ohmygosh: The Murphy Debacle

I was reading in another paper about the Murphy family in Clayton County finally getting into a home (another paper because here we only see CB's personal opinions on his own liberal rag). The home was donated by the generosity of hard working kind people right in the middle of a recession, yet they still found it in their hearts to give.

ohmygosh: It Starts.....

Coweta decided to stick with the denial. There is going to be hell to pay in the courts now. Funny how the Times Herald said nothing more other than to "read wednesday's edition" and even shut down the comments on their previous story.

ohmygosh: Anybody Know,

what happened late yesterday afternoon at the bank in front of Tyrone Publix? I saw several Vested Ninjas with Guns and about half a dozen people on the ground.

ohmygosh: On The Border

Anybody know why we are subjected to On The Border ads on the front page when they closed down way back when and the clo

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