who is tibet: Victory is not a color

Last night, as the election results came in, I was aware of something that disturbed me. During the entire campaign it was made clear that the race card was “off limits”. It was off limits to the media and citizens alike. I believe for the most part that understanding was adhered to as it should be.

who is tibet: Libs and Joe owe me

Yardman 5508 ... Quotes per your blog:

1) Government (tax payor)-subsidized ride to work.

Federally (tax payor) subsidized student loans, he attended a state( tax payor)

who is tibet: Actually Joe gave up


You forgot one important part of the story.
When Joe returned home his house had been burned to the ground because some "girly-man liberal " had blocked him from clearing the dead brush around his house because one spotted owl had set up a home within 1.2 miles of his property.

who is tibet: Curb that crave

Sniffles5: Curb your cravings
All Obama did in the article you put forth was to state the obvious:
Obama told him that the "American people elected a civilian commander in chief for good reason, that it might not be the perfect solution but it was going to be one that he (Petraues) would have to work with."

who is tibet: Mainstream - Video vs video

If we are going to site videos in an effort to project both sides of this election, then I offer the following link in an effort to provide equl video time for all to consider.

who is tibet: A Rose by Any Name

Dawn69, please calm down. Hey Mainstream, I went on the link and my name came up as Krinkle Bearcat Palin. I thought it was all in good fun. I am surprised that if Dawn69 is so sensitive about names and words that she would feel the need to express herself with the phrase "What the f*#k!!". I have never found an intelligent argument made stronger by the use of foul language, but then I guess we each have our unique way of getting our point across.......or choosing our children's names.

who is tibet: Coupon clipping terror

Although you may have "heard" about some coupon clipping terrorist I have to take issue with you blanket statement of
"Middle Eastern Gas Station Owners."

who is tibet: Middle Eastern station owners cripples economy?

I fail to see how a middle eastern business owner is having a negative effect on our economy. First of all a "business owner" is paying state and local taxes, providing a service that all of us benefit from everytime we fill up our gas tanks and then in turn spend the profits they make at local business to by food for their famalies, heating their homes etc...

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