Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Dissent is American way

Bill Aleshire's letter derided Steve Brown for not finding positive things about "the members of the governing body of this country and great city." He better get his shots in before it is Mayor Brown and Mr. Aleshire finds himself guilty of the same "atrocity."

If our forefathers thought like Mr. Aleshire, we would not be the U.S.A. today. Our national anthem would be "God Save the Queen." I do not know how old Mr. Aleshire is, but surely he knows enough about our history to understand that political discontent brought us to where we are today.

It is easy to see the theme in Steve Brown's letters: "Remember why you moved here." Simply writing letters that praise people will not make Peachtree City better. Alerting citizens when our trusted public servants are misbehaving is critical to preemptive action.

Steve's main concern these days seems to be fighting higher density (smaller home lots and larger commercial development) and the hideous traffic mess at [the intersection of Ga. highways] 54 and 74. Outside of the developers, who stand to make big money, who is not concerned with them problems?

Perhaps Mr. Aleshire, who dislikes Steve Brown, and Frank Hyde, who dislikes Amy Riley for the same reasons, should move to an uninhabited Island so that they could sit around all day and tell each other how wonderful things are.

Bill Webster

Peachtree City

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