Bilderberg Group To (possibly) Meet in Athens

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Reports circling in the Greek media have suggested that the location of this year’s secretive Bilderberg meeting will be Athens, Greece.

GR Reporter, a Greek based website that gathers information from different print and electronic media in Greece, reports that the Elefterios Tipos newspaper recently announced the location and date of the meeting as Athens between 14th and 16th of May.

A second report in another Greek newspaper, Tovima, has also suggested that the confab will be held in Athens in the same area that hosted the 1993 conference.

According to the reports, invited guests include the Queen of Netherlands Beatrix, the Spanish Queen Sophia, Lawrence Summers, head of the National Economic Council and James Jones, head of the US National Security Council.

Meanwhile, researchers have also picked up on an article by Andrew Rettman in the EU Observer alleging that the meeting would take place in Europe sometime in June. Rettman has not responded to emails requesting additional information.

If the meeting does take place in Athens, it is likely that the group will use the Nafsika Astir Palace, the resort that was previously used by the heads of global business, banking and politics.

Situated in Vouliagmeni, a few miles south of Athens, the hotel is built along a cliff side and features a private beach at sea level, with a business center and a large conference room.

It must be stressed however, that such reports may be mere conjecture, or even a disinformation campaign by Bilderberg itself, in an attempt to throw researchers and journalists off their scent.

Bilderberg usually convenes at the end of May into early June. The 2005 meeting in Germany was in early May but every other meeting over the last decade has been later in the month of May or in early June.

Similar reports were circulated prior to last year’s conference, also pinpointing the location as Athens. However, the actual location turned out to be the Marriott Hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, a few miles from Washington DC.

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were thought to have attended the meeting, which took place at the height of the run in to the national party nominations and the Presidential election.

The hectic scenes outside last year’s Bilderberg conference were documented in filmmaker Alex Jones’ newly released feature The Obama Deception. This film may be viewed in Hi-Res on Google video.

In 2006 Alex Jones traveled to Ottawa, Canada after gaining intelligence that the Bilderberg meeting would take place there. Jones and his team were detained by Canadian immigration on orders of the Bilderberg Group for a 15 hour nightmare of interrogation, accusations and threats of arrests in anticipation of the conference.

However, Jones made it to the Brookestreet Hotel in Ottawa, met up with veteran Bilderberg investigator Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin, author of The True Story of the Bilderberg Group, to capture footage that would later appear in his seminal film Endgame. This film mat be viewed in Hi-Res in its entirety on Google video.

It was mainly due to the efforts of the three activists combined that elements of the Canadian media produced a rash of reports about the Ottawa meeting.

Media moguls who attend Bilderberg, such as Washington Post CEO and Chairman Donald E. Graham, swear an oath of secrecy and fulfil a promise each year to omit any coverage of Bilderberg from their news outlets.

At the time Estulin stated that inside sources had informed him that the elite group was seeking to artificially inflate the subprime housing sector over a course of 18 months, in order to lure investors back into the market, before bottoming it out and consolidating the gains. Now this has happened exactly as predicted.

2007 saw the elite confab head to Istanbul in Turkey under an increased media lockdown.

Insiders at Istanbul revealed that the Bilderberg agenda for 2007/2008 included a hiking of oil prices towards the $200 mark, something that seemed unbelievable at the time but again consequently happened exactly as predicted.

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