mac614: PCVFA Work Day

Wow, I can't believe what I saw the other day? The Chief actually graced us with his prescence at a Fire Department function.

mac614: Firefighters hired out of neccessity?

My friend and I were just talking about the Jerry Eddy blog. He found some of the comments interesting. He stated that Mr.

mac614: More interesting PTC fire dept events!!

I just finished a conversation with my firefighter friend and they were taken back by the amonut of blogs that were posted about the fire dept!! Maybe the citizen should do a story about the " drama factory " as he called it.

mac614: Peachtree City Fire

The Fire Dept. is scraping the bottom of the well according to one firefighter currently employed as a full-time member. After speaking with this gentleman again I was surprised at the amount of " disrespect " he had at the management of the department.

mac614: Unsafe practices in our community?

Did you know that the fire department in our community is playing games with our lives? (Peachtree City Fire Dept) I was recently talking with one of there members and was surprised to find out certain things.

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