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Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Feel superior: See 'Annie'

Laugh Lines

Of all the songs that make me think of the current human condition in America, it's "A Hard Knock Life." Well, maybe not, but this is my second all-time favorite showtune behind "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina."

And yes, I do have list of my all-time favorite showtunes. I have downloaded them all from Napster onto one CD and listen to them while I am in the bubblebath.

I was soaking in the culture this weekend as I went to see our local production of "Annie" by the Fayette Community Theater. Today the cultured piousness is dripping off me like saltwater off a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. It's great to feel superior artistically in such a crass society. I wonder if my plastic feelings should somehow be voided by the fact that on the same day, I went to the dollar movie showing of "Crocodile Dundee III."

Nevertheless, they aren't. You eat your popcorn at the intermission of live theatre and you don't drop the empty bag on the floor when you are done, either. Even I understand the precepts of situation culture.

I have seen many productions of "Annie." I've seen it on TV and video; with Carol Burnett and with Kathy Bates. So, I am obviously a connoisseur of such fine, artistic, depression-era fun. I know quite the history of "Annie" too, like "Sex in the City's," Sarah Jessica Parker started her career playing the little orphan girl on Broadway.

And most people don't even realize there is sequel to the original play, featuring Annie as a vigilante, militant woman of N.O.W. called, "Annie, Get Your Gun." I am just chic that way.

Though I usually recommend most live theatre to people who wish to overcome insomnia, this local production of "Annie" was vibrant, well-paced and I would even say, audacious! Well, I would say it, if I could pronounce it. So, I'll write it at least.

Seriously, I was amazed at every aspect of the play. I can't even presume to give a critique of the talent that crossed the stage, but I can say it was the most amazing stage singing I have ever experienced. The acting was dead on, the scenery was perfect in pulling you into the story. It was great.

I was disappointed when FDR didn't get up and walk like he did in the "Pearl Harbor" movie, but in a very Beatle-esque, subliminal way, I did catch him stretching his toes when Lili made her stage entrance. There's your "New Deal."

My daughter Olivia loved getting the autographs afterward and especially "all the cool cussing by Miss Hannigan." Jk. (Jk is "just kidding" to all you non-Internet savvies, and at you, I am lol).

Enough about the performers, though; this should get back to the always important subject: me. Today, I feel smarter, wiser, more well-rounded and most importantly, superior.

Because, like all people, I need to find experiences that can make me feel above others. I need to have stories to tell that will make others feel just a little dumber than I, than me, oh, whatever.

And just like Annie says, you can bet your bottom on it, and even for a dollar.

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