faux_paws: Fred Garvin and Freddy Kreuger

Ok, so i've been reading around the site for a while and i can't believe it just now occurred to me: Fred Garvin is the political equivalent to freddy kreuger! note the similarities:

faux_paws: janet smola's son and nepotism

i've been reading around about how janet smola's son doesn't have a teaching degree. i think people don't really understand what that really means. first off, i too am a recent graduate with an english degree. on top of that, i want to teach (maybe not as much as i did before, after reading these mildly hateful and groundless posts). i specifically chose to make my major "english literature" and not "education w/emphasis on language arts" and the reason is because it enabled me to learn more about my subject.

faux_paws: children's healthcare veto

Does anyone think it's odd that Bush would veto a health care bill for children because he thought it might qualify too many people, yet he is asking for more money for war?

faux_paws: Shamrock Park: Who Cares?

I've been reading a lot about how people love this park and how certain politicians want to destroy it to build municipal complexes such as a library,police station, and a town hall...Well I say burn it to the ground.

faux_paws: Discounts for military and police/firefighters.

I work at a certain coffee shop in PTC which shall not be named. I would say that every day we see at least a few military personnel come in to the store to get some coffee. Let me tell you though, my "favorite" thing in the world is when some person in a uniform acts indignant with me because it is not my company's policy to give military discounts.

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