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I work on Huddleston in PTC. It just sounded like a 747 just tried to land at Falcon Field. Anybody have any info??

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Submitted by masked08 on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 6:47pm.

Falcon Field was here long before Planterra. You should have researched the local area before buying your house. Move if you don't like it. Stop complaining about it, you could have moved to another location.

Submitted by perturbed on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 8:03pm.

calm down masked one. now we know who is really ignorant. they really should put an age limit on this free speech thing or at least an iq requirement.Planterra doesn't matter-- the bigger the airplane,the more noise.Get it! one has revelance to the other,same thing applies to the frequency; besides PATHWAY and their buddies are going to be the major benefactors anyway!

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Submitted by masked08 on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 12:48pm.

Maybe they had something going on at the HQ and set up the fly by. It was so low it gave me goose bumps and sent us outside waiting for the boom. I have nothing against World Air, in fact I think they are a great company simply because of their contributions to our military personell. Check out their website. They used to have some remarkable pictures posted there. So thanks for helping our troops but no thanks for scaring the daylights out of us. Smiling

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Submitted by Hoosier Fan on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 3:45pm.

Is it true the good citizens of Planterra are installing speed bumps above their neighborhood to slow down the planes?

Submitted by jjj on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 12:29pm.

and it was so low over Lake Kedron it was AWESOME! I guess you haven't flown out of Hartsfield lately-They are repaving a runway and there are at least hour delays all the time. I wish I could rent a World Airways plane and leave from my hometown all the time. A commute to Falcon Field would take 10 min like Hartsfield used to be 15 years ago. Convience!

Submitted by perturbed on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 11:03am.

Pretty exciting my elbow! Pretty soon people will be moving because of the excessive airport noise! Get a life!

Submitted by perturbed on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 3:53pm.

You people can't see the forest for the tree's! Falon field was designed for small private airplanes> I don't live in Planterra but i pity the people that do. When you get old enough to buy a house - you might just change your mind but that might be wishful thinking.

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Submitted by nuk on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 3:04pm.

You won't be missed whatsoever. did you not SEE the airport when you moved to PTC? Gosh, I wonder if this airport has like airplanes using it???? DUH.

The people who have recently moved to PTC seem to be complete morons. I remember when Planterra Ridge crashed Fayette County's 911 system over the airshow and those "loud noises." The idiots thought they were under attack or some thought it was WW3. Get a life, you morons.


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Submitted by bad_ptc on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 11:14am.

Which came first? You or the airport?

Submitted by PTC32YEARS on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 1:54pm.

I saw the plane coming from the area of Falcon Field. It was a large jet. It turned around and headed out of sight. I work on Dividend. It was very low to the ground. I have not heard of anything about it.

I have seen the helicopters too. They are probably going from Fort Gillem to Fort Benning.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Tue, 08/29/2006 - 12:41pm.

flying around PTC today. 3 or so large military looking helicopters.

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Submitted by mainframecpu on Thu, 10/26/2006 - 1:33pm.

Hummmmmmm ...

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