Trivia Challenge ** Great Depression Hero's **

Mon, 02/23/2009 - 7:39pm
By: Tom Rogers

See if you can add to this list of The Great Depression Hero's and what each did during that Era.

1) Seabiscuit-- Gave the little man hope.
2) Andy Payne-- Won the Trans-Continental Foot Race of 1928.Ran a Marathon and a half for 88 Days.Left Santa Monica and Finished at Madison Square Gardens for $26,000.00 Prize.A promotion to open Route 66"The Mother Road".What a feat this was.
3)Charles Linberg--Aviation pioneer
4)Will Rogers-- Ambassador to the World and the great communicator for the Common Man.

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Submitted by panderson on Fri, 06/05/2009 - 9:25am.


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Submitted by Git Real on Sun, 06/07/2009 - 12:21pm.

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Visualizing Obama's Budget Cuts

Submitted by Tom Rogers on Wed, 02/25/2009 - 9:02am.

Legacies are not made overnight. It took several years and hundred-thousands of men to build its legacy. While the CCC was in service 46,854 bridges were constructed; 800 state parks were created; 4,622 fish rearing ponds established; 3,980 historic sites were restored, including Gettysburg Battlefield; 5,000 miles of water lines were laid; 3,462 beaches were improved; three billion trees were planted; millions of acres and thousands of lakes were, for the first time, surveyed and mapped; 1,865 drinking fountains were installed; 27, 191 miles of fences were built; 204 lodges and museums were established; 201,739 man-days were spent fighting coal fires, some had been burning since the earliest recorded American history, saving billions of tons of coal; hundreds of thousands of man-days were spent fighting forest fires; 3,116 lookout towers were constructed; 8,065 well and pump houses were built; and thousands of man-day were spent in flood control ("Accomplishments"). These numbers are just a small representation of work the CCC accomplished. Today citizens enjoy the accomplishments of the CCC and few even realize it.

Submitted by eldergent on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 6:55pm.

Most famous WWII war corespondent. He wrote about the war from the enlisted man's viewpoint and died from Japanese machine gun fire.

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Submitted by DarthDubious on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 3:51pm.

In the summer of 1929, my Great-Grandmother passed away two weeks after giving birth to her last child.

My Grandmother, who was the oldest, raised her six younger brothers and sisters, almost single handedly.

A great example to us all.

In Liberty,


Submitted by Tom Rogers on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 4:15pm.

Now that's the America I know !!!

Submitted by silvia on Sat, 05/23/2009 - 8:57pm.

Yeah that's the America!!
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Submitted by hobnobbing on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 10:30am.

"The Fighting Sullivians" That was a classic that change some laws
of sending all of the family members to war togeather.

Submitted by john.t on Thu, 09/10/2009 - 9:45am.

Thanks for sharing your views on the topic. It makes one think and look the other side of the story.

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Submitted by Cyclist on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 7:49am.

His name was Charles Lindbergh and his claim to fame - winning the Orteig Prize - occurred in 1927.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 4:43am.

His tax and spend social programs extended the Depression almost 10 years. He was smart enough to know the War was the only thing that would fix the economy and did everything he could to get us involved when pubic sentiment was dead set against it.

Don't believe it? Or you prefer the Dems revisionist history that this great man led us out of the Depression? Go get The Forgotten Man (available at Books a Million) and read it very carefully. And keep it. It will be your guidebook through the next 4 years of the failed policies of Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi and dingy Harry.

Submitted by Tom Rogers on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 7:47pm.

In the depths of the depression, when millions were without jobs, when Americans were without food or shelter, Will’s Red Cross relief tour in the winter of 1931 showed him how bad it was among farmers.
After hearing Hoover’s attempt at explaining the causes of the depression and what he saw in England, Ark., he pondered there was no direct relief from the government.
He proposed the government hire the unemployed for massive public works projects, to be paid for by a higher surtax on larger incomes.
“It might not be a great plan,” he wrote, “but it will DAM sure beat the one we got now.”
Sound familiar? It would be more than two years, but Franklin D. Roosevelt would adopt that plan almost to the letter.

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Submitted by JeffC on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 1:39pm.

Who is trying to revise history here?

The New Deal and right-wing revisionism

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Submitted by S. Lindsey on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 8:18am.

Very well written.. For those who ($nit) historical reference begins at Obama.. this will open a few eyes.. if they read it with an open mind.. Hard Core Left Ideologues will hate it though..

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Submitted by sniffles5 on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 12:46pm.

Here's a fantastic summary of how the rightwingers blame everything wrong in the world on Jimmy Carter and/or FDR: LINK

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Submitted by Fred Garvin on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 12:56pm.

The issue is that barry is implementing the failed policies of FDR and Carter under the guise of "change".

The United States of America
July 4, 1776 - Jan 20, 2009
Rest in Peace

Submitted by Tom Rogers on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 7:09am.

I Forgot to add:
Woody Gutherie--- This land is Your land,This land is my land.
He kind of rallied the troops in is day.

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Submitted by hutch866 on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 7:19am.

His son Arlo rallied too, but it wasn't the troops.

I yam what I yam....Popeye

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Submitted by dawn69 on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 7:26am.

One of my favorites....Sgt. Alvin York.

Not really a depression era hero, more like World War II.

He wouldn't go against his own beliefs, but would not go against his country either. Went on to win the congressional medal of honor.

That was also when the Hollywood elite did their patriotic duty....Glen Miller, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda, etc....

"The more like angels we act the less government we need, the less like angels we act the more government we need." - Jack Anderson, Washington Post

DarthDubious's picture
Submitted by DarthDubious on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 3:36pm.

Sgt. Alvin York won the Medal of Honor in WWI, sweety. He was propagandized in a summer 1940 Hollywood movie to ramp up support for the draft, and World War II. I saw it just day before yesterday.

Excellent propaganda! I was almost ready to enlist until I got to the end. They actually wanted people to think that they will have a free house waiting for them when they get home from a war! Boy o' boy, they gotta 'nuther thang comin'!

In Liberty,


dawn69's picture
Submitted by dawn69 on Wed, 02/25/2009 - 1:02am.

You're right. York was WWI, it wasn't a typo - I just got a little screwed up. Murphy won the Congressional Medal in WWII - To Hell & Back - another great movie!

We just watched Patton the other night, another personal favorite.

Submitted by baroombrawl on Wed, 02/25/2009 - 5:42am.

I've learned that just one generation is all it takes to forget what little history people care about any more.

It is amazing how ignorant many are about WW1, much less WW2.

That is why many never learn to stop repeating the same old mistakes.

By the way George Patton would have been discharged as a one-star general if WW2 had not come along and they needed an idiot to sacrifice!
IKE was fed up with him before the war, but he would do anything for another

Submitted by Tom Rogers on Tue, 02/24/2009 - 8:23am.

Almost forgot this inspirational story.
Jimmy Braddick--- Won the Heavy Weight Boxing Championship of the World in 1935.Struggled through the Depression years. He was a 10-1 underdog in that Title fight against Max Baer.

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