If I voted today, here’s who I’d vote for and why

It’s probably lucky I am not called upon to vote today, because I feel ill-informed, but whose fault is it if I’m ill-informed?

So read on, and correct me wherever I am wrong.

First off, I’ll ask for a Republican ballot, because you have no influence on local politics in Fayette County unless you do. That will get me mail from the Republican National Committee (always asking for money) which begins with “Dear fellow Republican,” but that’s OK: it goes in the trash.

For county commissioner, I have three elections to look at. I am asked to choose between Greg Dunn and Robert Horgan, then between Bob Fuhrman and Herb Frady, then between those three: Stuart Kourajian, Lee Hearn, and Peter Pfeifer.

Horgan looks like a mediocrity to me, but Greg Dunn is still worshipping an old county attorney who is past his time, and his attitude is more pugnacious than progressive. Dunn is hard to like, so I’ll go with Horgan.

The Fuhrman-Frady contest is easy for me. Frady is reported as having trouble focusing on the issues at hand and not preparing for meetings. He has little education and can’t see both sides of an issue. And he is too pro-Peachtree City, at the expense of the citizens in the unincorporated part of the county. That leaves Fuhrman for me to vote for, though I don’t know anything about him.

The Kourajian-Hearn-Pfeifer contest is another matter. Pfeifer sounds too much like a crybaby who can’t get along with anybody, although he is good at communicating with the voters and raises valid issues, like the defined benefit pension plan matter. I hear that Kourajian was ineffective as a Peachtree City councilman. Hearn, on the other hand, seems to have been liked enough when he was county public works director. Would Hearn view things from the perspective of county employees more so than from the point of view of the taxpayers? I don’t know. I am inclined to vote for him.

I have now made four enemies (Dunn, Frady, Kourajian and Pfeifer) --and the other three will hardly consider me a friend-- but let’s go make some more.

Tax commissioner George Wingo is now opposed by former county commissioner Linda Wells. Wingo has been involved in controversy with his shotgun-toting incident, and he has not shown himself to be terribly polite toward the public. He has caused some older homeowners to pay more school tax than they owed for many years, by failing to explain the local exemption properly, though he is doing a better job now. His staff recently published a letter to the editor saying they all support him, but hey, how voluntary could all of that have been? One saving grace is that the tag section of his office seems to be running smoothly. Wells, however, earned a good reputation as director of the program for victims of domestic violence, and she seems pretty competent. I’ll go with the new blood and vote for Wells, who probably has better judgment.

The sheriff competition offers me four choices: Barry Babb, Wayne Hannah, Thomas Mindar and Dave Simmons. There will likely be a run-off there, so I’ll have the opportunity to vote twice. A lot of people focus attention on the law enforcement aspect of the job, but it includes running the jail and guarding the courthouse too. It’s only in the relatively sleepy unincorporated area of the county that the sheriff enforces the law. So I’m dismissing Simmons, because his only focus is on crime-busting Detroit-style, and that’s not what we need. The other three are current deputy sheriffs trying to move up. Babb, I am told, has diversified management experience within the department, but is affected by too much religiosity. I am sorry to say I know nothing about Mindar. Hannah seems to be the favorite of many and is apparently the current sheriff’s choice. I’ll vote for Hannah.

For probate judge, I am asked to choose between Ann Jackson, Steve Kiser and Jim Whitlock. All three are lawyers. Jackson has worked in probate court for years and seems to be the most competent of the bunch, and I understand she has a nice personality. Kiser is smart enough to be able to learn and be competent early, but I have to wonder if he does not view this job as a nice, cushioned little pre-retirement job. Whitlock seems to think it’s prayers, not voters, that will get him elected, and his professed religiosity signals he might be unfit for a judge’s job. His legal experience has largely been to defend drivers charged with DUI. I’ll vote Jackson.

The school board contests are a bit like the commissioners’. I am asked to choose between David Houston and Janet Smola, between Mary Kay Baccallao and Terri Smith, and among Carol Jensen-Linton, Mark Aasen and Marion Key.

I consider Smola rude, stubborn and pushy. Her opposition would have to be pretty bad before I’d ever vote for her. So there’s an easy vote for Houston, whom I don’t know at all. Smith has chaired the board for quite a few years now. I give her credit for having been able to put up with Smola. Baccallao is an unknown. The Smith years have not been without controversy, and I am not sure I am ready to vote for Smith. I might just abstain there. Key has been a sphinx on that board, with the flattest of personalities. But I know nothing about Jensen-Linton and Aasen, so my lack of enthusiasm makes me abstain there too.

For district attorney, I have a choice between Rudjard Hayes and Scott Ballard. Hayes has been a professional criminal prosecutor in Fulton and Coweta counties and he has not even lived in Fayette county until a few months ago. He is highly critical of Ballard, but Ballard has brought to the job the perspective of someone who has had experience from the other side of the street, and he is less prone to persecute people out of sheer meanness. A young attorney who worked for Ballard until recently volunteered a highly complimentary letter about him in a local paper, as a good mentor and an able prosecutor. Sure, Ballard is not perfect, but I’ll vote for him.

Since the election is not being held today, this may not be my final vote. It’s up to the candidates and the people who know them best to give the rest of us good reasons to elect them. Some of my reasons are not very good, but I am doing the best I can with whatever information I have been given.

Notice there’s not a single one of them I am voting for because of his or her yard signs.

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Submitted by g8trgrl on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 9:10am.

Regarding the Board of Ed - the people who are in have been there for 12 years - 4 more years? I can't do that. That is too much of a stamp on education in our county. Time for some new ideas & new energy. Houston is a consumer of education - a parent's point of view = getting my vote. Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao - a person with experience in education - more than Terri Smith = getting my vote! Carol Jensen-Linton has great ideas regarding what the kids are eating, possibilities regarding saving $ where buses are concerned, got the schools nurses = my vote! Aasen is only concerned with re-districting - as in saving his neighborhood (building in Whitewater) = not my vote!

Who wants someone in office for 16 or 20 years? Not me!

Submitted by CitizenBlogger on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 11:09am.

Smola and Smith are in their 2nd terms. That means 8 years, not 12. Key was on the board before, so she has 12 years.

Submitted by CitizenBlogger on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 7:54am.

Horgan - it was such a relief to finally get rid of Dunn. Horgan does a good job. If you want enthusiasm, you'll get that with Dunn. Remember how enthusiastically he stirred up trouble all the time? Why would we bring him back?

Hearn - experience and common sense - Pfeifer's a nut, don't know much about Kourajian

Frady - experience and don't want any part of a puppet of Dunn

Wingo - another relief to dump Wells when we dumped Dunn. See above - why bring that back?

Sherriff - Hannah or Babb - leaning toward Hannah but still thinking about it - wish Sheriff Johnson would endorse somebody

Probate Judge - Jackson or Kiser - probably Jackson

Smola or Houston - Smola - you might not like her but she's done a lot for the schools and the community. Go back and read her resume. She's been working in the trenches while his involvement was that his wife is a PTO officer. Be careful here...A lot of people who have talked to him are saying he's out to get employees...very dangerous to give these people a chance

Smith or Bacallao - Smith - Bacallao wants to teach teachers how to teach (see YouTube video) and improve curriculum. Every teacher I know is insulted and says that the curriculum comes from the state. She needs to be running for state superintendent in two years if she wants to change that. As far as insulting the teachers...ask Roy Barnes how that works.

Key or Aasen or Jensen-Linton - JensenLinton - Think about Dunn and Wells here. Key was on the board a long, long time ago. The board was was terrible, she got voted out and Connie Hale took her place. Problem was Connie Hale was just as bad. Key ran again and took the seat back in a race with no good choices. She's no better than she ever was but finally has a quality opponent. WHATEVER YOU DO, VOTE FOR CAROL JENSEN-LINTON! Oh yeah, haven't heard anything about Mark Aasen.

Ballard or Hayes - probably Ballard - I know we want an aggressive prosecutor but this guy seems more like a schoolyard bully and promises that he doesn't make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes - I just hate see someone who doesn't know that as a DA.

Submitted by buckstopshere on Tue, 06/24/2008 - 6:31am.

what is your agenda? I think you ought to look at voting record then reconsider your vote for smola & smith...in my opinion they need to be run out of town. they have not served this county well...only themselves...board of ditintinction my @$8!!!!
People in this county know what they are up to...and let's hope this county wakes up and votes for Houston & Dr. Mary K!!!
I think that is the new blood that is needed...

Robert W. Morgan's picture
Submitted by Robert W. Morgan on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 5:50am.

Not sure about Wells. Wingo is certainly rude and condescending but it is a do-nothing job, so I'd just leave him there and not have Linda back at all - even for tax commissioner. Can you imagine Wells collecting your tax dollars and Dunn spending them? Dunn is a long shot aganst Horgan, but it is possible he can win.

I agree with all the rest - good job analyzing the whole thing. Hope there is a decent turnout, but you know how it goes in Fayette County.

Change_is_good's picture
Submitted by Change_is_good on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:06pm.

You got the do nothing right! but you have to add the "Not even there" part. Then you have wingos employees. They were probably coerce into writing the letter or maybe not so much writing it, he probably did that, as much as signing it. He uses scare tactics to try and control them. No I think new blood is the way to go. It would definitely be better than whats there now and in 4 yrs you could always make another change beceause as I've said before

Submitted by heatjam on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 9:04pm.

For me, basically, if there is an (i) anywhere around their name, they are not getting my vote. Especially concerning the Board of Ed. We need some major changes there - hopefully new people won't cow-tow to the almighty $$$.

yardman5508's picture
Submitted by yardman5508 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 8:53pm.

and thus this creates a very difficult decision for me. While the Democratic Party has not fielded any candidates for local election this cycle, the state party has a very active race to see who will defeat Saxby Chambliss for the US Senate seat in November. This sort of pushes me toward either sucking it up and pulling a Republican ballot to vote on some of these key local races, or take a Democratic ballot and voting my conviction in the US Senate race. Tough call, and I am GLAD the election is not today, as I have not yet resolved how I am going to vote. Keep the faith.

Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

Submitted by Howard Beale on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:35am.

grab the republican ballot on the 15th.
Why else go to the polls?

I know how the local republican rules work, but if none of the fellas running for the Dems' nomination to take on Saxby gets a 50% majority, will there be a runoff?

If yes, then simply wait for the runoff.
If not, then take the republican ballot, vote in the local races and pray that the "republican in sheep's clothing Jones" loses.

Submitted by thenatural on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 9:14pm.


Is it safe to say that you will vote for the democratic nominee in the Senate race in November? If so, then you should consider where you vote will have the most impact on July 15th.

Voice of Fayette Future's picture
Submitted by Voice of Fayett... on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 1:34pm.

Good posts by folks on who they will vote for.

Agree with some of your posts---- Smola has never gotten a single vote to be on the school board and will never get mine. She and her husband are the boils on the rearend of Fayette. I agree with you on Hearn. He was a good administrator/public servant. Give him a chance. I was undecided on Terri Smith but you make a good point. If I had to listen to Janet Smola's mindless "love to hear myself" drivel for years, my ears would be bleeding, too. Smith deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor and county funded ear surgery.

Disagree on Probate Judge and DA. Ballard has proven himself to be a competent and passionate DEFENSE ATTORNEY; unfortunately he is the DA. Hayes can't be any worse. Your logic is lousy on Probate Judge. You malign Kiser for looking for a cush job. Whaddya think Jackson did? She earned a pension for Fulton County as a lawyer doing zip anywhere in Fayette for twenty years. Who's the opportunist now? Not that I really care about that race but with your logic, you can't vote for Jackson.

I'm voting Babb for Sheriff.

I am also voting for Barry and Valerie for Coroner; they know where all the dead bodies are.

Git Real's picture
Submitted by Git Real on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 11:17pm.


I agree with Voice that accusing Kiser of seeking a gravy job while giving Jackson a pass is disengenuous. Jackson is already on the taxpayer retirement dole in Fulton County as it stands. I say do the taxpayers a favor and not pay / allow her to double dip with the opportunity to secure double retirements at our expense down the road. As far as this comment goes: Kiser is smart enough to be able to learn and be competent early,. What the blogger fails to understand or admit is that Steve is already serving as the assistant Probate Judge under Martha and has done so for some time now. There is no learning curve with Steve Kiser. He already knows the job and is currently fulfilling it's duties. Jackson will chase off those that make it happen in the probate court offices. No need for that.


Hold your nose and vote for George. Overall he's helped far more people than he's hurt. Linda is not going to improve that office at all. Someone made the comment that Wingo is no more than a career politician that needs to go and that is why Wells needs to replace him. Uhhhh.... And Wells is not a career political job hopper? Give me a break. Look... the taxpayers win by leaving Wingo in as long a possible at this point. That way we won't be stuck with paying Wells a cushy retirement shortly down the road. Face it.... Wells is a failed lawyer, a failed stock broker, a voted out politician on more than one occasion. It's time to keep Linda in the pasture. Let's replace George on the next go around with a better candidate.

DA - Hayes

I know I really had to agonize deeply on this one as you all know. My fondness of Softy Ballard's past prosecutorial performances has just indwelled him in my heart. Eye-wink I do have to agree with Sniffles that Ballard's finest accomplishment was getting rid of McBroom. And to agree with him again, I say we don't get hurt with giving Hayes a chance. Perhaps in 4 years Hayes just might prove to be the DA we deserve. What I do know is that our current DA does not deserve 4 more years at trying to morph from Defense Attorney to Prosecuting Attorney. That in it's self equates to trying to convert Sniffles into a Republican. Some things are pert near impossible. Smiling


Hold my nose again. It's like having to vote for Westmoreland over Ballard's very own Jeffrey Allen. Ick...


Frady's time is up. Enough said.


I know Peter means well. But he's got to go before he turns into another Frady. I've had two issues that I brought to Hearn's attention over the years regarding transportation safety. In both cases Lee acted politely, professionally, and rapidly in addressing a drainage issue and a safety issue. Hearn can perform in this job. I would like to see him swear an oath that he will not try to resurrect OverBill McNally as County Attorney. I say keep him in in Tyrone and let him bilk those foolish folks over there and keep him out of our hair.


I know, I know.... But we don't need to replace him. We need to keep him until he dies so we won't have to duplicate another retirement package. Kind of like our tax commish....LOL


He appears to be shaking out to be the best candidate. With that said it will be 'any of the above' against the Dunn / Bost / Pfiefer sock puppet Simmons. I'm still examining this race close.


One of the few politicians I can trust. He's proved that personally over the years. Even though Sniffles and his candidate discriminate against John's age; His mind is sharp, determined and well thought out. Except for his support of Westmoreland.


"That man was Griffin Judicial Circuit District Attorney Scott Ballard".


sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 12:53pm.

Commission: Greg Dunn vs. Robert Horgan: Bombastic Greg Dunn versus the epitome of mediocrity, Robert Horgan. I'll throw my support to Horgan with absolutely no enthusiasm (sorta like Horgan himself).

Commission: Bob Fuhrman vs. Herb Frady: Clueless Bob Fuhrman vs the developer's friend, Herb Frady. Fuhrman reminds me of Commander Lassard in the old "Police Academy" movies. Nonetheless, ANYONE is better than Frady, so I'll vote for the retired pilot Bob Fuhrman (btw if you go over to the Citizen's competitor site and click on Fuhrman's ad, it will take you to a porn page).

Commission: Stuart Kourajian vs. Lee Hearn vs Peter Pfeifer. I like Pfeiffer. Yes, he whines a lot, particularly in the paper. But he has the best interests of Fayette county in mind, which is more than you can say about the rest of the commission!

Tax commissioner: "Shotgun" George Wingo vs Linda Wells. I believe Wingo is one of these career politicians who thinks he is owed his job. Time for a change here. I'm voting Wells.

Sheriff: Barry Babb vs. Wayne Hannah vs. Thomas Mindar vs. Dave Simmons.
I have a really tough time with this. At first, I supported Simmons, believing it was time to clean house in the FCSO. He seems to have too much baggage, though, and Simmons has been fear-mongering this "gangs are coming! gangs are coming" business. Hannah represents the status quo, content to remain firmly mired in 1980s-style policing, and I believe the temperment that makes him well suited to be a division commander will not serve him well as a sheriff accountable to the public. That leaves Mindar and Babb. I was disappointed in Mindar's self-serving comments here, and although I'd usually not vote for someone like Babb who wears his religious faith on his uniform sleeve, I think Babb is the best qualified to do the job.

Probate Judge: Ann Jackson vs. Steve Kiser vs. Jim Whitlock. Toss a coin.

School board: David Houston vs. Janet Smola. Houston claims that contributions to his political campaign are tax deductible, a novel interpretation of the law. Smola, however, is the personification of nastiness. Easy choice.

School board: Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao vs Terri Smith. I've heard "Doctor Mary Kay" (as she refers to herself) speak and was unimpressed. I'll vote for Smith, reluctantly.

School board: Carol Jensen-Linton vs. Mark Aasen vs. Marion Key.
Folks here is where I give you my one rave review: Please, please, please vote for Carol Jensen-Linton. She is EXACTLY what the school board needs. She spent 5 years doing volunteer leadership roles for Whitewater middle school and Starrs Mill High school. She took the dirty jobs that nobody else wanted like fundraising and was president of the PTO at those schools for 3 years. Do you know why Fayette county have school nurses when no other surrounding counties have them? Because Carol Jensen-Linton raised the issue and got a consensus approval from the school board. She's ready to step up to the school board. Mark Aasen is a nice guy and Marion Key disappears when the going gets tough. Jensen-Linton is the one!

District Attorney: Rudjard Hayes vs. Scott Ballard. The lesser of two weasels. Lots of chest thumping in this campaign. Ballard did an admirable job cleaning up the mess that was Bill McBroom, but he's made some (what I consider) judgement errors during his term in office. I'm willing to vote for Hayes and give him a chance.

Submitted by the weasel on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 11:34pm.

I agree with you, with a couple of exceptions. I too would request a Republican ballot.

Dunn & Horgan - I would vote for Dunn. I think he has much more experience and knowledge of how the Commission should operate. He has good relationships with organizations outside of the County with whom we must deal. The attorney issue is over. Horgan is mediocre and presents issues & ideas over which the County has no control.

Furman & Frady - I agree, Furman is the man for the job.

Kourajian/Hearn & Pfeifer - I too have heard that Kourajian wasn't much on the PTC City Council. I wouldn't even consider him. I don't know much about Hearn except that he has huge yard signs. He worked for Fayette County and left to work in Henry County. I have heard that he is an "employee's candidate" and he doesn't think enough is being done for the employees of the county. Pfeifer has experience and has proven that one of his priorities is to keep we, the citizens, informed and standing up for us. I have a friend who had a serious problem related to her property in the County. Pfeifer was the only Commissioner who spent hours with her both in person and on the phone to resolve her problem - which he did. She can't say enough good about him. So, I'd vote for Pfeifer.

Wingo & Wells - I'm with you 100% on this one. Linda Wells has my vote.

The sheriff's office is the toughest decision for me. So far, I'm leaning toward Babb or Simmons, but wish I knew more about Mindar. I guess I have to say that I'd still consider Hannah too. I'm nowhere on this one!

Probate Judge- Jackson/Kiser & Whitlock. I'm pretty sure I'm going with Jackson for the reasons you stated.

School Board - Another tough one. I don't care for Smola, but know nothing about Houston, other than he is a concerned parent. Probably Houston. I think I might go with Baccalloa over Smith. I met her shortly after she decided to run for office. She is quiet - very knowledgeable. I would vote for Marion Key. To my knowledge, she was the only board member to question the locations of the new elementary schools - were they being built where they were needed. To be honest, I don't feel very passionate about any of them.

District Attorney - I feel torn over this election too. I will abstain from this one for now.

I attend forums and meet the candidates functions, but still find it difficult to get unbiased information. Maybe the newspaper will be helpful if the candidates have a forum there as they have in the past.

I too have not made a single decision based on a yard sign. They tell nothing about a candidate and are meaningless!

Submitted by Howard Beale on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 12:52am.

There is a lot of love for Furhman going around on this thread, but has anyone ever met the guy? He came to my door and I talked to him at a candidate forum.
He comes across as a little senile, a little out there and completely unqualified.
Furhman is above all else somebody that Dunn thinks he can carry in his pocket. Furhman is part of the Dunn, Pfiefer and Wells “retake the county” ticket.
I’m not a Frady fan, but Furhman does not need to be an elected official.
I wish I could vote for Hearn and Kourajian.

Wingo at tax
Kiser for probate judge
Ballard at DA
Undecided on sheriff

Definitely not voting for Dunn, Pfiefer, Furhman or Wells.

And I need more info on the school board

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Wed, 07/16/2008 - 8:50am.

I think the biggest surprise of the 2008 Republican primary has to be Bob Fuhrman. Not that he lost, I suspected he would...I'm surprised.. shocked.. astonished.. that Fuhrman got 48% of the vote!!

Fuhrman was the only guy I was able to hear more than once in this election cycle. Folks, this guy was a textbook definition of the word "uninspiring". I cringed watching him speak. I disagree with Mudcat on virtually every issue of the day but she had him sized up correctly: a non-starter.

Here's a guy that I (and a few others) said looked and sounded like Commander Lassard from Police Academy...and he pulls in 48% of the vote? If I were Herb Frady, I'd be considering retirement after this upcoming term.

I'm wondering if Fuhrman was indeed part of the "Whitewater Mafia" as some have alledged...I can't see how else he got that many votes.

One has to wonder if a stronger candidate had stepped up against Frady how differently things might be today.

But in the end, none did. So we have four more years of the Developer's Friend™ to endure.

We get the government we deserve.

Submitted by loanarranger707 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 6:00pm.

As the person who started this blog, I thank you for your enlightening comments. They help make me a better voter, and they are appreciated.

I am pleased you confirmed that Furhman (who does look like Commandant Lassard, of Police Academy fame) is a better choice than Frady for the county commission, and I am not unhappy to see agreement that Smola deserves to be booted off the board of education.

I am still wavering about Dunn and Horgan, but I have this lingering feeling it’s not good to bring back somebody who’s been voted out earlier. I’ll think it over some more.

Deciding between Pfeifer and Hearn is a bit hard for me too. At least, to my mind, Kourajian has been eliminated. It was helpful to hear the good comments about Pfeifer.

It doesn’t look as if a lot of people like Wingo, does it? Easy choice there (for Wells).

The sheriff competition is still a mess (in my mind anyway). The choices are Barry Babb, Wayne Hannah, Thomas Mindar and Dave Simmons, and I sense that people seem to like Barry Babb. What I worry about concerning these religious types is that they’ll start prayer services for the folks in jail, or post the Ten Commandments all over the place, and will start huge controversies that get us involved in all kinds of expensive lawsuits that end up financed by us, the taxpayers. Plus I don’t want us to turn into another Iraq. I am still not sure what I’ll do.

For probate judge, I think a good point has been made about Ann Jackson not having contributed much to Fayette County compared with Steve Kiser. I’d still eliminate Jim Whitlock, however.

As to the school board contests, now that I know a bit more about Doctor Mary Kay Baccallao, who is challenging Terri Smith, I might vote for Terri Smith. I suppose Baccallao is a doctor of education, and I am concerned she might be too much a part of the school establishment. My preference would be to elect people who are “consumers” of education, like parents, rather than competing providers, to oversee our local education system.

One of you gave a rousing endorsement to Carol Jensen-Linton in the contest with Mark Aasen and incumbent Marion Key, and I was persuaded. I think I’ll vote for Jensen-Linton.

For district attorney, it seems to me that Rudjard Hayes displayed a great lack of finesse when he left DA Scott Ballard’s employ, and I doubt his judgment. I do worry about over-aggressive prosecutors. I reason it may be your child or your grandchild who does something stupid one day, and you want a fair-minded DA. Ballard may not be perfect, but somehow I feel more comfortable with him.

Thanks to you I am making progress in coming to what I consider a serious decision. The more we can do this right, the better off we all are. We have to live with the consequences not only of our own decisions but also of our neighbors’. So it is good to talk.

Submitted by iDidntDoit on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 5:50am.

the jail already provides church/bible/prayer services for the inmates.

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 4:21am.

You are correct, "Doctor Mary Kay" has a doctorate in education. She teaches graduate classes for teachers at Mercer Atlanta. Her platform, if you can call it a platform, consists of four words: "Better Teachers, Better Curriculum". There is a YouTube video of her floating around and she is not the most inspiring person. I like the fact that she has taught elementary school for a number of years prior to getting her doctorate, but I don't think that's enough to make me want to vote for her.

Edited to add: Okay, a little more research has shown me that Dr. Mary Kay has served notice that if elected, she wants nothing to do with any redistricting (LINK) . I'm sorry, but in my mind "redistricting" is part of the job of the Board of Education. This disqualifies her from consideration in my opinion.

Submitted by grits on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 7:19pm.

The Sheriff's election is the most important to me personally....(although, I do think they are all important).
Barry Babb is a Christian....that doesn't mean he is a fanatic and can't abide by the "Separation of Church and State...."

He's been with the department for 20 years and it hasn't been a problem.

If the religion thing is all that anybody can hold against him....I'll take it!

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 6:34pm.

I finally figured out Stuart Kourajian's platform this week. I read about his priorities on his campaign website this week, and his primary goal as commissioner would be to improve sporting activities in Fayette County through "innovative means of public/private partnerships".

A light just went on over my head:

Stuart Kourajian is Dar Thompson's point man for the proposed ice rink that Thompson wants the public to build so he can run it.


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