Inmate Labor to save taxpayers money

Sun, 02/01/2009 - 1:26pm
By: Bill the Cat

Why is it that many counties in our state and across the nation are smart enough to use inmates for some governmental services and Fayette County is not? Inmates are sentenced to jail correct? Why do we allow inmates to just sit in our county jail and watch tv, play cards, checkers, chess, and basketball. They get 3 meals a day, a cell with warm blankets, showers, and medical care. How much are we spending on employees salaries, benefits, and raises just to cut grass, plant flowers, do manual labor on projects that just require sweat and hard work? Other counties use inmates to do such task. They cut the grass at county facilities, parks, ballfields, and government property. They work on grass cutting crews that ride tractors cutting the roadways. They are assigned as manual labor workers on road crews. These are just a few examples where Fayette Co. could take advantage of these people by saving thousands of tax payer dollars and making the inmates work to repay society and not keep free loading. Heck, if i were homeless, I could get 3 squares,a cot, indoor plumbing, a roof over my head, medical care, and entertainment provded by the county just by committing some minor crimes. Please tell me how not hiring one guard to oversee a work detail is not more practical than having entire departments of paid employees. Let use our resources and stop waisting money to pay for simple jobs. Other counties do this, Sheriff Hannah I ask, Why can't Fayette Co. do the same?

Bill the Cat

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