NeilSullivan: Ensure Quality Staff Supporting Our Schools

On Monday the FCBOE presented a number of policies and plans to deal with the financial crisis in the coming budget. While I continue to believe a large part of the current situation is due to the down turn and maddening lack of planning by the state government in Atlanta, I do believe that our board and administration need to be mindful of not only our short term position but creating sustainable long term policy.

NeilSullivan: Technology in Schools

My days of school are well past me now, but through this process I have really come to understand how technology affects our schools. When I was a high school senior, the commodore 64 was the standard computer and making a small program in basic made you a computer nerd. What our children, teachers, parents, and administrators do today is amazing.

NeilSullivan: My E-SPLOST Journey

When I first heard about the E-SPLOST I was against it. I found it incredible that with $200MM budget we didn’t have enough money.

NeilSullivan: A Perspective on School Capacity

Hi Neighbors:

I am attaching a piece on school capacity that I have been working on since early September. To be honest it isn't as thorough as I want but it provides a perspective. I am sorry it was long but I beleive it is a larger discussion than we have had.

NeilSullivan: Why didn't anyone discuss the highlight of the FCBOE Meeting?

Me speaking in public comment wasn't it.

Ten Fayette County Schools earned the Superintendent's Distunguished Achievement Award from the Georgia Department of Education.

NeilSullivan: E-SPLOST SAVES Money for Operations

The E-SPLOST money cannot be used for operations. By law, the E-SPLOST money can only be used for technology, buses, books, security, building improvements, and property tax relief. It gives me great comfort to know that any future school boards cannot declare an emergency and repurpose the money as it is in “the lock box”.

NeilSullivan: $1,000 FCBOE Computers

Dear Neighbors:

A number of people have discussed the amount FCBOE says it needs per computer. We have found an analysis in the public record by Mr. Curt Cearley FCBOE IT Director that compares a school standard "enterprise" computer vs. a computer purchased at a big box and what it would take and cost to get the big box computer to FCBOE standard.

NeilSullivan: Chamber of Commerce School Funding Meeting Now on Comcast

In case you missed this last week!!!

Last week the Fayette Chamber of Commerce presented a forum featuring a knowledgeable panel of key national, state, and local speakers, each with particular expertise in education funding. The session was very informative and provided our community a unique opportunity to gain a broad perspective on this complex issue before the E-SPLOST vote in November. You can view the entire forum on Comcast Channel 25 beginning this Saturday, October 11, at 10 am and 7 pm, 7 days.

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