Our new sherriff in town

Fri, 01/16/2009 - 3:32pm
By: FayetteBorn

I came online after hearing what sherriff Hannah had done to Barry Babb in his first few days in office only to find that there was much more to the story than I had been told.
This is very scarey to me as I had already pegged Wayne Hannah as a no good during the election.
If I remember correctly he was the only candidate to not keep his word on a gentlemans agreement not to do an interview with "The Citizen".
Or put another way , there were 2 gentlemen in the agreement between 3 men.
Sadly our revered Sherrif Johnson also broke his word to not endorse a candidate in the last days of the election.
But why should Randall care he took all the money and favorites that have come with his office and moved off to West Point.Its sad that after all the good he did he stayed a little too long and tarnished his reputation in the end.
But I digress...
As I understand it Wayne Hannah in his first days in office took a Captain with a perfect record and made him a jailer.
He worked with his predessesor to invent a new job for his wife so he could promote her.
He had the nerve to ask the county commision for a pay raise so his new job would not cost him money.
(He knew what the sherriff's pay was when he ran for the office)
Whats more upsetting is that it was granted!
He shuffled the roster as to give promotions to some that did not deserve it while forcing retirements of at least one(officer Nations) and busting another (officer Babb) to a job in the jail that only pays 2/3 of what he was making as Captain.
Didnt Wayne express during the election the desire to have Barry Babb stay with the department after the election ?
It sounded good,and bought him some votes but now the truth comes out.
I can only imagine what morale is like in the Sherriffs department.
I just hope the need for a job in this poor economy keeps some of the good officers from running for the hills.
We are in for a long 4 years at best, or we may be looking at the beginning of the end. I was born here, and had planned on dieing here, but I'm not sticking around once Fayette County has been taken over completly by the criminal element.
Barry Babb Keep your head up!
If you stay on as a jailer you will have your hands full by the way things look.
Randall Johnson and Wayne Hannah, You should be ashamed of yourselves!

I apologize for my rambling but I am quite upset and quite disappointed by what I have just learned.

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