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Wednesday, July 4, 2001

The 4th of July: Celebrating Day of Deliverance

Celebrating the Fourth of July is not optional, you know.

Where does a 500-lb. canary put a runway?

Have you noticed the deafening silence of the Sierra Club and the federal Environmental Protection Agency concerning Hartsfield Airport's fifth runway?

Memories of a friend who died young
One Citizen's Perspective

When the parents of one of my closest college friends asked me to write down some things that I remembered about their daughter, I was honored to be asked, but found myself suddenly without words. How do you describe a friendship that spanned 12 years to parents who desperately want to know their daughter a little better?

Feel superior: See 'Annie'
Laugh Lines

Of all the songs that make me think of the current human condition in America, it's "A Hard Knock Life." Well, maybe not, but this is my second all-time favorite showtune behind "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."


God and the 4th: Listen to our Founding Fathers

In recent days we have heard a lot about religious liberty issues. For example, the ACLU recently filed a federal lawsuit demanding that a Ten Commandments monument be removed from the lawn of a county courthouse. There are other issues in the courts concerning Bible clubs on campus, student-led prayer at graduations, and removing "In God We Trust" from U.S. currency.

Fayette's zoning laws subjective, arbitrary, confiscatory; what about rights?

I am sick and tired of hearing about Fayette County zoning from Bob Craft and his like. Consider the following.

Dissent is American way

Bill Aleshire's letter derided Steve Brown for not finding positive things about "the members of the governing body of this country and great city." He better get his shots in before it is Mayor Brown and Mr. Aleshire finds himself guilty of the same "atrocity."

Mayoral candidate Wellman: Raise tone of debate

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish my fellow citizens a happy and safe Independence Day holiday. Since I announced my candidacy for mayor of Peachtree City two weeks ago it has been both exciting and humbling to meet so many nice people who support my candidacy, or who don't, but are willing at least to talk to me and tell me their concerns.

A lament against the thieves of the night . . .

The Thieves of the Night

Maybe we need 'Lawyer's Day' to celebrate attorneys

I read the letter from Mr. Claude Paquin [The Citizen Letters, June 27] and had a hard time keeping down my breakfast.

Want to stop tree cutting? Then pay us for the trees

So, [Fayette County Planning Commissioner] Fred Bowen thinks it's OK to tell property owners that trees can't be cut within 25, or maybe even 50 feet of our property lines because, "Fayette County is not a farming community."

'AI' raises some uncomfortable issues

I thought "AI" was a mind-blowing social commentary. It used the most advanced computer-generated effects to say humans contain boundless evil, but could evolve robots to embody their highest ideals and redeem their legacy. It was a warning, and it was great. It was also disturbing.

Reporter put spin on power plant story

[Re: "Will proposed power plant pollut Fayette?" The Citizen, June 27]. My impression was that the reporter doesn't like power plants, and that all he had to do was to quote what others of like mind stated, especially [Fayette County Commission Chairman Greg] Dunn.

We need a strong patient's bill of rights now

Back in 1988, fresh from Germany and a few days into my pediatric residency at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, Rhode Island, I converged with dozens of other residents to the benefits office to select a health insurance plan, one of three offered by my employer.

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