loanarranger707: If I voted today, here’s who I’d vote for and why

It’s probably lucky I am not called upon to vote today, because I feel ill-informed, but whose fault is it if I’m ill-informed?

loanarranger707: Hey, Lakly is 65 today!

Happy Birthday, Dan!

loanarranger707: State Representative Crankshaft about to turn 65

The local embodiment of Crankshaft, our cantankerous, irascible and humorless state representative Dan Lakly is turning 65 on August 8. The big deal is that he goes on Medicare on August 1, joining the 43 million or so people already on it.

loanarranger707: Shingles vaccine: Is our Fayette County Health Department unresponsive?

On May 25, 2006, the FDA approved a shingles vaccine known as Zostavax. Its maker, Merck and Co., has advertised it as recently as April 10 and 11 with full-page ads in the Atlanta newspaper.

loanarranger707: Why public officials hire outside experts

(1) They are not spending their own money. They are spending someone else’s money. (Ditto for many large corporations.)

loanarranger707: What's wrong with Lakly's promises

On a postcard I received in the mail today, Lakly promises he’ll work to eliminate the automobile tag tax and the state income tax.

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