Missy-Sippy: First California, then all of America

There’s an old song that goes like this.”California here I come, right back where I started from”. Except people aren’t coming, they’re going because Calif is broke; and so is all of America. The Fed is so broke that Obama, just asked for unpaid volunteer guardsmen to defend the borders with Mexico. Soon all Whites will have to retreat back across the Mississippi River and rebuild the Old Indian Forts for protection. Instead of “Watch on Rhine”, will call it, “Last Stand for Our Kind”. So much for the “Monroe Doctrine”. There’s a new “Manifest Destiny” brewing.

Missy-Sippy: Obama Brother Accused of UK Sex Assault

Pres. Obama’s brother Samson Obama of Kenya was arrested in the UK in Nov. 2008 after he tried to sexually assault a 13 year old girl. On arrest, Samson gave British Police a false ID claiming his name was Henry Aloo, seeking asylum. In January Samson attended his brother’s inauguration for Pres., after having been deported back to Kenya by the UK (Article by Gloria de Piero, of the News of the World).

Missy-Sippy: French President Sarkozy Blames US for World Debt

On the eve of the G-20 Summit, Sarkozy said the Anglo-Saxons caused the world economic crisis. Responding to comments about Sarkozy’s statement, Josh Warrington of Great Britain said, you are forgetting one thing, Americans aren’t Anglo-Saxons.

Missy-Sippy: Obama’s Aunt Faces Deportation

Her name is Zeituni Onyango and she is an illegal immigrant says the Boston Globe. She was spotted by immigration officials at Obama’s inaugural and fled to Cleveland.

Missy-Sippy: No wonder our school taxes are so high

I already knew our local boards of education were in the real estate business, but I didn’t know they were in healthcare field also. I was surprised to find out that schools provide expensive medical clinics that hire RN’s with a staff of helpers to test blood sugar levels of diabetic students, give insulin shots, treat asthma attacks, sore throats and other medical problems.

Missy-Sippy: The Economic Depression is Causing Rat Problems

The AJC reported that hundreds of vacant, foreclosed buildings are causing a serious rat problem in Fulton & Dekalb Counties. Rats have taken up resident in vacant buildings. There are two kinds of rats in Georgia, the Norway Rat or Brown Sewer Rat and the Roof Rat aka the Black or Ship Rat. Health officials say no one knows how many rats are in Metro Atlanta. Rats multiply rapidly and cause serious health problems that can infect humans. These rats carry viruses that infect humans, causing fever, nausea, kidney problems, organ failure and even death. People can be infected by contact with rat urine, urine contaminated water or rat fleas. Exterminators can’t keep up with the problem.

Missy-Sippy: Hee-haw, Hee-haw, the Donkey Brays, My Name is Tyrone is what he says

According to the Citizen News, new construction are down 78% in Fayetteville, 61% in the County and 59% in Tyrone. Tyrone’s income problem is more serious than other areas. Their permit problem was made worse by a restrictive zoning ordinance that took away commercial land uses. Dozens of businesses were forced to leave and an untold amount of new businesses were rejected over the past 4 years.

Missy-Sippy: Tyrone Gossip: Barry Amos Hired By Stone Mountain

The Stn. Mtn Council appointed Amos as City Manager on May 6. The Mayor had held the job for the last 6 yrs for $300 per month. Do you think they are paying Barry the $102,000 per yr salary he was scheduled to make this year in Tyrone?

Missy-Sippy: Tyrone Gossip Column II

Tyrone’s Zoning Ordinance is Sacred

Rumor has it that the Planning Commission & Council are secretly working on a religious monument to honor the Founding Fathers of Ordinance 454. The graven image will be displayed at Council hearings and sacraments given to the idols of Amos, Smola, Lee, Letourneau, & Nebergall in lieu of the Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer. Anyone coming before Council for a zoning amendment will be found guilty of blasphemy, taken into Council chambers and sacrificed on an altar as an offering to the deity. Later this year, Valerie will induct the new Council and Planning Commissioners into the Tyrone Hall of Shame.

Missy-Sippy: Tyrone Gossip Column

Former Tyrone Town Mgr. Barry Amos and his Demoted Asst. Mgr. Valerie Fowler have been seen recently dining together on numerous occassions in Peachtree City. Barry says that he left Tyrone to explore other "opportunities". Rumor has it that he has lobbied Palmetto for a Town Mgr's job.

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