Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Maybe we need 'Lawyer's Day' to celebrate attorneys

I read the letter from Mr. Claude Paquin [The Citizen Letters, June 27] and had a hard time keeping down my breakfast.

It seems that we should be having "Lawyer's Day" to go along with Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, etc. Give us a break.

Mr. Paquin's letter even inferred that only the learned intelligentsia who are members of the Bar have the education, training, even "brains" to understand basic principles of justice and fairness.

I have one word for this insulting, elitist attitude: Horsepoop.

We recently had an election for a superior court judge. Were we able to be informed about the qualifications of the incumbent and the candidates? No. Why? The members of the Bar, who own and run the judicial branch of government, have determined that complaints against judges are to remain "secret."

Can we sue judges who issue rulings which violate our fundamental rights? No. They have cloaked themselves with immunity. Who did that? Lawyers.

The most unaccountable "profession" in our society is lawyers. Lawyers are even allowed legally to transfer money to the very judges they practice in front of. That kind of smells fishy to me.

You want to know the best lawyer to hire in Fayette County? Go down to the Secretary of State's office and get a copy of the contributors to the judge's election campaign. Hire the ones that give to the judges.

If lawyers are responsible for all legislation, then we should thank them for natural gas deregulation here. That was one fine piece of work.

The sad part is many lawyers started out with good and honest goals, but they have become part of a system which is corrupt at its core. Justice is what takes place on the streets, not in the courtrooms of America.

Lee Hunt


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