Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists

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Kurt Nimmo
March 12, 2009

Alex Jones has received a secret report distributed by the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) entitled “The Modern Militia Movement” and dated February 20, 2009. A footer on the document indicates it is “unclassified” but “law enforcement sensitive,” in other words not for public consumption. A copy of the report was sent to Jones by an anonymous Missouri police officer.

The MIAC report specifically describes supporters of presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “militia” influenced terrorists and instructs the Missouri police to be on the lookout for supporters displaying bumper stickers and other paraphernalia associated with the Constitutional, Campaign for Liberty, and Libertarian parties.

“Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) provides a public safety partnership consisting of local, state and federal agencies, as well as the public sector and private entities that will collect, evaluate, analyze, and disseminate information and intelligence to the agencies tasked with Homeland Security responsibilities in a timely, effective, and secure manner,” explains the MIAC website. “MIAC is the mechanism to collect incident reports of suspicious activities to be evaluated and analyzed in an effort to identify potential trends or patterns of terrorist or criminal operations within the state of Missouri. MIAC will also function as a vehicle for two-way communication between federal, state and local law enforcement community within our region.”

MIAC is part of the federal “fusion” effort now underway around the country. “As of February 2009, there were 58 fusion centers around the country. The Department has deployed 31 officers as of December 2008 and plans to have 70 professionals deployed by the end of 2009. The Department has provided more than $254 million from FY 2004-2007 to state and local governments to support the centers,” explains the Department of Homeland Security on its website. Missouri is mentioned as a participant in this federal “intelligence” effort.

Last month, the ACLU issued a news release highlighting the activity of a fusion center in Texas as the “latest example of inappropriate police intelligence operations targeting political, religious and social activists for investigation,” in particular “Muslim civil rights organizations and anti-war protest groups.”

The MIAC report does not concentrate on Muslim terrorists, but rather on the so-called “militia movement” and conflates it with supporters of Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, the so-called patriot movement and other political activist organizations opposed to the North American Union and the New World Order. The MIAC document is a classic guilt by association effort designed to demonize legitimate political activity that stands in opposition to the New World Order and its newly enshrined front man, Barack Obama.

In September of 2008, Missouri sheriffs and prosecutors organized truth squads to intimidate people opposed to Obama and threatened to arrest and prosecute anybody who ran “misleading television ads.” Missouri governor Matt Blunt eventually denounced the use of “police state tactics” on the part of the Obama-Biden campaign.

MIAC claims members of a “rightwing” militia movement organized in the 1990s — generally in response to the Oklahoma City bombing and the events at Waco — “continuously exploit world events in order to increase participation in their movements. Due to the current economical and political situation, a lush environment for militia activity has been created” and supposedly exploited by “constitutionalists” and “white supremacists,” the latter an oft-employed canard used to demonize activists as dangerous and potentially violent lunatics.

MIAC notes many of the political issues cited by the so-called patriot movement — the Ammunition Accountability Act, the impending economic collapse of the government, the possibility of a constitutional convention, the North American Union, Obama’s “Universal Service Program,” and the implementation of RFID, issues that are not limited to the patriot movement but are shared by a wide array of political activists.

The MIAC document includes a map of the North American Union not dissimilar from one released by NASCO, the North America SuperCorridor Coalition.

The MIAC report is similar to one created by the Phoenix Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Joint Terrorism Task Force during the Clinton administration (see page one and page two of the document). The FBI document explicitly designates “defenders” of the Constitution as “right-wing extremists.” The MIAC report expands significantly on the earlier document.

In order to artificially heighten the perceived threat threshold, MIAC rolls in Christian Identity, white nationalism, “militant” anti-abortion activists, opposition to illegal immigration, and income tax resistance. MIAC deceptively blurs the lines between these disparate political ideologies and underscores the possibility for violence in a summary of the organizational structure of the militia movement and a section describing how members strive to train in “combat readiness.”

The MIAC effort to characterize Libertarians and Constitutionalists as racists is reminiscent of an attempt by the corporate media in early 2008 to portray Ron Paul as a racist by attempting to link him to a series of vaguely racist newsletters produced in the 1980s. Paul did not exercise editorial control over the newsletters and went so far as to apologize for them, but this did not prevent the corporate media from characterizing him as a racist.

According to MIAC, opposition to world government, NAFTA, federalization of the states, and restrictive gun laws are a threat to the police. “The militia subscribes to an anti-government and NWO mindset, which creates a threat to law enforcement officers. They view the military, National Guard, and law enforcement as a force that will confiscate their firearms and place them in FEMA concentration camps,” the document claims in a section entitled “You are the Enemy.”

In regard to supposed militia movement literature and media, the MIAC report mentions Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism and William Luther Pierce’s The Turner Diaries — the latter was penned by the former leader of the white nationalist organization National Alliance and the former by a Libertarian filmmaker. In order to underscore the absurdity of the MIAC attempt to link Pierce’s novel and Russo’s anti-tax documentary, it should be noted that the late Aaron Russo was Jewish and The Turner Dairies posits a Zionist government in America (or ZOG, the Zionist Occupation Government) run by Jews.

The award-winning film Zeitgeist, featuring Alex Jones, is also mentioned as terrorist material.

The MIAC report is particularly pernicious because it indoctrinates Missouri law enforcement in the belief that people who oppose confiscatory taxation, believe in the well-documented existence of a New World Order and world government (a Google search of this phrase will pull up numerous references made by scores of establishment political leaders), and are opposed to the obvious expansion of the federal government at the expense of the states as violent extremists who are gunning for the police. It specifically targets supporters of mainstream political candidates and encourages police officers to consider them dangerous terrorists.

MIAC is attempting to radicalize the police against political activity guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If Missouri police indoctrinated by MIAC propaganda overreact to political activists and supporters of Ron Paul in their state and injure or kill people involved in entirely legal and legitimate political activity, MIAC, the governor of Missouri (his name appears on the MIAC document), and the DHS and federal government should be held directly responsible and prosecuted the fullest extent of the law.

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S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 7:30pm.

I guess if being labeled a T word it could be worse.. Someone could call me a Democrat.. now that would be insulting..

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 7:41pm.

Hey Lindsey, there are labels that are much worse. Congrats on being called a terrorist.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 7:45pm.

Unfortunutly been called much worse and usally to my face.. Coming to the party Sat night?

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 7:54pm.

No I wish.

You know how shift work is.... I sent my regrets and regards. There are so many of you together in that neighborhood. What a small world.

I was at dawns place last night The Latitude33. Great time had by all. Great food, great service.

I hope I can make the next get together. I would love to meet all of you.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 7:58pm.

Sorry you can't make it.. Going to try Lat 33 next week..
Heard it was good.

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 8:02pm.

Great food, good service and dawn makes a killer rum runner. You will have a great time.

Main Stream's picture
Submitted by Main Stream on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 4:49pm.

Great news! I do hope that the state police forces around the country eradicate these wacko groups. Just like you mentioned in a previous blog:

"Chuck Norris claims thousands of "right wing" cell groups exist and will rebel against US Govt"

There are homegrown terrorists among us (remember Tim McVeigh?) who want to hurt us and they need to be rooted out and squashed like the insects they are. The police just recently found radioactive material in some wacko's house who was ready to make a dirty bomb - but his wife put a bullet through him instead - killed the guy....Shocked

DarthDubious's picture
Submitted by DarthDubious on Thu, 03/12/2009 - 5:46pm.

What if the Brits had eradicated those wackos George Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and others? The American Revolution was fought and won by 5% or less of the the population who were part of what? Militias!!!

Ron Paul supporters are NOT terrorists. Yes there are wackos as you call them out there, but they do not represent the larger number of political activists and militia members. God forbid this mess turns into armed conflict, that is the last thing anyone wants.

The bottom line is this: The Federal Government has overstepped its Constitutional bounds, assuming that the States are at its beck and call. The Feds exist at the whim of the States and their people.

The political scale in reality looks something like this:


I would like to see it in the middle, the way the founders intended. The two parties are the same, if you can't see it yet, there are none so blind as those who will not see.

In Liberty,


Main Stream's picture
Submitted by Main Stream on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 1:18pm.

Darth, I agree that militia members were true patriots during the American Revolution, however, modern day militia members are nuts, IMHO. Are YOU a "card carrying" member of an extremist militia group?? Shocked

"Main why do (you) kiss the Federal fanny?"

Gee whiz, because I expect my government to protect me from jingoistic, anarchist-type people!

and these nutjobs:

Bangor, Maine link

SPLC link

DarthDubious's picture
Submitted by DarthDubious on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 3:34pm.

just because there are a few extremists out there, doesn't mean that ALL militias are. The federal government doesn't give a tinkers damn about you. Its not YOUR government anymore, its been bought and co-opted. All you can expect from now on is that government will continue to sell you out to the banksters.

I hope to GOD there is not violence, but if there is I won't run from it. It will be people like me who protect, and defend those people who expect somebody else to do it...people like...well...YOU!

In Liberty,


S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 3:42pm.

those that chose to fight and those that cower from it.. Only after the smoke clears do they scamper out like rats surveying the carnage look around at the fighter that is left standing.. only to spit and call them monsters..
Except for the monster they would be meat on someones table.. (metaphorically speaking).. but then again according to Ted Turner we will all be cannibals in 10 years..

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


ManofGreatLogic's picture
Submitted by ManofGreatLogic on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 4:46pm.

You spent 8 years defending the doubling of the federal government under Bush, and all of a sudden (51 days into a new presidency) you are all for states' rights and smaller government and less spending.

Fact: George W. Bush spent more money in his administration than ALL OTHER PRESIDENTS COMBINED, including Clinton.

Think about that bitter pill. You can add up ALL the money Clinton spent, and Bush Sr. and Reagan and every single other president in the history of this nation, and it still comes out to less than DUBYA spent.

Now you are back to being conservatives again? Is this some kind of freaking sick joke you people have played on the country?

You guys supported the costliest war in the history of the world (Yes, it cost us more money and time than WWII), and the "war" never served ANY purpose whatsoever (except making the military industrial complex rich).

What the heck is wrong with you?

Where were you during the last eight years? Why is Chuck Norris and his band of followers upset now?!?! They didn't notice the huge growth of government, the TWO unnecessary wars, the incredibly irresponsible spending, the torture of human beings, and the complete invasion of privacy over the last eight years?

You are all HYPOCRITS and you need to grow up.

I don't know what more to say other than you money changers in the temple need to see the real God: Jesus.

Follow His teachings and you'll drop your hatred for your fellow man and your passionate love for war.

ManofGreatLogic's picture
Submitted by ManofGreatLogic on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 4:55pm.

Most of you guys had nothing positive to say about Ron Paul. He is the ONLY true conservative in the U.S. Congress, but he was called a whacko by almost every so-called conservative out there.

Ron Paul says the Federal Reserve is a failed system. He's right.

Ron Paul says we should be back on the gold standard. He's right.

Ron Paul believes we should put America first. He's right.

Ron Paul believes we don't need our military invading other nations. He's right.

Ron Paul believes in the free market. He's right.

Ron Paul is a Christian. He's right.

Ron Paul is pro life. He's right.

What real conservative can actually make a realistic argument against Ron Paul other than saying something ignorant (that they can't back up) like, "he's crazy. He's a whacko," etc.???


S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 11:53pm.

Ron Paul.. He just never was given a chance to get his message out before he was labeled a nut by the main stream media and the republicans that was afraid of his ideas...

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 4:49pm.

Were just crazy about that too..

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


ManofGreatLogic's picture
Submitted by ManofGreatLogic on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 4:59pm.

Clearly you don't understand the national debt. You must be thinking of the yearly deficit. It's a common mistake. Most people aren't educated enough to know the difference so don't feel too bad.

Yes, Obama is spending recklessly, just like Bush did, but he hasn't doubled the national debt (yet), just the deficit. It's disgusting. Obama is digging a deeper hole to try to get out of a deep hole that Bush dug. It really is that simple.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Fri, 03/13/2009 - 7:32pm.

got the papers to prove it...
Ohmanoflogic read on..
Federal borrowing involves the sale, to the public, of notes and bonds of varying sizes and time periods. The cumulative amount of borrowing from the public—i.e., the debt held by the public—is the most important measure of Federal debt because it is what the Government has borrowed in the private markets over the years, and it determines how much the Government pays in interest to the public.

Debt held by the public was $3.8 trillion at the end of 1997—roughly the net effect of deficits and surpluses over the last 200 years. Debt held by the public does not include debt the Government owes itself—the total of all trust fund surpluses and deficits over the years, like the Social Security surpluses, that the law says must be invested in Federal securities.

The sum of debt held by the public and debt the Government owes itself is called Gross Federal Debt. At the end of 1997, it totaled $5.4 trillion.

The End of the Bush years:
Against what had been the recently publicized, cash-based "official" fiscal 2008 (year-ended September 30th) federal deficit of $454.8 billion, and parallel $161.8 billion deficit in 2007, the U.S. Treasury reported that the 2008 deficit [change in net position] was $1,009.1 billion, versus $275.5 billion in 2007, using GAAP. Since 2002, the Treasury has been reporting the government’s finances using annual statements prepared using accounting standards similar to those used in corporate America.

Those numbers, however, did not account for the annual change in the net present value of unfunded Social Security and Medicare liabilities, except in discussions and footnotes. Counting those changes, as a corporation would for its pension and healthcare liabilities for retirees, the 2008 annual deficit was $5.1 trillion, versus $1.2 trillion in 2007. Such showed total U.S. obligations — gross federal debt outstanding plus the net present value of unfunded liabilities — at $66 trillion, roughly 4.6 times the level of reported U.S. GDP, and greater than total estimated global GDP. These numbers are unsustainable, as suggested in the accompanying graphs, and already are deteriorating severely for fiscal 2009. They also doom the U.S. dollar to hyperinflation, as discussed in the Hyperinflation Special Report of April 8, 2008.

Lets see the end of the Clinton years $5.4 Trillion Bush $5.1 Trillion

Bush inherited a poor economy and a large deficent as well and was hit by the Dot Com bubble explosion and 9-11 crash.. Soooooo...
Your off hand remark about education only proves that "you may be Khan" but your still outwitted..

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


ManofGreatLogic's picture
Submitted by ManofGreatLogic on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 3:14pm.

for the lame, offhand remark about going back to school. Seems like you know your numbers.

But it doesn't change the fact that Bush was a very irresponsible leader on all fronts. He DID rack up a ton of national debt (that can, through statistical manipulation, seem to be worse, better, or equal to Clinton or Obama). He DID go into an unnecessary war against Iraq, and he DID authorize the illegal torture of people.

As the future rolls on, nobody worth his salt in academia is going to have much to say about Bush that is positive. He was an ineffective president.

Clinton was no better, and neither was Bush or Reagan or Carter or Ford or Nixon. Johnson was one of the worst, but he did sign the Civil Rights Act, which was noble and right.

Ever since WWII, all presidents have been obsessed with war. There's a reason: multi-billion dollar companies make bombs, planes, and guns. How are they going to make money if there is no demand for their products?

Simple: Create the demand by faking some silly outrage, and then go to war.

Our nation's economy, since 1917, is not based on oil, coal, the automobile, entertainment, tourism, etc. Those are contributors. Our economy has only sustained through endless war and imperialism.

It can't last forever.

I mean, what do you call it when your military is literally stationed on almost every continent? Do you call it something other than imperialism?

What happened to all the other empires, like the Romans, Ottoman, German, Japanese, Mongolian, Spanish, French, English???

Ron Paul was right from the beginning, but so-called Conservatives laughed at him because he told the truth.

Sam Clemmens (Mark Twain) said it best: "Tell the truth and then run like hell."

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 4:35pm.

"Great" numbers? Thanks for the laugh.

If you'd like a succinct summary of Bush's economic malfeasance, go to the Treasury dept's website LINK and you'll see that, far beyond Li'l Snipey's ludicrous $5.1 trillion figure, the actual damage the Decider did to America was over 10 trillion dollars.

And of course, Li'l Snipey also claimed that "OBAMA doubled it in 50 days", which is probably the most inane and incorrect thing he's ever said (and one of the prime reasons that anyone with a lick of sense should take anything he posts with a grain of salt...the man appears fundamentally (no pun intended) unable to tell the truth).

You'll also note that Li'l Snipey claimed that President Clinton's term ended in 1997. More wishful thinking.

Why did he pick 1997? Because he was plagiarizing verbiage from THIS SITE and passing it off as his own thoughts. Sure, it's a violation of the Citizen's Terms of Use, specifically Section 5, bullet point 8, but Li'l Snipey and his ilk have always felt that laws and rules are advisory in nature.

S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Thu, 03/26/2009 - 8:54pm.

WASHINGTON - President Obama's budget would produce $9.3 trillion in deficits over the next decade, more than four times the amount for Republican George W. Bush's presidency, congressional auditors said yesterday.

Ok I was wrong it took 60 days

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Sat, 03/14/2009 - 11:29pm.

You just hate it when your inane postings get showed for what they are.. Useless drival..
1. Never said Clinton's term ended in 1997.. that was the GPO report not mine.
2. Never said I wrote it.. dumby.. I at least use main stream and/or Goverment info sources NOT WACKO SALON.COM/MOVEON SITES FRANCIS.. You've never cut and pasted before.. REALLLY do you want to go there donkey???
3. If you think I am going to copy then type out all of my post to you.. get over yourself .. your just not that important..
4. You hate it when you get spanked by Cal.. so everyone has to pay for your worthless thoughts.. Stick to local Politics.. your actually better at it..

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS.. Evil


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