Mayor: Review the record

No one if challenging Mayor Steve Brown on his record of the last four years. The achievements speak for themselves. Go to to see more on the "real" issues. Editor Cal Beverly of The Citizen News endorsed Mayor Steve Brown by saying, "Brown represents a big check in the checks and balances arrangement that local government always needs."


- Inherited the city’s worst budget shortfall in the city’s history during the worst economy in the city’s history

- Showed fiscal discipline and made immediate budget cuts in 2002 in excess of $1 million and cut over $10 million of city projects in the public improvement program

- Reprioritized the city’s budget to maximize funding for roads and public safety

- Received GFOA Budgeting Award for the first time in the city’s history
The city’s bond rating was elevated to the highest ranking in the city’s history with only two local government in the entire state ranking higher

- Refinance city’s bond debt at a substantial savings to the taxpayers
Rebid city’s health and dental insurance plans at a substantial savings to the taxpayers

- The city has paid the first two years of the annual debt service for the voter mandated library expansion without a millage rate increase

- Attracted additional retail and industrial growth and expanded tax base

- Nearly 900 businesses created in Peachtree City in the last four years

- Amphitheater and Tennis Center no longer rely on hotel/motel tax


- Higher stormwater standards/ordinances

- Created public education and outreach process

- Created public involvement and participation process

- Strong ordinances against illicit discharge into our streams and creeks
Improved construction site stormwater runoff control

- Creating a new stormwater utility that slated to be in operation in 2006

- City improved to a Class 7 in the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System with the Federal Emergency Management Agency

- Created the first ordinance that requires pervious parking surfaces to help with stormwater drainage

- Created a tree ordinance that guarantees that trees remain on commercial and industrial sites forever

- Created programs to eliminate kudzu without herbicides to protect our preserved tree canopy

- The City now requires a percentage of pervious pavement for large parking lots


- Smoking Ban protecting our families, used a model for the new state law

- Restricted miniature motorcycles that do not meet safety standards

- Conducting golf cart safety classes for students at J.C. Booth Middle School and McIntosh High School (9 th grade)


- Added new fire trucks

- Added new ambulances

- Built smoke training facility

- Made vital improvements to our fire stations

- Added new police cars

- Added new police officers

- Added new fire fighters

- New Office of Professional Standards to Patrol added to Police Department

- New Administrative and Criminal Divisions added to Police Department

- Creating ordinance to keep sex offenders away from our children

- Implemented speed humps to protect neighborhoods

- Approved Citizen Emergency Response Training program

- The Police Department almost received a perfect score with their international reaccredidation

- Implemented a new retirement program for police and firefighters

- Created alcohol handling permits to reduce credit card theft in restaurants


-More funds appropriated for roads and cart paths (a record $66 million with an additional $11 million from SPLOST) than any other time in the city’s history

-City’s Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) program won nearly $2 million in grants and was given regional recognition

- Worked with the Georgia Department of Transportation on allowing the city to make many changes to our state route projects beyond normal standards

- Work in conjunction with the South Fulton Community Improvement District and many other governmental jurisdictions on creating real solutions for the SR 74/I-85 Interchange

- Facilitated a study of our cart path system from the University College of London that has brought the city international attention and increases our chances of gaining federal grants

- Added new cart path construction equipment (asphalt shredder and asphalt paver)

- Added more personnel to paving crew
Subcontracted with private engineering firm to expedite road/path projects
Implemented traffic calming measures in our neighbors to slow traffic down and protect our children

- Created a paving plan with the county government to reduce our costs

- Created higher standards for path design/construction

- More grant funds appropriated for cart paths/cart bridges/cart tunnels than any other time in the city’s history

- Council helped push golf cart legislation for 15-year olds and Senior Citizens through the State Legislature and the Governor’s Office

- Created new five-year golf cart registration system to prevent crime and vandalism on path system


- Helped push through HB 709 that implemented the toughest restrictions on annexation in state’s history and mandates communication between cities and counties

- Created the city’s first overlay zone with architectural and landscape controls

- Created ordinance regulating architectural appearance of new out parcel gas stations

-Implementing high caliber corridor design with $1.5 million of Livable Centers Initiative grants

- Kept residential development slow while allowing more upscale commercial and industrial to enhance tax base

- Created new ordinance to protect subdivisions adjacent to new developments that allows them more time to review the plans and offer their input

- Supported significant controls on annexation in state law through HB 709 and local ordinances

- Changed ordinances to create a new process for analyzing annexations

- Promoted unique development design with lofts over retail and town homes over offices

- Promoted better housing standards to meet the needs of Senior Citizens

- Upgraded local building codes

- Created ordinance that limits the size of parking lots in new developments

- Largest growth in our aviation sector businesses in any four-year period in the city’s history

- Falcon Field Airport was able to purchase an additional 60 acres of land with FAA grants

- Guided Target into creating one of their nicest look store designs in the U.S.


- Initiated the Teen Study Circles program that drew both youth and adults and asked them to develop our city priorities for local youth

- Created the city’s first ever Peachtree City Youth Council that provides very successful social and community service opportunities for teenagers

- Created the Police Youth Relations Organization to build better relationships between our Police Department and our local teenagers

- In the process of creating the first ever Teen Court, a program that gives first misdemeanor offenders a second chance through community service

- Built excellent working relationship with youth sports association to improve facilities and created funding opportunities

- Created Mayor’s Internship Program for rising high school seniors

- Upgraded security in library to protect youth patrons

- Creating tighter restrictions on child sex offenders

- Initiated the legislation allowing youths ages 12 to 14 to drive with a parent or grandparent present and 15-year olds to drive themselves

- Community Action Day programs made landscaping improvements to McIntosh High School, J.C. Booth Middle School, Huddleston Elementary, Braelinn Elementary
City partnered with the Braelinn Elementary PTA to construct a running track

- Created an educational impact statement for every rezoning and annexation request to measure the development’s impact in order to protect our schools

- Mayor Brown participated in local math, reading and writing programs and spoke to over 50 classes about municipal government

- We recognized dozens of youth academic and sports teams at our council meetings


- Worked with the Recreation Sports Associations to give them the tools obtain more corporate sponsorships

- Upgraded equipment on all playgrounds

- Replaced playgrounds in Wynnmeade and Glenloch with new equipment

- Built restrooms at recreations facilities with more on the way

-New dog park opens in October 2005, no taxpayer funds used

- New picnic tables and benches at our parks

- Created “Patriots Day” in memorial of September 11


- Created the city’s first ever Peachtree City Senior Adult Council that acts as an advocate for our citizens ages 55 and over
Budgeted funding for the planning and construction of a significant addition to the Gathering Place facility

- Approved the first ever voter referendum on granting low income Senior homeowners an additional tax exemption on their homes to help them remain in the city

- Created Community Action Day that made expensive repairs to homes and made landscaping improvements for widows residing in our city so that they could keep living in their houses

- 2005 will initiate the first ever city sponsored Senior Holiday Luncheon in December to show our appreciate to our elders

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KraftyFla's picture
Submitted by KraftyFla on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:08pm.

BRAWN in 2001; BRAWN IN 2005

It was BRAWN in 2001; Brown, Weed and Rapson now. Steve Rapson has been the modicum of civility, serving with accounting acumen and strength of character. Steve Brown has stayed true to his word. He has worked tirelessly, selflessly and totally beyond reproach. Even his harshest critics acknowledge his honesty. As the Citizen newspaper endorsement by Cal Beverly has pointed out, he has served as a “check” in local politics, a necessity to keep the process healthy. He has been honest and independent. We have had too many people elected in Fayette County to office who had neither the intelligence nor the courage to lead. Take for example PTC Councilmember Carol Fritz. Elected as a “peoples” candidate, she cast the deciding vote that brought the Big Boxes to Highway 54. She betrayed the very people that elected her. Justice came, and none too swiftly, as Murray Weed removed her from City Hall. Mr. Weed, thank you for your leadership and good luck in the State Legislature.

Don’t be fooled. BRAWN in 2005.

Submitted by Gene Fritz on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:50pm.

Bob, Carol may have had to suffer the insults of your vitriolic venom as a public servant, but I will point out that volume doesn't make your comments any more credible.

What exactly is this intellectual challenge fetish you seem to harbor for my wife? She's lost no more elections that you, she's just won more. We can thank the voters we weren't subjected to your lack of wisdom if office, and please stop obsessing about my wife, it's embarrassing to you and making you look even more foolish.

As a PTC landowner, I have a dog in this fight, not a vote, but a dog, unlike you. Can you really not find anything in South Florida to interest you?

And check the spelling of the explanation of the Acronym, you're confusing people. And look up the definition of modicum. I can't tell if you're complimenting or complaining. Is your comment a Parody?

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:31pm.

YGTBSM!!! Brown "true to his word"! Annexation? Budget? Ethics? Integrity? He failed on all those issues. $1.3 million plus bridge to nowhere. $106,000 per year Asst. City Manager as the city reaches buildout. No rollback of the millage rate (just spend, spend, spend). Annexation? First he was against it, now he is for it. Need we say more? Ethics violations even though he took credit for writing the ethics laws and being a member of the ethics board. Integrity???? Public attacks, innuendo, false accusations, etc. And how about Best Buy? Is that Brown's idea of "figthing the big boxes?" And there is only one person who says that his "harshest critics acknowledge his honesty," and that's Brown. In fact the biggest problem his "harshest critics" have with him is his total lack of integrity, honesty, and character. Bob, you've been drinking too much "kool-aid." Maybe you can just add Brown, Rapson, and Weed to your infamous "Fayette Political Graveyard." That's where they're headed.

Submitted by dkinser on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:44pm.


Calm down. The initial election is tomorrow with a follow-up on December 6th. Now, take a deep breath and relax.

It is easy to point the finger of blame solely on the target of your anger, Mayor Brown, but there are 4 other elected officials that make the decisions too. I notice that you take aim at Brown, Rapson, and Weed, but what about Rutherford and Kourajian. They have voted on these same issues too.

Legally a city can only tie the hands of a business such as Best Buy just so much. You cannot legally stop them from building here. What you can do is limit the size and govern the architecture. That is exactly what the city has done. Keep in mind, that if the city, under the above mentioned council; hadn't passed the Overlay Zones, then we would be looking at a wide variety of appearances and sizes, and not the more aesthetically pleasing ones we have.

As for the Assistant City Manager, I have asked that very question myself. Does a city the size of Peachtree City need to have a City Manager and an Assistant City Manager that combined make nearly $250,000.00? That is roughly 1% of our entire budget for two individuals. They better be the best.

As for the bridge to nowhere, the south side of Hwy 54 is going to develop. It will cost the city less to build this bridge than it will in 15 years. Could it have waited, probably.

Dana Kinser

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:19pm.

I'm sorry - I don't believe that you can type that, given the multitude of reproach provided by several in person and online. As seems to be the m.o. here, the primary definition of reproach is "To express disapproval of, criticism of, or disappointment in".

So, can you honestly (pardon the pun) say that he is beyond reproach? He has been called a liar, a misrepresenter and a meglomaniac! Who becomes the judge of reproach?

I agree - good things have happened in Peachtree City in the past four years, possibly in spite of what the mayor has tried to accomplish.

Let's have someone else's intelligence and courage have a turn.

birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 9:34pm.

"Let's have someone else's intelligence and courage have a turn." AMEN to that. That also includes Brown's sidekick Steve (Mr. Ethics violation) Rapson.

Submitted by fran sheldon on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 8:42pm.

Thank you Mayor Steve Brown. You have worked hard and you have an impressive record. We appreciate you. You have my vote.

Mrs. Fran Sheldon

Shelby Barker's picture
Submitted by Shelby Barker on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:06pm.

I have read a couple of statements that Brown has made in the past. First, let me say that Mr. Brown is a very nice guy, and so are all the other candidates. I guess I should also state that I am Dan Tennant's step son.

Ok now I would like to show you what I have been reading. Mr. Brown has stated "The reason that our teenagers have a Youth Council is that Mayor Brown spent countless hours creating one when no one else would do it." And I would like to tell everyone this statement is very misleading. You see, I was the first president of the Peachtree City Youth Council, I also was the first representative for the original "study circles" (they really created the youth council) I was a member of the Police Youth Relations Organization. All of these things were created through the hard work of, my mother, myself, and probably the hardest worker Art Silvertson. There are so many other people I know I am leaving out...

I would also like to show you some minutes of a Peachtree City Council meeting. Let me tell you the story behind the minutes. I was representing the Youth Council and was asking for some money from the city to put on the first annual battle of the bands.....Note (Rapson was out of town and did not have a chance to give money).... Now look for the only person who did not give money..

"Bob Lenox addressed Council and said $400 in pledges had been raised in the back row during the discussion. Mrs. Tennant amended the request to $400. McMenamin personally pledged $100. Tennant also personally pledged $100, as well as Meeker. Weed pulled out his checkbook during the discussion and wrote a $100 check.”

I would like to say, Mr. Brown is a good guy, he has HELPED make the Youth Council work, and so has all the other council members, the youth of the city, the parents, and more.....his statement was misleading and I felt I should clear this up.


birdman's picture
Submitted by birdman on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 7:52pm.

You are right, Brown does mislead. Simply take his current stand on Annexation. As he has stated recently, in 2001 a major aspect of his campaign was to put all annexation to a vote. This secured him a number of votes since many here are opposed to annexation. Problem is, as he NOW points out, state law prevents this from happening. He "says" he just didn't know...(can you say "plausible deniabity). Problem is, he was told by a former councilmember what the law states. Additionally, would it not be prudent to research these things before making them a major portion of a campaign? And if being informed prior to the 2001 election isn't enough, simply look at the following quote from his campaign:

"Steve is known as someone who diligently researches problems in an effort to find positive solutions for the obstacles facing our city. He has spent thousands of his own dollars buying textbooks, buying site maps, and attending land planning classes. He has spent countless hours researching on the Internet, speaking with state and national experts and reviewing decades of government meeting minutes... He was one of only three Non-Planning Officials accepted in the inaugural Atlanta Regional Commission’s Community Planning Academy....He has attended several development conferences and has read numerous books on issues that effect our city like big box retail, planning, zoning and takings law."

So, how could he have not known a basic law? Answer, he did know but what he said sounded so good that it was worth the deception. Now, he simply claims he "just didn't know." So he either misled us about all his "qualifications," or he misled us about his annexations platform. Eitherway, he has purposly mislead us on this and many other items. By the way, the quotes are a direct "cut and paste" from his 2001 campaign website. So they are accurate and not taken out of context.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 8:15pm., most recently, the Mayor implicated many former City staff members as negligent in their use of a "toxic waste dump" for the Police Department headquarters. The actual report clears the area that was used for building as posing no threat to health or property damage. By only taking a portion of a document and surmising the whole, the mayor misled on a larger platform - the Atlanta news media. When presented with the facts, the mayor fails to defend his position, instead curtailing comment.

It just makes this town look like Hazard County, and that's just not the case.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 5:49pm.

Wow...where do I begin...this one is going to appear petty, and I apologize for those who may fail to miss the humor in what will follow, but sometimes it just needs to be this way.

The use of third person throughout the mayor's script is quite analagous to Caesar. Some of the "achievements" quoted in the missive are rather pedestrian and to be expected for a public servant.

For example, the outstanding accomplishments of the public safety section, including "added new fire trucks" and "added police cars" strike me as akin to "inhaled oxygen" and "exhaled carbon dioxide". THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO. Thanks for doing your job.

Some of the things listed in this not-quite-exhaustive (sarcasm intended) list were things that didn't have anything to do with politics or your office. For example, did the mayor personally recommend adding the "New Office of Professional Standards to Patrol" and "New Administrative and Criminal Divisions" to the Police Department? Or how about "Falcon Field Airport was able to purchase an additional 60 acres of land with FAA grants"...what in the world did you have to do with that, Mr. Mayor?

Yes, there are many things to review and reflect on in your tenure, both positive and negative. Your emphasis on the "source" of the progress, and the perceived indication that without you these things may not have happened are what I tend to focus on with much disappointment.

I tend to relate your promotional style to that of recently benched football star Terrell Owens. His mouth and constant need for the spotlight, at the expense of all others on his team, finally led the management to do what they could to let him go. Tomorrow, perhaps the true "management" of the City (the citizens) will decide to deactivate you.

As always, batter up...let the discussion fester Smiling

JWM's picture
Submitted by JWM on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:28pm.

With an appropriate screen name of "idontknow", the writer invites comments similar to his or her, exhorting the public to "...let the discussion fester."

Webster defines the word fester as "to cause a poisonous or irritating condition." While you have apparently amused yourselves, you and your annointed Mayoral candidate have succeeded splendidly in your endeavors.

Submitted by Reality Bytes on Mon, 11/07/2005 - 6:34pm.

Could you please provide substantial commentary regarding the upcoming election, the candidates, their records and platforms? Can you refer me to some of your comments that reflect any of the platforms of the candidates?

Didn't think so.

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