More interesting PTC fire dept events!!

I just finished a conversation with my firefighter friend and they were taken back by the amonut of blogs that were posted about the fire dept!! Maybe the citizen should do a story about the " drama factory " as he called it. Of course the story would take place and the members would be warned to " look " busy while reporters were there!! It would be like when the "greatest military leader thats our chief now" walked council members through the stations and showed them our force!! YEAH RIGHT!!!!-- NO ONE CARES about what you did in the Air Force-- what have you done for the " troops" lately, where is the pay study? He stated that the fire department is one of the lowest paid at starting salary levels in the metro area!!!! Hey, why don't you hire Martha Stewart next!!!! Those are funny remarks that these firefighters make!!! Seriously, what is going on with certain members of the administration these days!! As my friend says, maybe the next trip to the lake will be permanent!!!!

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