The Murphy Debacle

I was reading in another paper about the Murphy family in Clayton County finally getting into a home (another paper because here we only see CB's personal opinions on his own liberal rag). The home was donated by the generosity of hard working kind people right in the middle of a recession, yet they still found it in their hearts to give.


As I understand it, the reality show "Extreme Makeover" turned down this family and instead built a house for another, who ended up ultimately squandering the monies, defaulting on a loan, and ending up losing the house. I guarantee you this; The Murphy's would have never done such a thing. They would have been grateful for an opportunity to be in a bigger, better house. They would have taken pride in that house and it would continue to show to this day. I know a lot of the donations came from right here in Fayette, and kudos to all of you who did. I know you will wear a smile in your heart with each day that goes by, knowing that your giving will last for generations to come as the Murphy's will continue to nurture the children that would otherwise be left out in the cold.

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