Citizen_Steve: Conserve Gas/Oil - Now more than Ever

What has peeved me greatly about the high oil prices is that (yes a tired but ever true line) those who hate us the most are profiting from our pain and laughing as they do it. Iran, Chavez, OPEC, Russia and the like have raked in the dough like never before.

Citizen_Steve: Ice Rink

I grew up in a southern town where we had a local ice rink open during the winter months and my friends and I really enjoyed it. Though the facility is a lot nicer, the Kedron hockey rink has always reminded me of my hometown ice rink and I've occasionally wondered what it would take, should PTC citizens be willing, to support seasonal ice skating at Kedron. But all of the lamentations I've heard about the lack of an ice rink here have been limited to those in my own head, so I've never brought it up.

Citizen_Steve: Vote No on PTC Bonds

Borrowing $7M to upgrade the sports fields ($4M) and Gathering Place ($2.88M) is not the best use of our money – the benefit enjoyed from the upgrades hits far too small of an audience. Listed with other projects I do not believe PTC citizens would rank these at the top. When you vote, consider the big picture, not just the merits of the individual projects. You’re repaying these loans after all – are these the best places to invest your money in the city’s future?

Citizen_Steve: US News names PTC as one of the 10 Best Places to Retire

Citizen_Steve: HDTV reception in PTC?

How well can broadcast HDTV be received in Peachtree City? Comcast is asking more than I care to pay for HDTV, I'm considering purchasing an HDTV antenna.

Citizen_Steve: Cart Path Route - Best Buy <-> Market Place??

With the new bridge on 54 I figured there'd be a cart path across the tracks so one could get across either on the Best Buy side or the Huddleston side. But I can't find a way across - did I just miss it - is one in the works?

Citizen_Steve: Vote in the Fayette March 21st Election

A Fayette County Special election will be held on MARCH 21, 2006
(To fill the unexpired term of A. G. VanLandingham, deceased.

Citizen_Steve: N. Glynn St.

Who’s bright idea is it to keep building new strip malls while others are nearly vacant? Do Fayetteville residents take no pride in their city – why do they allow its continued degradation?

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