Sunday, November 25, 2001

Brooks girl gets 200 birthday presents and gives them away

Not everyone receives 200 birthday presents and then gives them all awa

'Miss Boo' celebrates 90th birthday

Family and friends of Elizabeth Redwine Ramsey, known locally as "Miss Boo," gathered recently to help her celebrate her 90th birthday.

Comments sought on Fville police services for accreditation process

Public comment on the Fayetteville Police Department's services will be taken at a special meeting held as part of the department's push to become a nationally-accredited police agency.
Comments sought on Fville police services for accreditation process

David Tiffany, 16, decided to spruce up the American Legion Post House in Fayetteville to earn his Eagle Scout Award.

Timing changes at 54/74 to inconvenience traffic

Motorists, be prepared for some inconvenience maneuvering through the intersection of Ga. highways 54 and 74 in the coming months.

PTC Development Authority approves tennis chief as its new executive director

Faced with the impending departure of amphitheater director Kristi Rapson, the Peachtree City Development Authority has decided to change its management structure.

Police Blotter

The Human and the Holy Spirit

Those of us of the Christian faith whose belief it is that we are created in God's image, realize that the human spirit is very strong and can withstand most anything.

Thanksgiving different since Sept. 11
Contributing Writer

It's that time of the year again. The time that sets me to thinking about that for which I am most thankful.

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