Spending Cuts, Now Really....

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I wondered just how long and how desperate our political leaders would have to be to use the term 'spending cuts'. I guess it took a truck driving former male model declaring that the seat he was seeking actually belonged to the people of his state and not to any one individual or political party.

Our President must do this for political capital, certainly not that what he's asking for will stem the tide of red ink. Pundits point to a $15 billion dollar savings this year and perhaps as much as $250 billion over ten years should our esteemed Congress approve the measure. The problem is that when compared to the annual deficit, this amount equates to far less than one percent of the annual expenditures. It’s kind of like urinating in the ocean in hopes to make it yellow.

But there are those Kool-Aid drinkers out there who actually believe this reduction will work. These are the same folks who if our President said that his administration governs in the open would still believe in spite of proof to the contrary.

Just for fun, let’s get serious and propose a few reductions that just might help:

1-Disband the Congressional Flight Detachment and ground then sell all its assets. Should Congress need to fly on a junket, have an aide purchase a ticket.

2-Eliminate within 48 hours ninety percent of the Federal Department of Education for everything they do is duplicated at the state level.

3-By Executive Order ban all foreign aid for a period of twelve months, maintaining an option for another twelve.

4-Cut all federal departments and agencies by fifteen percent immediately, and cut another ten percent within the next twelve months.

5-Stop the War on Drugs and just surrender.

These are but five cost saving measures that have a chance of being effective, if implemented. I’m sure many more exist.

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Submitted by meanoldconservatives on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 2:32pm.

In support of the Democratic majority currently governing, I have decided to follow their current budget model and upcoming proposal. I have plans already in place (much like they do) for these expenditures which will go forward: a condo in downtown Atlanta when I am there, another mansion somewhere in Fayette County, a 10,000 square foot cabin in the mountains, a 10,000 square foot lake house, ski boat, fishing boat, 60 foot RV, 20,000 square foot beach house in St George Fla, 2-3 ATV's, 2-3 new Corvette's, new Hummer, new automobiles and houses for my kids, complete new wardrobes for everyone in my family that we will only wear once and throw away, replace my ancient and outdated (2 years old) appliances in this house, 50-80 inch HD tv's in every room of every house (including bathrooms), 3 new Harley-Davidson motorcycles (never rode one, but they look really cool), pilot license and 2 new airplanes, maybe a helicopter, lots of new guns, laptop computers for every room, suites for all Atlanta sporting events, oh and a wiener dog puppy.

Make no mistake, I really need all those items above and I will go ahead with those plans. But, following the example Obama is going to propose, I have made the executive decision to institute an immediate 3-year spending freeze. This will be in the form of a little less than 1% of all meals scheduled for each calendar year. Estimating 3 meals per day, that comes to 1095 meals per year. 1% of those would equate to less than 11 meals. So, I will make these purchases and for each of the next three years I will make this sacrifice. I hope you all realize how serious I am about reducing my debt.

Submitted by AtHomeGym on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 11:31am.

www.contractfromamerica.com. Think you'll find some familiar recommendations there.

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