Spot: Spots

Someone doesnt like my short postings but I think that some of these 400 sentence postings are very cruel.

My point is that if our town wants a police department the police officers need to support the chief.

Spot: Chief Perkins

Ive heard that the police officers are supporting the new police chief here in Tyrone. Im glad he has their support.

Spot: Tyrone Police Chief

I pity the person that based how well Chief Perkins can do his job on his looks.

Spot: Congrats Chief Perkins!

You will do a great job for our town. Many people in our town feel this way.

Spot: Tyrone

I still havent heard if the rummors are true about changes to departments in our town.

Spot: Tyrone

Be careful how you vote for if you live in Tyrone. I have lived here for most my life and dont like the rummors Im hearing about some of the departments.

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