The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Wednesday, April 21, 1999 and Sunday, April 25, 1999


Holy Fire
America is beginning to reap what we have sown. All of our nation was totally stunned by the news from Littleton, Colo. as seemingly average high school students gunned down classmates and teachers. After one feels the total pain, the suffering and the anguish and the final loss, one has to ask the inevitable question "WHY?"

"Pearls for Jenny"
Once upon a time there was a little girl named Jenny. She was a precocious child. But, after all, aren't most 6-year olds?

Church of Christ breaks ground today
Ground breaking for a new 30,000-sq. ft. church home for the Church of Christ of Fayette County will be today, April 25, at 1 p.m. at the church building site on Redwine Road between Ramah and Price roads in Fayetteville.

Churches remember Colorado youth
Prayers and condolences go out to the survivors and the families of the slain students and sole teacher in Littleton ,Colo. today, as local congregations gather for Sunday worship and stop to remember the tragedy that occurred Tuesday at Columbine High School.

Peachtree City Christian Church exists to lift up Jesus
The Peachtree City Christian Church began in September 1972 when 33 people met at the Peachtree City Elementary School.

Sunday Briefs


What a short memory PTC Council has

Two local items get my attention: neighboring Senoia's plea for sewer service from Peachtree City, and nonchalant talk about annexing nearly 1,000 acres on Peachtree City's west side.
I'm still hoping all will end well, but...

The president will get his requested $6 billion in emergency military spending increase... maybe even more.

Spamming the globe . . .
Laugh Lines

Now that Clayton the hairless mole has dug himself out of the pollen and didn't see his shadow, we can all breath a little easier that the spring drought is over.

Letters From Our Readers

Needed: history lesson on Holocaust, Kosovo
A recent letter writer ("Civil war argument is the least convincing," April 14) compared the situation in Kosovo and our reasons for becoming involved to WWII and the Holocaust.

Another history lesson: It was Reagan who freed E. Germany
Please allow me the courtesy of replying to the comment by Dr. Gunther Ruckl concerning Kosovo in your Wednesday, April 14 edition.

NATO's charter requires it to stop Serbian attempts at genocide
I feel that I must respond to some of the rather more appallingly ignorant references to the American Civil War and the present crisis in Kososvo.

Thanks for help with PTC Elem. Garden Tour info
Thank you so much for including the information about the Garden Tour for Peachtree City Elementary. We have already received many calls from the news article.

Schools definitely should teach values
Re: a March 31 letter entitled "Fayette Curriculum: Is it "character training" or indoctrination?"

Schools need to explain 'scary' teaching method
In regard to the ITI curriculum, Ron and Chris Baran, John DeCotis, etc.: I am a parent of children at both Booth Middle School and McIntosh High School.

Bonds are better than sales tax for county projects
The gradual obsolescence of old facilities combined with the growing demands of an expanding population mean that, at one point or another, counties such as Fayette face the need to build newer and bigger facilities.

Schools should teach academics, not manners
In 1990 one of our sons took a two week trip to France. While in France he had the opportunity to attend school for one week. Upon his return to Fayette we asked our son what the French schools were like.

Photocircuits should divulge what chemicals it stores at PTC plant
Recent letters to the editor of this newspaper have accused Photocircuits in Peachtree City of being a potential hazard to the safety of the city's residents.

Reading positive better than talking it
While visiting your office today, I noticed a jar on General [Manager Jack] Wheeler's desk and it was labeled "positive pills." I appreciate the need for "positive pills." Dr. Norman Vincent Peale said, "People who try to think positive have to work much harder at being positive than those who just allow themselves to think negative thoughts."