Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Want to stop tree cutting? Then pay us for the trees

So, [Fayette County Planning Commissioner] Fred Bowen thinks it's OK to tell property owners that trees can't be cut within 25, or maybe even 50 feet of our property lines because, "Fayette County is not a farming community."

When my family bought our land (and trees) in Fayette County 40 years ago, it was very much a farm community. Trees are obviously not a crop that are harvested every year.

If we want to harvest the trees that have been growing on our property for all these years, we should have the right to do so.

If the county wants us to leave trees standing so the people passing by on the way to their new houses in the new subdivisions can enjoy their beauty, the county should pay for each and every tree.

As a longtime resident of this county, I am sick of having to deal with one new restriction after another, particularly when said restrictions take money out of my pocket.

Michael Young

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