Attention you W.F. bypass opponents!

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Lo these many years while you have enjoyed the rural Fayette lifestyle, guess who has subsidized it? Us city folk and city business owners, that's who!!!

Without our taxes do you think we'd be running 4 ambulances a shift or just 1? 7 road deputies or just 2?

In other words, it's in your best interests for the city of Fayetteville to thrive. Right now, the city is choking on commuter traffic in the morning and afternoon. Do you think it's gonna magically get better?

I feel for the 2 families who are losing your homes (and the 1 losing a barn). The county will make sure you are made whole financially (or so I have been promised) and I suggest you move to south Fayette where rural is "land use planned" to stay rural.

The rest of you folks CANNOT be so blind as to realize that Fayette County isn't rural anymore!

Instead of filing a lawsuit and costing ALL OF US hundreds of thousands of dollars, you should be meeting with the commissioners to coax as much of a buffer from this road as you can.

Encourage some of the millions to be spent on landscaping, berms, trees, etc. Hell, they've already tweaked the road alignment to help some of you folks out (i.e. the infamous well). Boy I get tired of that line when you know DAMN WELL they took care of you with the latest road alignment.

If you people choose to be belligerent and cost this county millions of dollars instead of accepting the inevitable ... I hope the county sticks it to the lot of you!!!

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Submitted by Spear Road Guy on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 11:39pm.

Do you really think they're building the bypass to fix traffic???

Stop being crazy and grow a brain.

Vote Republican

Submitted by ginga1414 on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 12:08pm.

Crime Dog, I feel compelled to set the record straight when it comes to some of your points concerning the West Fayetteville Bypass.

Folks along the West Fayetteville Bypass are not so ignorant or delusional to think that Fayette County is still rural. Folks along the Bypass are interested in shinning a light on the deception and lies that have enabled our commissioners to get this far with the road.

IF you live in the city of Fayetteville, I am sure you live there because that is where you choose to live.

IF you own a business in the city of Fayetteville, could you please enlighten this poor ignorant soul as to why in the name of all that is green you would you want to divert this so called life choking traffic away from your business? That isn’t logical. Maybe it is because you also have another vested interest in the development that will surely occur along the West Fayetteville Bypass. Also, the traffic in Fayette County most certainly will not get better when developers start building houses on well over a thousand acres along the path of the Bypass. Beside that, how in the world will Fayette County fill 600 spaces in a ten million dollar school if they don’t build the Bypass and if the developers don’t get to build those houses? Build it and they will surely come. More begets more!

Now, let’s just set the record straight about the homes in Fayette County to be bulldozed due the Bypass. There ARE NOT 2 homes and a barn to be bulldozed! THERE ARE 3 HOMES AND A BARN that will be bulldozed. And, YES, I daresay that two (2) of those families will be made financially whole. IN FACT, I have it on first hand authority that those two little deals have been in the works for quite a few months. I need to inform you that there is a THIRD home to be bulldozed. A single parent purchased that house as their first home. However, the County hasn’t made that hard working individual financially whole! Maybe the County intends to move the first two families to South Fayette County where they will live in rural splendor. The rest of us homeowners along the Bypass are the ones who will be left holding the bag, so to speak. Our property will be left in fragmented pieces. We will have to go to the expense of hiring lawyers to speak to our illustrious county officials on our behalf. We have already tried begging Jack and the other Board members for “landscaping, berms, trees, etc.” We were told, no landscaping, no berms, no trees.

Now, let us shine a little light on our dear “bucket lady’s” situation. Back in 1985, the West Fayetteville Bypass was slated to run along the land lot line behind the “bucket lady’s” home. Then, in August 2008, our “bucket lady” was notified that the Bypass would cut her front yard in two, leaving her home on one side of a four-lane bypass and her drilled well on the other side. When she asked Fayette County Commissioner Eric Maxwell, “What would happen in a case like that,” Commissioner Maxwell replied, “Well, Lady, I guess you will just have to be real careful crossing that road with your water bucket!” You need to realize that this is the way the Commissioners really think. They can hide it most of the time, but not all the time. That statement was made in the presence of Commissioner Herb Frady, a representative of the Mallett Consulting Firm and many other homeowners along the Bypass route. After many newspaper articles, phone calls, letters, organizational meetings, and a reporter’s confrontation with Commissioner Maxwell, the County came back and said that they had taken another look at the angle in which the Bypass would cross Lee’s Mill Rd. and they felt it would be in the best interest of “safety” if the Bypass was re-aligned to run in closer proximity to the “Land Lot Line” which runs along the back of our “bucket lady’s” property. Also, in that same time frame, the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition was told by a County employee that the County had dreaded informing folks along Phase II of the Bypass because they knew it was going to mean trouble for the County. It seems to me that if you were a calculating person with bad news for someone, it would be in your best interest to give that person a worse case scenario. Then when the person protested, you could magnanimously come back and say that you would “tweak” the thing to accommodate the injured party. Thereby making the injured party think you had their best interest at heart. Puh-leez! The whole “infamous well” and “bucket” issue was staged by our Commissioners.

Now, Crime Dog, Honey, I could sit here and write a book concerning the deception and outright lies that have been perpetrated on the citizens of Fayette County when it comes to the West Fayetteville Bypass. I was there, Honey. I was one of the ones who helped dig through the “public record files” and find the dirt. However, in the interest of time and energy, I will cut to the chase. Crime Dog, your comment, “IF YOU PEOPLE CHOOSE TO BE BELLIGERENT AND COST THIS COUNTY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS INSTEAD OF ACCEPTING THE INEVITABLE … I HOPE THE COUNTY STICKS IT TO THE LOT OF YOU!!!” is precisely “the chase.” The problem is that the County has “stuck it to us.” They “stuck it to us” and twisted the knife many times. Your “BELLIGERENT” West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition and “bucket lady” are a direct result of the County having “stuck it to us.” IF you really want to save the taxpayers of “this county” millions of dollars tell our Commissioners to scrap a deceptive, fraudulent, ill-conceived project, namely the West Fayetteville Bypass. And, who knows, your business might pick-up, store fronts might fill up in Fayetteville, and the City can keep on collecting all that revenue from your so called “choking commuter traffic.” The City gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, clothing stores, shoe stores, hardware stores, theaters, car repair shops, attorneys, and drug dealers will certainly be happy to have all that revenue. However, that wouldn’t solve the problem we have of an empty ten million dollar school. It, also, wouldn’t solve the problem of developers sitting on potentially “rampant” development.

The reason the commissioners don’t respond to the overwhelmingly negative publicity the Parkway is getting is because it’s a “pet project”, and has no documented factual justification. If you think I’m wrong, then get the county to address the issue in this newspaper. You won’t get very far. The fact is that on Tuesday, the voters told the commissioners exactly what they thought of their frivolous SPLOST projects during a bad economy by voting against SPLOST. The Coalition does not dispute, refute, nor disagree that the West Fayetteville Parkway will accomplish what it is really supposed to accomplish. Our problem is that it won’t accomplish what the commissioners tell the public it will accomplish.

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Submitted by secret squirrel on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 7:43am.

Posts like this make me happy to donate to and support the fight against the bypass. Perhaps you'd be happier heading north on Ga 85 towards Clayton County. Have a nice trip and Fayette County thanks you for leaving.

Submitted by ginga1414 on Wed, 11/04/2009 - 8:49pm.

Obviously, you must be one of the developers with property along the Bypass. Or, maybe you are one of our kind hearted commissioners. You couldn't possibly be one of us who are having our property values destroyed by Jack's ribbon of pavement. Otherwise you would understand.

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