Middle Eastern station owners cripples economy?

I fail to see how a middle eastern business owner is having a negative effect on our economy. First of all a "business owner" is paying state and local taxes, providing a service that all of us benefit from everytime we fill up our gas tanks and then in turn spend the profits they make at local business to by food for their famalies, heating their homes etc...
If you want to rant on an aspect of people that are bringing down the economy I would suggest you shift your anger to the illegal Mexicans that own NO business, contribute nothing in taxes and send the majority of their wages back accross the border to Mexico.The economy is not being eaten away by middle eastern gas station owners but by a group of illegal people that contribute NOTHING as far as taxes while demanding free health care, rights reserved for citizens, as well as spanish/english language in all of our schools. I have never heard of a middle eastern "gas station" owner demanding that his children be taught in his native language.
I would suggest you get your economic ranting directed to the group of people that are actually responsible for higher health care costs, the dumming down of your children's education and the majority of uninsured hit and run accidents that drive up your auto insurance.....I would bet the "middle eastern" business owner is not part of your economic problem.

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