their main foe, instead of answering or attacking it head on. That's what politics is all about. Even if taken out of context, a quote can distract you from the issue at hand.....He's got you where he wants you.

Submitted by NeedtoKnow on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 11:59am.

Don't be so sensitive. He didn't mean "let" as in she isn't capable or he would have to give permission. He meant "let" as in it is a policy issue.

Submitted by sageadvice on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 12:15pm.

So, if it were "policy" that the women must wear a veil, then they must wear a veil!
Also, no pants or short dresses or skirts.
No leg or ankle showing--like the FOX women do.
They can also be beaten on the streets by strangers (men) if they act frisky.
It is policy.

Submitted by skyspy on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 11:36am.

I think they are talking about his wife working there while he is Sheriff. I think they have a policy against it.

Someone was questioning whether Mrs. Hannah who is a Capt. would stay on if Wayne is elected. On the one hand I hope she does. I have dealt with her on a couple of situations. I was very impressed she is hardworking, and concerned about the community. On the other hand, Wayne is very tough to work for from what I have heard. I think he would be extremely tough on her just to prove that there is no favoritism.

I was hoping she would have applied for police chief of PTC. Actually I think she would make a better Sheriff than Wayne, just my 2 cents.

Submitted by ROSEBUD on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:07pm.

Yes I was talking about policy - because that is what Hannah is known for "sticking strickly with the policy "- so I hear. Nothing personal against her, just wanted to know where he stands in that matter, sticking with policy or not. I guess GIMMEABREAK was not aware of that policy that you seem to know about, but does know how long she has been there, who her supervisor is and what dept she works in - oh but that's right, they said this issue didn't matter to them....hmmmmm wonder if they are concerned if Babb wins whether they will have a job or not- somebody must know something.

Submitted by GiveMeABreak4507 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 1:17pm.

See all is well then. Barry's position is different from Wayne's I think because I haven't heard his express his thoughts...yet. I'm sure we all realize there are differing opinions on lots of things. This is one.

Whether I like Wayne or not, wrong is wrong. If he were to fire her, or even ask her to resign I would think less of him. This is an issue of fairness. She was working at the Sheriff’s Office several years before they began to date and then marry. They were married long before the Sheriff encouraged Wayne to run for office.

Now you and I have similar views on a great many things, and not so similar on many others. This is one of them.

My father died in a traffic accident when I was 18 years old; he was not wearing his seatbelt. My mother, left a widow at aged 35, was left to raise 4 children by herself. I saw her work countless hours to make our world as unaffected as possible. Often times she was held back by supervisors who didn’t care for women in the workplace.

Now I know Deborah’s situation and my mothers are not the same. I don’t think she should have to suffer because her spouse becomes Sheriff. I would no more tell my own wife what she could or could not do in her career that I would anyone else. She is smart, ambitious, and her own person.

But, I’m not Wayne. His telephone number is 770-851-5033. Ask him.

p.s. She is a Lieutenant.

Submitted by skyspy on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 3:30pm.

We agree on this one too.

As I stated I think Mrs. Hannah is one of the best of all of you at the SO. I hope we don't lose her. We can't afford to lose any of you, and that is what I'm afraid will happen if the wrong person gets elected.

I was trying to explain to the other person that it is not a case of chauvinism, but rather I think Babb was just saying he wanted to avoid crys of nepotism.

I posted a question on here for you and grits. But I think it is already on the second page.

Where are we going in the future of crime fighting? What direction or what equipment do you need to stay ahead of the bad guys?

I'm assuming that most of our crime is coming from clayton and fulton is that true or false? Is it mostly drug related?

Submitted by skyspy on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 7:39am.

Babb's reply is the only correct answer.

Submitted by GentleTug on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 2:16pm.

Peachtree St maybe I am missing something here with your statement. You say that a Deputy warned you about possibly getting a ticket from a Traffic Unit for having Babb signs on your car. Because everyone knows, or should if they do their homework,that Hannah is the Director of Traffic and Training.But then that same Deputy turns around and tells you how good Hannah would be for Sheriff. So I am led to believe that this Deputy was a Hannah supporter from your statement but why would he turn around and also say something negative. R U Smiling Yet!!!!

Submitted by Peachtree St on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 12:54pm.

I did not see his name or badge number. What is this about signs? I did not keep up with this stuff before.

Submitted by NeedtoKnow on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 12:38pm.

I would really love to know what that Deputy's name was.

Not that I believe him. Especially since every deputy that I personally know or have talked to is supporting Babb. Not because he will keep everything the same, but because he will keep what is working and try to bring about change for what is not.

Here's what I know: If Hannah is elected, we will for sure lose 2 excellent deputies (Babb & Mindar) along with all the others who would leave. If Babb is elected, he will not get rid of Hannah or Mindar, and there will be very few if any others going, either.

Submitted by GiveMeABreak4507 on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 11:52pm.

Here is what you don't know. Wayne Hannah has never said he was going to fire Barry Babb or Thomas Mindar. If you've heard that, unless you tell us, only you know who you heard it from. It doesn't really matter if you give us a name, because you and I both know you didn't hear it from Wayne Hannah.

Now this is a quote from a friend of mine, who also happens to be a friend of Barry's. Strange but true, Barry and I have a few common friends. "Barry told me that he told Wayne, if he was elected, Wayne would still have a job. Wayne didn't say the same thing to me; he said he couldn't make a promise like that because he didn't know how the campaign would go."

Now I bet you thought I was going to say or imply that Barry was being untruthful; surprise, I'm not. What Barry quoted to our friend is not entirely accurate, but not untruthful.

Now, If you know Wayne Hannah at all, or if not and know anyone at the Sheriff's Office (other than the candidates them selves) ask them if they have ever known him to be untruthful.

So, I can say that I have never heard Wayne Hannah discuss any specific personnel changes since announcing his candidacy. He told me that he would not and as is always the case, he has kept his word.

He did however tell me of his conversations with both Barry and Thomas. They were essentially as you have reported but with some more detail (Wayne Hannah is nothing, if not detail oriented).

What he told me that he had discussed with Barry and Thomas was that both said just what you said. They both said that if elected, they would keep the other two. They were looking for the same commitment from Wayne and received his honest and straight forward answer. His answer provides the best insight as to why he will be a better Sheriff than Barry, Thomas, or even good old Dave.

What he told them was "I can't promise you what I'll do on January 1st. As things stand now, I don't see any reason why I could not keep either of you on. But you never know how a campaign will go. If I promised to keep you, and one (or both) of you took the campaign down a nasty, ugly path, where would I be then?"

Do you see the significance in the difference in the answer Wayne told me he gave them, and Barry's interpretation? Wayne feels like his word (promise) is something he can not take lightly. If he made that promise, and either Barry or Thomas did something really bad that Wayne could not live with, he'd be compelled to keep his word and breaking his word isn't acceptable.

No, he didn't say he'd let them go; he told them what it would take to keep their jobs. When you integrity is your most prized possession, you don't toss it around freely with considering the consequence.

brooksga1994's picture
Submitted by brooksga1994 on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 12:13pm.

Would you keep your number one competitor? If you make a mistake then come election time you would lose your job. I think either babb or hannah will loose there job.

Submitted by TruthWarrior on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 4:57pm.

I'm with you. Keeping the competitor (as you call them) would do nothing but set you up for failure. They would be constantly undermining your decisions. I can assure you that Barry or Tom would fire Wayne and Woodie if elected.

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 5:05pm.

Let's hope the 3 candidates can come to a gentlman's agreement. We can't afford to lose any of them.

Submitted by sageadvice on Thu, 06/26/2008 - 2:42pm.

Can't be done can it?
Remember the Clayton firings of deputies who are still there and being paid?
They can't be fired unless convicted of a felony---not sure then---maybe paid retirement?

Submitted by KCW56 on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 5:16pm.

a direct quote from Hannah.

"I can't promise you what I'll do on January 1st. As things stand now, I don't see any reason why I could not keep either of you on. But you never know how a campaign will go. If I promised to keep you, and one (or both) of you took the campaign down a nasty, ugly path, where would I be then?"

In order for you to quote Givemeabreak, Hannah must have been right beside you!!! Folks, this is who you want as your next Sheriff?

intimidation, intimidation, intimidation

Submitted by sageadvice on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 6:22am.

Didn't the Clayton Sheriff try to fire some deputies when he took office and had to hire them all back?

He was right to do that. They had been a part of a total failure.

Why can't they be fired and start over? They aren't State employees---protected from murder prosecution by a full pension at 30 years of age.

Everyone should be able to be fired except for constitutional reasons.

Submitted by skyspy on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 8:42am.

Yes, when victor hill was elected Sheriff he did fire dozens of white deputies. Then the Feds stepped in and investigated. Apparently he broke a ton of federal laws. He has been fined several times.

But because he was Sheriff at the time I believe Clayton County taxpayers are going to have to pay for all of it through higher taxes. I don't think all of the cases have even gone to court yet. That is just from the deputies cases.

Then he was obstructing justice and interfering with the Clayton police dept. and in fact had put several of those undercover officers in jeopardy by revealing their identities.

The criminals have a free pass right now in Clayton and they know it.

Do you really want someone like that here?

Submitted by KCW56 on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 2:49pm.

You really are in the dark. "Do you really want someone like that here?" Again a reference towards Dave Simmons. He has already addressed the FCSO and below is part of Simmons letter to them.

"Since announcing my candidacy for sheriff, I have had an opportunity to talk with many of you. In doing so, I’ve heard your questions regarding my management style and how it would affect your positions within the department. Let me assure you that my leadership style is one of mutual commitment and respect. No one, and I repeat, no one, who is doing their job need have any concern about your future with the department.

I’ve been asked if I would honor the jobs of current department personnel when I am elected. The answer is an unequivocal yes. I have no plans for, and would not allow, a housecleaning similar to the one that took place in Clayton County."

With over 24,000 hits on Simmons website, they get it.

Submitted by Spyglass on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 10:44am.

as big of a problem as the Sheriff. They are bungling cases left and right. Taking too long to bring charges, etc.

As far as the firings, they weren't all of one race, they were people that Hill thought to be on the former Sheriff's side (Tuggle).

Submitted by CI5835 on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 11:23am.

I worked in that Office. Jewel Scott may not be the best DA in the state but she is a great lady and does know what she is doing. The problem there is case overload and not enough investigators to work them. This is a result of astronomical crime and the fact that Bell and the commission refuse year after year to allocate them the additional positions they need. Also, as far as cases taking a long time to indict, this is mainly the result of the incompetent Officers from the surrounding municipalities not doing their job right and failing to get the investigators the necessary reports in a timely manner. It is not the fault of the very wonderful and competent investigators and ADA's in that office.

Submitted by Spyglass on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 3:36pm.

Until Lee got his Wife elected. I know WAY too much about Lee and Company to trust any of'em.

Submitted by sageadvice on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 10:17am.

I had not heard that all fired were black.
You sure?
What federal laws did he break?
How much fines have been paid by county? As sheriff, he pays no lawyers himself.
Also, it was my thought that he is the first Clayton officer to do ANYTHING about reducing crime in Clayton! Am I wrong?

I see them arrest a lot of people over there now!
How many black or other minority supervisors does Fayette sheriff have?

Submitted by GentleTug on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 2:41pm.

I would like to know also because I think it is all made up. And NeedTooKnow how many Deputies do you know? Also have you spoken to Hannah about what he wants to do? Or are you one of those who has been promised something by another candidate. If that does not include you then those that it pertains to will understand. Lets say you drive a Crown Vic and others have Chargers, I have personally heard the comments of one of the other candidates to the effect of When I become Sheriff you will be driving a Charger. Now a nice new shiny car can turn some heads, but for the most part the intelligent officers just smile and say Thank You. And you must be a mistical mind reading guru, for Hannah has not said anything as far as who will and who will not be employed at the FCSO. If it was me I would not have to think twice about my decision. One is a total idiot and the other can not control his anger in front of us as he confronted Hannah about why he was at the office at 0530. The only stunt that I can think of for one candidate is to have a Gihad against Hannah. And if rumors turn out to be true then it is already under way. As far as others leaving then that is their right. Maybe they also are the ones who as children like to make up rules as they go along, only if it was to their benefit. I guess some people never grow up and want to continue to play in the mud. As far as Babb Getting elected, I think he would be a fool to keep Mindar around. Personal opinion, but we all have one. R U Smiling Yet!!!!

Submitted by KCW56 on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 9:00pm.

Per GentleTug there is so much negativism against Hannah that he wants to defend his boss. Then per his own statement "One is a total idiot and the other can not control his anger in front of us as he confronted Hannah about why he was at the office at 0530," we know of who he speaks. WHEW!

Sounds like a change is needed, proof is in this pudding.

Keep us informed TUG, we want to hear more.

Submitted by McGerkin88 on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 6:46pm.

But, I have witnessed from your candidate horses mouth that it is status quo at the SO. He only wants computer and some equipment. He has no plan other than that.

"Hannah has not said anything as far as who will and who will not be employed at the FCSO." Don't listen to everything your candidate tells you, your tug will sink with all the manure coming your way.

Submitted by GentleTug on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 7:07pm.

Obviously you are in the know, so why don't you enlighten all of us and explain further. Or is that all you have heard. Anything about pursuits, shifts, doing away with departments, reevaluating personnel to make sure the department is getting the most out of it's people. Please tell me what I should not listen to so that my tug won't sink. What sort of computers and some equipment? Some equipment might be a stick or it might be a Sherman tank. Please clarify so that i can be in the know. R U Smiling Yet!!!!

Submitted by grits on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 4:44pm.

Obviously you are a traffic unit and one of Hannah's chosen few or you have been promised something by him....a new car perhaps.
He may not have come out and said who will and will not be working for him IF he gets elected but anyone who has been at the S.O. for any length of time knows that Hannah cut his political teeth on the Randall philosophy of "if you ain't for me, you're against me." Judging from this story, I suppose that goes for the citizens as well as the employees.

As far as the "other who can not control his anger"... I think he did a pretty good job of controlling it considering the unethical, underhanded tactic of showing up at the office (taxpayer property)at 5:30 a.m on a Saturday while on a leave of absence to "answer any questions from the Deputies." Maybe he's a little desperate since the majority of the employees are for Babb. Oh, I forgot...Hannah was "invited" (probably by Woodie); I wonder if Babb were invited if the feeling would be the same(?). At least Babb has the guts to stand up for ALL the candidates...

R U smiling yet?!!

Submitted by GentleTug on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 6:40pm.

If you have read my blogs in the past you would know that I am not a Traffic Unit. "Judging from this story, I suppose that goes for the citizens as well as the employees." You must have never went into the Traffic Office and seen what they have accomplished in this community. Yeah they have all the click it or ticket and other enforcement awards. They also have awards from Special Olympics, MADD and other stuff. Look at their bulletin board, read the Thank You notes. I think that speaks volumns for Hannah and those that work under him. I have been in there and some of the Investigators are not particularly thrilled to do some of the events, but they do realize that it is the right thing to do. Who do you think the public calls when they want to put on charity events that help the community? It for sure ain't us in patrol. I look across the hall and see what this department could easily be and then go get in my car and just hope. I challenge you to go over and visit them. Ask them about their job, what they like and dislike. They will tell you. If patrol was not constantly pounded in the head that Traffic is a bunch of arrogant Traffic Nazi's Hiding behind Darth Vader and the Sith Army, things would be much better. They can't help that they have an administration that knows how to do budgeting and have the information to show the Commissioners why they need things. If our side would pay closer attention and not over inflate numbers, then we too would see a change. Go to the Commisioners and Finance and see how much money on our side gets transferred from one thing to another just so things can get paid. Or when we need the latest greatest item that just hits the market, see where that money comes from. Possibly the light bar that was suppose to go on the new cars. As far as my new car goes, you were right. I was told I would receive a new car just as soon as we got some new ones in. Well we have got new ones in and guess what, well you shouldn't have to guess, they are collecting dust and the tires look like they are dry rotting in the front of the parking lot. But you know I don't put much hope in getting a new one anyway. By the time higher ups get their's and pass their's down, I might have a chance at one with only 89,000 miles on it. In reference to your "Majority of Employees" I must have been absent on the day of that vote. I think YOU should invite Babb and Mindar to the office for some Q and A. Then us, who are in the Minority as you say, would get to hear from them what their stance is on different issues. Lots of us would like to hear it from their mouths. But then again I have already heard lots in Roll Call, in the hall, in the parking lot, at the gas pumps, out front of the office. Maybe someone got a little touchy because possibly all the things that had been said about Hannah was discovered to be untrue. And don't go there about unethical and underhanded. When a certain candidate was at the Relay For Life and people that represent him were passing out candidate information to people who were there for cancer survivors. Don't think you can get much more unethical, and underhanded than that. And what does taxpayer property have to do with anything? Are the Ballfields on McDonough Road maintained with taxpayer money. If so then you need to go out there and explain to those candidates that they can't be there.And anyway as far as Babb keeping his job, you obviously have forgotting that he was the one talking about either he wins or he is gone. Before this race ever started I heard him make the comment that he wanted to move as far south from here as he could. Maybe he will get his chance. He might be able to get a job in Pike County with his faithful sidekick DM. That is if DM, how's that blood pressure, don't stroke out before the election.But then their roles would be reversed. R U Smiling Yet!!!!

Submitted by KCW56 on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 5:05pm.

BTW, did you know that Dave Simmons wrote a letter to you? Since you say Hannah was invited, why don't you invite Mindar, Babb and Simmons. Hopefully on different days. That would be fair. I challenge you to do so. Here is his letter off his website to the FCSO.

Shift Change Visit

It has come to my attention that on Saturday, May 31, 2008, at 5:30 a.m., one of the current employees of the Sheriff's department who is also a candidate for Sheriff made an unannounced visit to you at shift change.

I was surprised to here about the event, because I was under the impression that all three of the Sheriff Department Candidates for Sheriff were supposed to be on a leave of absence and therefore without ties to the department.

As a candidate for sheriff, I would love the opportunity to discuss public safety issues with you at your work site. I would also assume that the other two candidates for sheriff would like an opportunity to address you at shift change.

Let me assure you that under my leadership, there will be no favoritism. Each of you will be treated with the same courtesy and respect. In return, I will expect each of you to abide by the policies and procedures of our department.

Best regards,
Dave Simmons, CPP

Submitted by skyspy on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 9:23am.

Maybe they have researched your candidate and aren't interested in what he has to say??

Maybe they aren't as wowed as you are by empty trite cliches, and theories that have no proven results.

Just a thought.

Submitted by GiveMeABreak4507 on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 11:18pm.

Good question. Why wasn't he invited? Thats probably the one thing that can't be spinned.

If anybody wanted to talk with him, they would have asked. Theres something about seeking an invitation that just doesn't feel right. But hey, maybe someone will.

By the way, have you wondered why Barry and Tom weren't invited? It probably has to do with the fact that before Wayne went on his leave, he didn't go to roll call or mingle about talking with everyone about what he was going to do as Sheriff like Barry and Tom hav.

But, really now, its the Sheriff who makes the rules up about the leave of absense and I'm reasonably certain he didn't clear them with you. I think Barry, Thomas, and Wayne are clear on it.

Just so you know, GentleTug was apparently there when Lt. Colonel Hannah waited in a classroom for those that wanted to ask him questions to come in. Nobody had to, and some did not. The Sheriff was okay with it. They were okay with it. Why is that a problem for you? Its not jealously that nobody at the Sheriff's office has invited your candidate in for a chat is it?

Submitted by grits on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 2:13pm.

my point.
Wayne was Lt. Col. Hannah on the morning of his visit....not Republican Candidate for Sheriff Wayne Hannah. Another intimidation factor, I suppose.

His original plan was to speak to the deputies in roll call but after Babb told him how underhanded this was (since he would be speaking to a captive audience...who would feel they had no choice but listen) he changed to the Training Room. (BTW...a room for which he still has keys while on a leave of absence. Simmons is right, he should have no ties to the S.O. during this time. For those that want to know...Babb cleaned out his office and left his county vehicle. Hey Simmons, why don't you ask where Hannah's county vehicle is?)

If the Sheriff (and Hannah) truly thought this was 100% right why show up on Saturday...why not Monday when everyone is there, the brass, the administration people...why didn't he make himself available to the jail people? (I hear they're feeling left out.)

The Sheriff let Wayne do this to save face. The deputies are for Babb...except the Traffic Unit wannabe GENTLETUG... The reason why the Sheriff is "backing" Wayne as you say....because Wayne is the only one who has said that every thing is hunky dory the way it is...the others have spoke the truth...the department needs restructuring and there is gang activity in our community (OMG!)
For those of you who don't know Randall has an ego....surprise!
He don't want anyone saying that anything he did might not have been the best way or that things could've been changed. Don't get me wrong, he did an excellent job keeping us safe...but believe me things can be better.

And for whoever did "invite" got a letter from him just like everyone else who works there. And it said you could call him or email him with any questions....that is what you should've done.

I think I will invite Babb.....and Mindar and Simmons just to be fair. I'd love to see everyone squirm...Not that I have to....the majority of the department supports my candidate.

Submitted by grits on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 11:54pm.

If you are not a Traffic Unit, you sure deserve to be....with all this sucking up; I'm suprised Hannah hasn't got you yet...or maybe you don't qualify (other than the "Hannah is God and Traffic is Heaven" mentality). Maybe he just hasn't seen you staring starry eyed across the hall yet. And BTW I have been in the Traffic Office and seen the awards of which you speak... all related to traffic of course. The patrol division is too busy preventing crime and serving the public, something you obviously resent. I hope you don't respond to any call for help I may have. Generally, patrol officers don't receive thank you notes for arresting criminals. Yes, Hannah (and Woodie) certainly know about the budget and what to ask for....hence all the items with the Traffic Enforcement logo on them. I wonder if Hannah cares if you have fresh batteries for your flashlight? Maybe he will IF he gets elected.

So, its unethical for a political candidate to "campaign" at a Relay for Life event? I guess you haven't heard about the campaigning that Hannah's camp was doing at a fund raiser for one of our own who has cancer. Guess you were too busy dreaming of a new car and a radar unit. Unethical doesn't even describe that....

As far as taxpayer property....McDonough Road is open to the public as well as all the candidates. Training room A was open to 1 candidate....who is on a leave of absence but still has his keys to unlock the doors. At the office he is Lt Col Hannah, not Republican Candidate for Sheriff Wayne Hannah. Try to defend it any way you want's plain wrong.

Babb did talk about moving (but didn't) because of high taxes...your candidate DID move (to Clayton Co) and came back, so your point is?

I feel sorry for the people on your shift.

Smile....Hannah needs you!

Submitted by sageadvice on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 6:24am.

Traffic tickets should be for state patrol and city officers---not sheriff's deputies! Also, why do the always interfere in city cop business?

Submitted by KCW56 on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 1:50pm.

I believe ya man, with the intimidation, low life mentality of Hannah, I am sure their has been conversations to go find another county to work in. As far as Mindar and Babb if elected salvaging Hannah, I hope they boot him out. There are reasons for the high support for Babb right now from our great law enforcers from the FCSO.

Submitted by kikenbutt on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 11:23am.

the same officer changing out the Simmon signs with Hannah signs. Did you get his badge number?

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 1:03pm.

Are you talking about the signs being put up on people's private property?

People that support Hannah?

Keep churning the half truth.

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