Firefighters hired out of neccessity?

My friend and I were just talking about the Jerry Eddy blog. He found some of the comments interesting. He stated that Mr. Eddy must be speaking out of ignorance. What does he mean that " 48ers are hired out of neccessity." Are you telling me that the fire dept. can't hire people that don't work for other fire departments. Is the salary that low in the city that " you will love to call home." As Mr. Eddy would have you believe " all of us that don't work 48s must be idiots! We must be incompetent at our jobs! We train real hard, but that only gets us so far! Somebody call the village and tell them that there idiot escaped!!!!!!!

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Submitted by Jerry Eddy on Sat, 08/30/2008 - 9:34am.

You also know where to find me. The house business that should have been kept in house can be discussed face to face. There are more peoples' lives that could be affected than just the few your friend and you are after. Continue to make your public comments and they will be ignored.

Submitted by intheknow on Sat, 08/30/2008 - 11:47am.

Mac614 you've finally come out of your shell! Your blogs initially had you being a "friend" of a firefighter to now actually being "a PCFD Firefighter", although anyone with half a brain could easily tell it was only an employee coming off as a "sour grape". What, did you score low on the last promotional assessment or not even qualify to take it, or maybe your one of our part-time personnel that didn't get a full time position you may have put in for (one of them 48er's) maybe? OK, maybe your stuck working with one of the "48ers" whom really don't do their share of work, I know it's not for everyone, and some will perform better than others with that work schedule. The one's (48er's) currently on my shift seem to do it well, being productive members of our team, and genuinely taking pride and ownership in our department.
Many of us wish you, "mac614" would take this same "pride and ownership" of our organization and stop your negative public blogs. Everyone that's worked elsewhere knows NO fire department is perfect, just as the world isn't perfect. But we have a far better organization than most, with great equipment, nice facilities to work out of, many training opportunities and many qualified, dedicated individuals. The vast majority of our employees put forth much effort for our citizens, strive to make us the best, are happy to be associated with PCFD and don't share all your negative opinions. This is my opinion, based on talking to all the crews every third day (yes I'm on shift and not staff and don't make hiring or promotion decisions).
In closing, I ask that you stop your negative public blogs and save it for the firehouse. If you think it's that bad, go elsewhere, many before you have thought the "grass was greener" at other departments, although in the past I've also had several later tell me it wasn't. Many of us have spent years working to make this a top notch, industry leading fire service organization, and it's my 30 year professional opinion, that we are!

Submitted by mac614 on Sun, 08/31/2008 - 9:23am.

Intheknow you strike me as a forward thinker after reading your comments. I can only assure you that I am not employed as a firefighter with any department, and I am far from your assumption that I am a " sour grape ". My concerns are that my tax dollars are being spent in the most productive way for myself and my family. I can not speak on your comments about " promotions, or part-time personnel, or the 48ers that may or may not perform as productive members of your team." If certain 48ers don't " do their share of the work " then why are they still there? If these employees are not taking " pride and ownership " then how are they considered " genuine " to the efforts of the fire department? I will let you in on a little secret, I am a taxpayer within this city and that pretty much means I " own " you!! I also realize that the world is not perfect, save the trivial jargon for another day. I hope that the Pcfd is a great organization with EVERY individual dedicated to the cause, as this years budget and the one's past have shown a steady increase for your needs. Again, this is about my TAX money being spent correctly and in the areas that are needed. Finally, maybe I will come see for myself about my " friends " negative attitude as you call it. I may just apply to be a volunteer firefighter and form my own opinion. With that being said I leave you with a little something from our last conversation " maybe this guy will find the other half of his brain and use it for something constructive, and the worst thing about " sour grapes " is that we really don't want them to burst and bring out other things about your " industry leading fire service organization".

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