Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Avoid Politically Motivated Boycott of Christmas

To the best of my knowledge there is no American Legion Post in Peachtree City, only Fayetteville. Geography aside, Mr. Zerillo noted to a member of the press that Mr. Logsdon encouraged him to write a letter to the editor on the “Christmas” vs. “Grand” tree issue. By chance, yea right, Direct PAC member and Logsdon sidekick John Dufrense is in that same American Legion post. Look up Dufrense’s letter to the editor in Wednesday’s Citizen and you will get a good idea what he is all about.

Mayor Steve Brown: Munford Tries, Logsdon?

In his editorial in the November 23, 2005 Citizen, John Munford asks the reader to explore the topic of being mayor. Munford does not live in Peachtree City so he has no risk. His opinion on the DAPC loans were pure off-the-cuff Munford.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Dearest Birdman

First of all, how do all of you have the time to sit and blog all day? Maybe the unemployment rate in Fayette County is higher than the Board of Labor predictions. I apologize for apparently missing some previous questions that you blogged at some point. I only have enough time to check the site while eating breakfast and at night on most days.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: The people wanted to hear both candidates

Too bad that Harold Logsdon could not make the debate on behalf of the students at McIntosh High School. His campaign staff managed to find the time to come, interesting. The students did a great job and we had about 200 people in attendance, probably 40 students too.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Logsdon - Why No Debate?

The Young Republicans and the Young Democrats at McIntosh High School took the challenge and have created a forum for political thought so that the voters can know the candidates running for the highest elected office in Peachtree City.

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Review the record

No one if challenging Mayor Steve Brown on his record of the last four years. The achievements speak for themselves. Go to to see more on the "real" issues. Editor Cal Beverly of The Citizen News endorsed Mayor Steve Brown by saying, "Brown represents a big check in the checks and balances arrangement that local government always needs."

Mayor Steve Brown: Mayor: Discuss the issues, Tennant

Good grief, let’s lift the level of decorum and generate some real discussion on the issues. A good place to start is Dan Tennant’s view to sell the tennis center. Selling city (taxpayer) assets to pay for someone else’s illegal debt is a disturbing thought to begin with and should never happen but let’s take a look. First of all, every homeowner in Planterra Ridge had an impact fee withdrawn from the sale of their home and was promised a tennis facility at the northern end of their subdivision. The impact fee was a legal, legitimate charge to those citizens so we have to ask, “Dan should we give the Planterra homeowners back their $500,000 too?” Where do you draw the line.

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