Voting in the 2008 Georgia Elections

In the state of Georgia, you do not have to declare a party (Democrat / Republican) affiliation when you register.

The only time you need to choose a party affiliation, Democrat or Republican is during a primary election - i.e. Presidential Preference Primary, which was held on February 5, 2008, or the Local Primary Election, which will be held on July 15, 2008. When you arrive to vote you will have to select the ballot of the party (Democrat or Republican) that you wish to cast your vote for.

To vote for Dave Simmons for Fayette County Sheriff on July 15, 2008, you must request a Republican ballot at the time you sign-in to vote.

However, in the General Elections i.e., Presidential Election, which will be held on November 4, 2008 you can vote for any Presidential candidate you choose regardless of party affiliation.

Taken verbatim from an insert in Dave Simmons for Fayette County Sheriff brochure.


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Submitted by Spyglass on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:27pm.

You don't deserve to vote, in my humble opinion.

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 7:51am.

Are you assuming that all blacks vote democrat? You are also assuming that they couldn't figure out to vote without your help.

Now that my friends is the true picture of racism.!!

First of all most of my black friends are republican, except for Hack, and they don't need you to tell them how to vote.

AF A-10's picture
Submitted by AF A-10 on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:31am.

"First of all most of my black friends are republican, except for Hack, and they don't need you to tell them how to vote."

Friendship, in my opinion, is not compatible with consistent race baiting. What I mean by that is: If someone posts a blog about how to vote, and in that post never mentions or even insinuates a racial angle, it is pure race baiting to 1) Twist it into a racial post and 2) suggest that the one not even mentioning race is somehow a racist.

This is the most confusingly schizophrenic angle I have ever seen, and it's troubling. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics. The vast majority of my friends are conservatives, but they do not throw racial chum into the waters to attract the Beavers of the world. Your comments on the car jacking story, this thread, and many others would make those harboring racial hatred truly proud, and that is absolutely not a part of who or what I am, nor what I believe will move us forward as citizens. To suggest I didn't move to Clayton County or other majority African American areas because of "black on black" crime would suggest I share your paranoia or your world view. I don't. I moved here because of the school system, and, as you know, if I tried to move away from black folks, the mirror would always reveal the futility in that. I'm not sure why you have chosen this racial tack in sailing these waters, but I am most definitely not with you on your journey. I choose to stick to the issues offered without seeking non-spoken (and most likely unintended) racial angles to each and every story or blog or post.



Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:41am.

First of all as much as you deny it, you moved to Fayette, because of low crime and good schools.

You could actually buy a home in Clayton County now and send your kids to Woodward Academy and still come out ahead financially. But, you don't because of the high crime. So to say that the crime has nothing to do with it is disingenuous at best.

Even though it will ruin your day I still consider you a friend. Take care.

Submitted by Howard Beale on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 1:02pm.

Skyspy, you get into trouble with strangers and friends when you project your beliefs and reasoning onto others. Just because you came to Fayette for low crime and good public schools doesn’t mean that everyone else did. What you’re doing here with Hack is exactly what you did to me on the carjacking thread.
I know that home prices in Clayton are cheaper, but not by wide margins. The nice new town homes along Jeff Davis in Fayetteville are sitting empty at “the mid 120’s.”
Apartment rental rates aren’t significantly more expensive in Fayetteville than they are in Clayton or South Fulton.

I personally wouldn’t consider spending $20,000 annually per child at Woodward as “coming out on top financially.”

I would not want my children to go to any private school, but that is just me.

The proper response to Hack’s excellent, eloquently written and thought-provoking comment was, “I apologize.”

Try again

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 2:27pm.

I get your agenda.

I can't apologize for watching the 6 o'clock news and forming an opinion. For at least the last 15yrs. the news out of Clayton, Fulton and DeKalb has been the same.

If I had ever implied that all blacks are part of the problem, I would have apologized. I did not say that and never would.

You have a different opinion of Clayton County good for you. We don't have to agree. We are all free to read newspapers and watch the evening news. We are all free to interpret the news however we want.

Arguing about who has hurt feelings or who disagrees with whom, isn't going to solve our larger problem in Fayette County. That problem being, how to keep crime out or at least keep the incidents of crime as low as possible.

Have a safe Fayette County day.

Submitted by KCW56 on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:10am.

I haven't said anything about the black vote. You did. I simply blogged to help a fellow commenter understand they could vote Democratic in the National Election while voting Republican in the Primary election. I didn't know if the commenter was black or white and I don't care.

I also have personal Democratic (white) friends that had the same question, and thought many of the bloggers on this site would appreciate information that I found in a brochure by one of the candidates.

As I am learning on this site, there are bigots and racists. I wasn’t familiar enough with those folks, but I certainly am getting who is from Git and Sky.

This simply was information that came my way that I did not understand myself and wanted to pass it on to anyone who was interested no matter what party or race affiliate they happen to be.

Must have hit a nerve somehow?

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:26am.

Why did you think you had to explain to people that simmons was not on the democrat ticket?? Why did you think they would assume he was on the democratic ticket? Do honestly think people would have been confused??

Nice try. No you didn't ever mention race, you didn't have to, what you didn't say screams volumes.

Submitted by KCW56 on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:29am.

stated exactly what was on the insert of the brochure. It's that simple. You certainly are trying very, very hard to accuse me of something and I think most people get that!

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 8:46am.

So you were just being condescending to democrats in general? Good one, nice spin.

Submitted by KCW56 on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 9:14am.

just trying to pass on info. That simple.

I believe in my blog it stated taken verbatim. If any other candidate had this info, I would have blogged verbatim. Simmons just happen to have an insert in his brochure.

Spin as you wish, it only makes you look ridiculous.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 11:28pm.

What KCW56 is exposing is Simmon's effort at sending out 'race code' to tell black Democrats how to vote. Next announcement is to tell them where the buses will be picking them up to take them to the polls on election day. Perhaps Mount Olive will provide the transportation.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


Submitted by Howard Beale on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:14am.

Your comment is ridiculous.
The man is explaining the voting procedures.
We all know that that the turnout on the 15th will be lower than the turnout on November's election day. Every sign in the county says "vote on the 15th" and every candidate's website explains how the voting on the 15th works.
I am not a Simmons booster—I’m still undecided on the sheriff’s race—but I do acknowledge that your words on this website have helped to swing my D.A. vote towards Ballard.
I was an early Hayes supporter because I did not like the way Ballard handled the Fayette County High School “gang” bathroom fight, but after learning more about Hayes, his supporters and his loyal backers the Studdards, I’m fairly convinced that Ballard is probably the better choice for our district court.

Go ahead and add “Git Real” to the list of bigots posting on this ridiculous website.
Congrats Git Real, you have joined the ranks of shadowalker, skyspy, ptcavenger, NOTA, and the many others on here that need to move to Forsyth County or Utah and find something new to complain about.

Submitted by Davids mom on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:15am.

It didn't take long for others to realize the real motives of Git and Sky - and I stopped 'rubbing their noses'!!

Cyclist's picture
Submitted by Cyclist on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 7:30am.

Why don't you just do yourself a favor and quit wasting your time on this "ridiculous website."

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 7:46am.

Everyone who doesn't agree with him is a "racebaiter" and he is soooo grown up that he continues to call people names. I thought summer school was still in session?

Submitted by Howard Beale on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 9:47am.

I finished high school and college long ago, sky.
A better response to my comment would have been some sort of attempt to explain git's absurd "Mt. Olive" comment as something other than racebaiting/ignorance/bigotry.

If you don't like being called a bigot, then stop writing bigoted things.

skyspy: "Ever since white flight took off and moved to Fayette the criminals have tried to follow us."

skyspy: "Thanks for the last 20yrs. of keeping us safe from black on black crime from fulton, and clayton counties. Most of us have noticed and are grateful for everything you do."


Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 10:04am.

The fact is white flight did take off from clayton. That is why most of us moved to Fayette. Just because you don't like the sound of it, doesn't change history.

If we don't keep the crime low in Fayette people will move again, to the "next best place to live" wherever that is ....

Cheer up!

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