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Sandy Creek put an impressive show last Friday night as the Patriots handily defeated the Wildcats. Many of us are still at awe of how good this football team is and certainly wish them well as the season continues. Unfortunately, what happened after the game was reprehensible and by far tops anything that has happened around here relating to school rivalries.

After the conclusion of the game, Sandy Creek fans stormed the field carrying a Wildcat in a coffin and then proceeded to carry it to the middle on the field, placed on the school logo and started chanting, dancing and stomping on the “W” while Sandy Creek football coaches and administrators stood by and laughed. As much as WHS has been the favorite target of many in this county when it comes to this type of behavior, what Sandy Creek did after the game takes the gold medal. Coach Chip Walker and principal Roy Rabold, if you have any kind of decency and leadership skills, you certainly owe the players, coaches and fans of WHS along with those Sandy Creek folks who refused to take part in this an apology for the ridiculous actions this group of Sandy Creek fans took after the game.

As many have told us at WHS, winning with decency and humility will go along way in the book of public perception. The perception of what sandy Creek was has been tarnished and you need to correct that, I hope. If not, you are no different tan that classless bunch that was jumping up and down on the W after the game.

A WHS parent

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Submitted by schspops on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 12:40am.

congrats to the whole S C H S program very well done against mcintosh tonite hats off to the coaching staff for their performance tonite in giving a good look at the upcoming talent at SCHS ...

Submitted by Daniel Ross on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 9:09pm.

Congratulations to the Fighting Patriots as they handled McIntosh solidly with a final score of 48-9. SCHS is now 5-1 and will play FCHS at home.

That should be a good game.

Submitted by mamadutt on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 10:37pm.

Well yet another victory on the battlefield at SCHS! What an incredible game! We put in 2nd and 3rd string and still won! Congrats to Isaiah Johnson who broke a school record with 13 interceptions. Watch for him at GA Tech next fall! Raijon Neal made several touchdowns in the first half and then relaxed for the second half. Looking forward to a great season!

Submitted by truepatriot333 on Fri, 10/09/2009 - 3:46pm.

Here is an Idea how others see your school. From a post in 2006

You have NOT answered the question. Did the penalties called against Starr's Mill Change the oputcome of the game?
I will answer yours though. The reason I dislike WWHS is the arrogance you all seem to display - and I am not alone by a long shot my friend.
Example from JUST Friday night - like your flag boy who admitted running al the way around SMHS's track to waive the flag in the face of SMHS kids who were crying.
Like the cheerleader who literally showed her butt from tyhe bus to the Trainer,
Like the cheerleader who rubbed her eyes and mocked the players and fans who cried ate the end of the game
like the first blog on this topic the YOU wrote titled "WWHS the ONLY cat in town".
I had a son who played at FCHS and they are cats too - you my hypocritical friend are the ones who have shown your butts.
Some of us, who DID beat you, feel the need to put you in check.
Facts - you barely won three of your last four games..... you have never won even a region championship
in fact, you are the only school in the county to never win a region or state championship.
Yet you somehow feel as though you are better than the rest. That you can show you butts and we are supposed to respect that- you better recognize. it's time for your school to reflect partner.
During re-districting we are NOT happy to find your football team is full of players from Clayton county and other districs. At over 7ooo a year, we are funding your football program and we are not happy about it - got it Sweat?? You reading this too?? DeCotis?? Anyone from the board? The tax payers paid over 7,000 so you could watch Dixon play football this year against and in place of Fayette county tax payers children. With at least five others that's $35000 bucks - and dad mowed the grass?? That's wrong buddy.

Submitted by mamadutt on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 9:57pm.

If this had been the other way and Whitewater had done something like this at SCHS, this would be so FUNNY! SCHS is always treated as the black sheep of Fayette Co. When they do something it is way worse than if any other school had done something. Don't worry, we are used to the treatment. Pretty sad though. This kind of stuff has been going on since my dad and grandpa played ball. No one was hurt in the incident. Lets move on to something more important.
Be happy for SCHS team and leave it at that. They played much better than their opponent.

Submitted by WHSplayerparent on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 7:39pm.

I am a parent of a WHS player and I think this entire discussion in WAAAYYYY Overboard. I was there. I saw it. NO BIG DEAL. I asked my son what he thought about it and he didn't even know or care it happened. At the time it sucked but you know what SC deserved to celebrate that win because the truth is this. If the season plays out as predicted (not by me but those journalist who do it for a living) SC and WHS will sweep the remaining games. So that win (and I use that term lightly because SC destroyed WHS)was for a home field playoff game. While the celebration may have been a little excessive I don't think any coaches or players should be disciplined. Congrats to Coach Walker and the players. I think us adults should back off and let the kids show their emotions. All of these discussions just add fuel to the fire. I think some of the adults could learn sportsmanship from their own kids. Come on let it go.

Submitted by mamadutt on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 9:53pm.

I agree that the adults need to grow up. Kids have been doing silly things like this for ages! SCHS received black roses before that game and went ahead and played with that. It pumped the guys up in fact that they won BIG! Thank you for the support. Good competition is fun and keeps the players motivated.

Submitted by Hey on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 1:41pm.

Things sure have changed since I was in High School. If this had happened back then, I'm sure it would have been a non-issue, as long as there was no one hurt and no property was damaged.
We have to be so pc today, that rival high school football teams should only shake hands after the game and quietly go home.
I wasn't there, so maybe they did go too far, but from what I read on here I don't see it.

Submitted by Daniel Ross on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:28am.

I was a student at SCHS the year Whitewater started playing football. The way I remember it, it was passed from WHS to SCHS that the wildcats would defeat the Patriots in the most humiliating defeat possible (straight from the WHS football coach/players to SCHS). What happened? Sandy Creek won.

Through the years, Sandy Creek and Whitewater have had a love/hate relationship. I'm not condoning what these players did (because it is bad sportsmanship to do it on the opposition's field-at least move it to the parking lot), but to say that they deserve to be stripped of the win is the bruised wildcat ego talking.

The game proves that Sandy Creek outplayed, outran, and outlasted Whitewater in the newest county rivalry.

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Submitted by Fyt35 on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:38am.

you always express your sentiments well and I certainly agree with your post. No one is advocating that the win be taken away, that would be ludicrous; what happened in between the lines was fair and square and the best team won. What happened afterwards is the problem.

Submitted by Daniel Ross on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 12:04pm.

I agree that what happened after was in poor taste. While the punishments might not be visible from the outsider, I have no doubt that Walker and Rabold will let this go without some sort of repercussion (and it probably won't affect the game this Friday).

Submitted by Wildcat MamaJ on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:38am.

No one has said that and would. They won that game, well at least #25 won that game,outstanding football player. There just needs to be some kind of rules set up that this does not happen again to ANYONE!!!!!

Submitted by 1bighammer on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 1:48pm.

#25 didn't score 4 touchdowns on kickoff returns. All of them were on runs from scrimmage one was around 40 yds, one was 51 yds and the other two were both 1 Yd runs, set up by great returns.

You seem to know alot about Sandy Creek, I mean calling Coach Walker, Chip and all??? Seems odd. Did your boy not get any playing time at the Creek? Little bitter maybe? However, you obviously don't know that win or lose our parents and fans ALWAYS congregate around our team ON the field!

As for the $1000s of dollars you spent on your field...I pay taxes in this county and I believe that my tax dollars went into building "YOUR FIELD". Which by the way was NOT damaged by anyone!

Oh and the announcement at the beginning of the game about not entering the field is a GHSA announcement and states:
"Spectators are not allowed to enter the competition area during warm-ups or while the contest is being conducted."
The game was over.

Don't keep throwing the "Sportsmanship card" remember the old saying about People in Glass Houses?

Submitted by Wildcat MamaJ on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 3:50pm.

Read the article in the FAYETTE DAILY NEWS about the game Friday night and Coach Walker says about the game and your player. My son has never went to Sandy Creek or played there, I have been in this community for 22 years and know a lot of people. I was at the game Friday. The point you seem to be missing is that your school was disrespectful, even if you were upset about what happened all it takes is an apology from those few you say, to our players. Yes, we lost the game but that what was done was wrong and you know it and if you didn't know it you would not be getting so upset about it. Yes you have a great team we knew that last year, we know it this year. you all should be able to brag about your win but it is over shadowed by bad behavior. Sorry if you don't like those facts. And NO you did not pay for our field, we pay for everything to do with our field out of the WTC fund. We plant it , we cut it , we clean it, we paint it(The parents) Not the tax payers. I'm sorry if the truth hurts. I hope that Sandy Creek continues to have a great year and all is well and you learn from what took place and not make excuses.
And also, your right on the announcement,but we also added to that no one on the field,if you were really listening.I would like to see all of your reaction if say EAST COWETA had been at your field an done that to you when you lost to them in double over time. I bet you would be singing another tune. Have a great season Sandy Creek!

Submitted by ProudMomOfThree on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 12:03pm.

You have got to be kidding?? First, I would say to you that your comment "#25 won that game" just humiliated your team more than anything that occurred after the game. To suggest that your entire team was beat by one player is not only incredibly ridiculous on your part, it's demeaning to your boys. Rajion could not have scored when he scored had he not had good blockers to open the necessary holes to break through and score. In addition, our defense, which Rajion is not a part of held your offense to 6 points. How do you explain that? If I were a Whitewater parent I would be extremely upset by your suggestion that your team was beat by one player...

Now, to suggest that our Coaches and Administrators were standing around laughing at the actions after the game is not only a lie but slanderous in nature. Our Administrators immediately came to the middle of the field and ordered the group that brought the casket on to the field to get it off the field and out of the stadium. The Coaches that were anywhere around what was happening were yelling at all of those involved and sent any players involved immediately to the locker room, or should I say the trailers you provide for your visiting team to use as their locker room. All of our coaches, as well as the majority of our parents, were upset with what happened after the game. It should not have happened but it did and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about that at this point other than to move on. I'm sure that those responsible for this act would go back and change what was done because no one from Sandy Creek wants anything to be the topic of conversation other than the score on that scoreboard at the end of the game - Sandy Creek 43, Whitewater 6!!!! Goooooooo Creeeeeeeeeek!!

Submitted by Wildcat MamaJ on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 12:25pm.

Blaah Blaah!! We rushed for 301 yds against Sandy Creek. Yes I guess your son did score a touch down by that time nobody cared. As you said nail in coffin. #25 scored 4 touchdowns on KIck Off returns. Not putting down my boys they know for fact nobody could catch him the way he wiggled out of lanes. And it was not your schools administrators that got them off the field it was OURS! Stillians and Vena. You must have been to busy dancing around to notice. And if SCHS wanted people to talk about the score instead of what happened after the game maybe they should behaved themselves. Oh yeah, I also noticed it was taken off You-tub this morning wonder why? A shamed of all your actions?

Submitted by schspops on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 12:33am.

look people of cat country . you guys thought it was so funny to send black roses to our school with a note saying your going down but that was ok right ??
sandy creek didnt respond to that until the first kick, then our boys did their talking on the field end of story .sorry you cats cant take a loss excuse me beat down !! the true fans of this sport love this sort of thing iam sorry you cant !!!

Submitted by Cobra on Wed, 10/07/2009 - 8:04pm.

It's kind of funny that you mention your administrators' names in a post about "sportsmanship"....I remember when one of YOUR administrators was the football coach at Whitewater Middle, and after beating Flat Rock at Flat Rock, proceded to take a "victory lap" around the field with his arms raised and players following him...looked like he just won the Stupid (I mean Super) Bowl. Now that's sportsmanship.......and that was a MIDDLE SCHOOL football game. So blah, blah, blah.....WHO CARES?

Submitted by ProudMomOfThree on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 1:39pm.

First off, let me clear something up for you... I do not have a son on the Sandy Creek team. If you are suggesting that I am trying to take anything away from Rajion's game Friday night, you are mistaken. He had a fantastic game. My only point is that he didn't do that by himself. He had the help of the entire Sandy Creek team.

Second off, Whitewater RUSHED for 215 yards with a little less than 100 of that in the 4th quarter when our JV defense was in against your starting offense, and I must point out that the drive I'm referring to resulted in our JV defense intercepting your starting offense.

Thirdly, Rajion, #25 as your refer to him, did not score 4 touchdowns on kick off returns. That would be impossible since you only kicked off to us twice, once at the beginning of the game and again in the 2nd half, after your one and only touchdown. Neither of those returns ended with a touchdown as Rajion was tackled inside the 5 both times. However, our offense did come on the field and score immediately after both of those returns so I can see where you would be confused.

Fourth, your Administrators may have been on the field at the time of the incident but I assure you it was Mr. Evans, one of our Assistant Principals and our Athletic Director, that ordered the casket and the group of people that took it on the field to get it off the field and out of the stadium. In addition, not only was I NOT involved in the post game incident but I am one of many parents that wish it had never happened. So when you say if SCHS wanted people to talk about the score instead of what happened after the game, they should have behaved themselves, please keep in mind that it was not all of the Sandy Creek players, cheerleaders & fans that participated in this. It was actually a very small group and those not participating didn’t agree with what was taking place.

Oh, by the way, how exactly was it that a casket got by your gate workers and into the game? Maybe your Administrators and Vena should look into that.

Submitted by Wildcat MamaJ on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 3:56pm.

Its not about the game we all know that you won. You are a good team.You do not need to be on the attack. I am sorry that your team or fans what few they may be, acted the wrong way. I hope they learn from their mistake,but it seems to me that you are just excusing them from that behavior and that is just not right.So I will leave it at that. I hope Sandy Creek continues to have a great year.

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Submitted by Patriotdad on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:18am.

FYT35...JMartinez pretty much summed it up (and reflected most of Fayette counties sentiments) so I have nothing to add to his comments.

I do have a few comments of my own. I know for a fact that Coach Chip Walker knew nothing of the casket coming to the game and certainly had no part in it being taken out to midfeild. I was in amongst the Coaches and as soon as they realized it was happening they acted and had them take it off the field. I also know that afterwards Mr. Rabold and Mr. Evans expressed their displeasure with the act.

I don't belive an apology is needed and will be disappointed if either the Coach or Principal issues one.

I'm not sure why everyone is so bent out of shape anyway. The whooping WhiteWater took probably caused a few bruised egos, but other than that nothing was vandalized, nothing was stolen, no one was physically harmed.

It was good rivalry fun. You guys sent the drew first blood. If you're going to dish it gotta be able to take it.

Frankly sports in Fayette county could use a little good natured antics between rivals. Maybe if the fans and players had a little more fun with it their would be less animosity towards each other.

Submitted by FayetteFlyer on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 4:29pm.

Nothing was damaged, no one hurt! Where's the harm in a mild ribbing between sports rivals? When did we become so overly sensitive and pc? My god, these are high school kids we're talking about!

Submitted by Wildcat MamaJ on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:34am.

First, call the florist ask who sent the flowers YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!!
Second, has nothing to do with egos we got beat baaad and we know that, but we never showed any animosity towards Sandy Creek. Yes, we are all upset because 1 you went on our field that we as parents have spent 1,000's of dollars on and our fans do not even go on our field and the annoucer before the game says always no spectators on the field at anytime. 2 you take a casket out their as if we or our kids should be dead because they lost a football game. Has nothing to do with egos has to do with what you teach your children. Not to respect. What if our team or students had not been taught right from wrong, Friday night could have been a bad situation for everyone in this county. I remember when Woodward Academy and M D Collins were playing for state in 1981 they had the biggest fight in history between players, fans and parents. I WAS THEIR I KNOW!!! But Thank God we have raised our kids better than that and by the way Chip did nothing to get that off the field he was doing an interview by the gate when it took place. Once Again get your facts straight!

Submitted by Daniel Ross on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 12:10pm.

1) Symbolically, the casket does not represent the death of the players or the fans. It represents the fact that Sandy Creek put the nail on Whitewater's season (which, this early, is probably not true).

2) Whitewater and Sandy Creek have had a rivalry for a while. That's where this animosity between the two is coming from.

3) Yes, the situation Friday could have turned ugly, but it didn't.

4) Even you acknowledge that Walker was preoccupied during the casket-ness. Once he saw it, he and his fellow coaches worked to stop it.

5) Yes, the kids shouldn't have gone onto the field.

Submitted by MacTheKnife on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 10:05am.

I think you may want to go back and ask all of the other schools what kind of behavior your team has engaged in for the last several years. Whitewater is getting a small taste of it's own medicine.

Everything from printing shirts proclaiming "County Champions" after being beaten by Sandy Creek, to proclaiming in paint in your gym that you are "The only REAL cat in town".

In fact they also printed shirts with the score of the game when they beat Starr's Mill and made them screen savers. I saw a shirt on an older women in Partner's Pizza that said "We run the Mill". Really? I hope Sandy Creek does the same to them since being humble by choice is obviously not possible.

I attended a Starr's Mill Whitewater game when you had a cheerleader run through that was a disgusting display of arrogance and condescension that embarrassed Starr's Mill rather than extolled the virtue of your own team. To add insult to injury you then gave your soccer team their state championship rings at halftime, the team they defeated in the finals? Starr's Mill. I refused after that game to ever attend another function at Whitewater.

Against McIntosh your players have taunted ours unmercifully and even made comments to our fans, the cheerleaders and coaches. When Fayette County beat you with Brandon Boykin, you accused them of cheating all over town. I heard one of your coaches at Partners explaining to his waitress how Fayette stole the gamer and had the officials in hand.

Before you throw stones, you better clean up your own act. Before this very game, someone sent the Sandy Creek football team a dozen black roses before the game last week.

I could go on and on ... we could talk about players from Clayton County living in coaches basements (coaches later fired for attempting to solicit your cheerleaders for inappropriate activity), or how all of the best Blue Devil players all seem to move in to WHS district or live with coaches, or how those dads become county employees and bus drivers so the kids can play at WHS. How about a run through that I mentions DUIs from your administrators, band and chorus shenanigans - spicing up the night ... that is the type of things that YOUR WHITEWATER FOOTBALL and CHEER program has been doling out.

FACT: Whitewater is known as a great school despite the arrogance but without a doubt they regularly display the worst sportsmanship in the district and region.

Believe it.

Submitted by Wildcat MamaJ on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 11:09am.

You want to put down Whitewater that is fine,but the roses did not come from Whitewater. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!! We have never gone on another teams field and degraded it. Put your big boy or girl pants on T-shirts and sayings and mouthing at opposite players on the line is part of football. But the rules are plan through the board of education and they were not followed by SCHS Friday night. They are a really good team and they just showed how they have no class. And by the way ALL Fayette County Schools honor their state champs at before football games and at half time. those kids deserve to be honored. Also, you want to bring up the adults at our school who have made mistakes and done unthinkable things, there is not one school in this county that does not have skeletons. I know I have lived here 22 years and went to school here. So don't through stones just in one direction and GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!!!!

Submitted by MacTheKnife on Sat, 10/10/2009 - 8:37pm.

You had a parent escorted out of the coaches box by a Fayette County Deputy for yelling at the Sandy Creek Coaches ... was it you?

You had a chain operator intentionally elbow a coach on the sidelines ... was that your hubby?

And I just learned that you had tombstones with the names of Starr's Mill players on them a couple of years ago.... was that your idea?

Starr's Mill was vandalized before Thursday night ... I learned that it has happened every year they have played you ... your idea mamaJ?

You are the one who has no clue lady ... and no class.

Submitted by mamadutt on Thu, 10/08/2009 - 10:05pm.

Please share then how you know where the roses did come from. I am very curious. As far as all SCHS knows, they came from WWHS and totally pumped them up to win that game. That is a fact that I do know! SCHS has been treated like the outcast of Fayette co. for a long time. They have the best administration, teachers, parents and students as far as I am concerned. They don't think they are better than anyone else. They just put their words into action! I think it is pretty sad that so much has been made out of this ordeal. I have definitely seen worse things. You just don't hear about it because of who does them! It is very biased here in Fayette Co.

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Submitted by Fyt35 on Tue, 10/06/2009 - 10:57am.

I always enjoy your thorough posts although at times we will disagree. This incident crossed all boundaries. But to sit here and accuse WHS of being the only school that does this is a bit preposterous; our school has been even vandalized at times by students of other schools, it’s a fact. We have seen the signs and disrespect at other schools, that’s a fact. We can go on this topic of all day long, that’s not the issue.

School administrators and coaches at Sandy Creek certainly condoned and encouraged this behavior on Friday night after the team suffered their worse lost ever of the program and to rub their noses in it was a bit too much. Who knows who sent the roses, it could have been a disgruntled Sandy Creek parents for the matter. These players have been either rivals or teammates at one time or another during rec ball, they could really care less. My beef is with the adults, very irresponsible on their part I think. I have taught my son that win or lose, you respect your opponents and he understands that.

That’s all I got JMart, we’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree on this one!

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