Vote No on PTC Bonds

Borrowing $7M to upgrade the sports fields ($4M) and Gathering Place ($2.88M) is not the best use of our money – the benefit enjoyed from the upgrades hits far too small of an audience. Listed with other projects I do not believe PTC citizens would rank these at the top. When you vote, consider the big picture, not just the merits of the individual projects. You’re repaying these loans after all – are these the best places to invest your money in the city’s future?

There is no shortage of other worthy causes that would benefit our City and the Citizenry at large. Below are some that come to mind that I would gladly have added to my tax bill and I’m sure you have some too. Now if I can just figure out how to get them on the ballot…

- Upgrades to cart path system – it is still much too difficult to get between certain points and many crossings are far too dangerous. Let’s add crossing lights at dangerous at-grade crossings, build new tunnels and bridges, and pave rough paths more often. Add some lighting on oft-used paths for better night visibility.

- Police Station – our Police Force is top-notch and should have the best facility and equipment.

- Schools – I expect many residents would be willing to spend and work seriously to get a PTC school district.

- Purchase land for parks and greenspace

- Provide a fund for upgrades and redevelopment of older commercial areas – yes this would have to be well managed but it is in all of our interest that we prevent the decay of older areas.

- Misc: A lot of areas in the city could use a facelift. Village signs (esp. Glenloch, Aberdeen), upgrades to street lights / more street lights, moving wires underground, holiday & special occasion banners & the like.

- Dredge Lake Kedron – either that or buy it from Fayette, plant trees and turn it into a park.

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