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Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Observations on a plethora of goings on

So much to write about, so little time ...

Math text choice will be good for students
One Citizen's Perspective

As reported last week, the Fayette County school system has announced its choice for math textbooks. McGraw Hill was selected for the elementary grades, taking 56 percent of the overall vote.

Surviving Reality TV, Part 2
Laugh Lines

As I write this, Survivor 2 is set to premiere. Thus begins the second great experiment in reality television, being that the first Survivor supposedly changed the world on the little screen forever in its reality of 16 virtual strangers being stranded together in the most tense and primitive of settings. Happens to me all the time; I call it a family reunion.


Rep. Westmoreland supports old state flag

Please allow me to respond to the recent article regarding state Rep. Lynn Westmoreland and his involvement in the Georgia flag situation.

Should every moral standard based on religion be undone?

Sometimes I am confronted by self-appointed ethicists that challenge moral questions by insisting there must be a separation of church and state. I wonder where they are coming from.

Jackson forfeits leadership

Is there a more absurd notion in the world today than the one that Jesse Jackson is deserving a leadership position? Particularly in the church?

Say no to hidden tax increases through fee hikes from ARC, GRTA boards

The Georgia General Assembly has complete control over the funding the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) through Georgia Code Section 50-8-101. Any increase in funding requires "positive action" by the Georgia General Assembly.

Send complaints about gas billing to Ga. PSC

On March 1, 2000, an order was issued by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court allowing the Public Service Commission to revoke Peachtree Natural Gas marketer's certificate, but prohibiting further enforcement actions by the Commission. As part of that order, Peachtree was allowed to continue to bill for natural gas and/or other services provided by Peachtree to its customers.

For shame grammar a casualty in pet story

I was looking over this week's Citizen when I noticed something that I couldn't help responding to. The write-up in the Pet Talk ad had some of the most atrocious grammar that I have ever seen in a publication. In one fell swoop, the writer of this ad has demonstrated a lack of proper punctuation, improper subject-verb agreement, and a switch from first person to second person within the same paragraph.

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