kevin king: Steve Lindsey and Git Real. In the spirit of bi-partisan Blogs, this one is for you guys!

Video evidence, never before seen, of Adolph Hitler bringing incompetent Delta and Northwest pilots to their knees. My knees shake, and I become incontinent every time I am forced by my company to watch this clip.

kevin king: Carbon Unit, this one's for you.

You, like me, have limited time for interpreting signs and signals. You appreciate a "to the point" environment.

This video, my good sir, is for you.

kevin king: A reason for us fiscal conservatives to smile!!!

kevin king: Disappointment on the left! Disappointment on the right!

So here we are almost a year into the new administration's term. And what do we have to celebrate on the left?

Well, we passed the Lilly Ledbetter Act which protects women from discrimination at work in terms of pay and work rules. We saw protections for credit card users pass, eliminating unreasonable interest rate hikes. We saw torture Finally taken off of the table as something our government would do to captured persons in our care. And we saw several other pieces of legislation pass which were so innocuous you would have to research them on the internet to even know what they were.

kevin king: Greetings fellow bloggers: Protect your private information on this website.

As many of you know, a blogger attempted to "Muddle" me a year and a half ago by providing my superiors with content I authored on this blog. Not happy with the results of their efforts, they have apparently upped the ante.

kevin king: Question for those opposing gay civil unions

I hope the "thinkers" among us will provide honest answers to this.

Medical research shows that approximately 1% of the world's population are born hermaphrodites, having both male and female sex organs. In the US this equates to roughly 3,000,000 people. There are case after case of gender assignment and reassignment, and reconstructive surgery, but my question is this: How would a constitutional ammendment banning same sex marraige deal with these 3,000,000 people? And how will we accomodate trans gender and post op subjects who medically attempt gender reassignment? All thoughts welcome.

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