We Deserve What We Get....

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...when we do not take the time to truly identify who it is we place into public office/trust. It is indeed difficult to become answerable to a public for which one serves, but to my knowledge each individual elected to office has done so voluntarily.

What seems to have transpired over the last decade or so is that once elected, politicians become aloof to the point that they are above scrutiny (ego) by mere individuals. Was it not factual that they assumed their authoritative position by the power of a plurality of those of us that bother to vote? As such, why should they answer to an individual or a select few when their response will "taken out of context" or some such crap.

They reserve the right to be politically correct and wait until favorable winds blow before taking a position (then a right is reserved if it doesn't work out). To quote Charles Barkley "Neither party (political) has done anything worth writing home about", and whether we examine local or national elected officials, we had better soon wake up else we are doomed to constant investigations of $90K in a freezer or a Tennis Center's $1.5M never being resolved.

We keep electing them, they do not have to answer to their constituency, and most have leadership qualities that only the idly curious would follow.

Yes, we deserve what we get!

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Submitted by sageadvice on Thu, 07/03/2008 - 8:04am.

The basic problem is that we have allowed to change for the bad just who will go and serve us as our representatives, be it Washington, D. C., or PTC.
It was intended by the organizing group of the Constitution that we select successful people (successful now means something different than then) to represent us only for a short time---then come home and a neighbor go and represent us. Expenses only were to be paid or at most a small stipend.
It has become a place to strive for a large salary (for the type who want to go) a pension, and powerful influence with those who may make you wealthy.
We get a different vote on a bill from the early representatives than we get now from them. I'm not suggesting that any bum on the street can go represent us, but the length of time to serve must be minimal.
If you don't think one term is enough for Logsdon, or that Bush should have left after one, then we are in trouble.

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