KCW56: A little bio on Dave Simmons

Received this from a friend who said it was printed he thinks in the Fayette News earlier this year. Since I didn't think The citizen ran any bio's heres one on Simmons.

KCW56: Simmons and the truth

Dave Simmons has been under brutal attack and scrutiny since Jan. when he started campaigning for his candidacy as the next Fayette County Sheriff. Only until this week, Cal decided that he needed to stop such negative, slanderous comments when the other 3 were being attacked so viciously. Thanks Cal, but this really should have been done months earlier.

KCW56: Voting in the 2008 Georgia Elections

In the state of Georgia, you do not have to declare a party (Democrat / Republican) affiliation when you register.

The only time you need to choose a party affiliation, Democrat or Republican is during a primary election - i.e. Presidential Preference Primary, which was held on February 5, 2008, or the Local Primary Election, which will be held on July 15, 2008. When you arrive to vote you will have to select the ballot of the party (Democrat or Republican) that you wish to cast your vote for.

KCW56: Attention: The Citizen-Cal Beverly

I have the case numbers for two incidents that I want a reporter to investigate. 1. Case # 0805101, the air-conditioners that were stolen from Liberty Baptist church, June 11th from 10pm-7am. Valued at $60,000.

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