Tyrone Vote Buying Complaint Dismissed Today

The Secretary of State dismissed the complaint of Mark Darrow and Mike Smola against Mayor Rehwaldt as not illegal.

Ex Councilman Smola was visibly agitated by the decision, telling the Judges that if it was not illegal then he was going home and make up discount coupons for President of the U.S.

The Judges told Smola to sit down and advised him not to do that. One fact given to the investigators was that someone from the accusing group had gone into Tyrone Tire Co and stolen a large stack of the Vote for Rehwaldt”, discount coupons. A rule of law is that “one who breaks the law cannot profit from his own misdeed”.

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Submitted by TyroneConfidential on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 11:32am.

Welcome Mr. Smola to the disenfranchised masses. Now you know how all the rest of us feel when we ask our government for help. It was enraging to see all those political naysayers held court over you at the elections hearing wasn’t it? I know exactly how you feel, humiliated, resentful, and wanting revenge. It’s difficult to sleep at night isn’t it? You go to bed mad, you wake at 3 am mad and can’t go back to sleep. Then you drag yourself out of bed in the morning feeling awful. You try to tell people how you’ve been treated but no one seems to care. You call other government agencies, and tell your story but they won’t listen. They’re all just like the election committee. That’s the way you were on Tyrone Council. If you had been reasonable, looked at the facts and tried to help, you would be Mayor of Tyrone. But now you’re just one of us Mr. Smola, a taxpayer without representation.

Submitted by freedomofinfo on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 9:31am.

Smola, your treatment by the election board just tickles me pink!! How does it feel to have your government treat you like you don't have any rights and treat your problems like the have no MERIT!! You thought you had such a good case didn't you?? - well, the elections board went out for dinner the night after your hearing and laughed and laughed at you!! Just kidding, but I did. I am so glad to see turn around fair play against you I can hardly stand it - just smiling all day long! Ha Ha Ha

Submitted by Margot on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 7:10am.

from a government in your vote buying complaint? You know all governments are facades. I mean look at Tyrone. You never paid any attention to citizens complaints. You just ignored them. At least the Sec of State pretended to investigate and even had a mock hearing. You never went that far.

Governments are merely licenses to steal. They set up costly Depts., hire their buddies, and take the taxpayers money to pay for all that crap. All in the name of helping the people, which they never, never do. Like you and Tyrone.

Submitted by oldbeachbear on Tue, 06/17/2008 - 10:58pm.

The current Mayor won by more votes than a few discount cards for downtown Tyrone. If the votes had been close, I could understand Smola taking it to this level. But it was a very lopsided vote in favor of the current Mayor. Give it up Snella. There are no circumstances under which you would be Mayor by default.

If the current Mayor keeled over, the rest of the council would ask someone to be Mayor till the next election, or fill in themselves and put someone else on the council. No matter how you slice it, you lost on election day. That was the end, not today.

Submitted by Missy-Sippy on Tue, 06/17/2008 - 10:26pm.

Hee Haw, Hee Haw, the donkey brays. My name is Smola is all he says.

KraftyFla's picture
Submitted by KraftyFla on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 5:30am.

Please Welcome Mike Smola to the Fayette Political Graveyard. Next up-- Janet Smola, as property owners try to protect their values by upholding our schools. Like Carol "Big Box" Fritz and Cathy Cox so many politicians sang a good tune and then got the big head when they got in office.

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