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"The whole deal (i.e., the only complaint from my employer) was over a (myopic?) perception of my posts on here, and that perception was almost point-for-point the way this person had characterized me in that strategically placed post."

I'm not very familiar with your recent employer's accreditation credentials, reputation or specialized curriculum, however, I always thought you belonged in an upscale educational environment like Emory or Georgia Tech's philosophy department. For several of us on here, your knowledge and intellect has sparked a desire to learn more about religious philosophy, its origins and how it all impacts our modern world today. It is only because of you that I have searched out, and learned about, the various philosophical ideas and views, published authors, theologians and theorists that you have mentioned on this blog. And because of that, I've learned a great deal, and that is the sign of an outstanding teacher….so, thank you for being a great teacher, muddle.

I read recently some comments about you, as a teacher, and maybe you have seen these before. It looks like you were successful in touching a lot of lives and no doubt changing lives while you taught there:

"This man's classes have changed my life. The way I think about the world has changed since I first took one of his classes. He is utterly brilliant and a really nice guy on top of that."

"Often over my head Smiling but cared about whether we understood."

And this one that is heartbreaking:

"they let him go. I think this was one of the worst choices (the school) ever made he is funny and smart and probably the best teacher here."

I think it is only a handful of people who don't understand why we don't want bpr and denise back on the blog but most of us know what happened now and maybe we've all learned a lesson about not revealing too much about ourselves. There are people out there in cyberspace, and in our own community, who would like to see others hurt, just because they don't agree with them on particular issues. And that is unsettling and disturbing.

We're a community here in Fayette/Clayton/Coweta/Atlanta and we get together here on this blog, like at a neighborhood pub, sharing our lives and opinions and reaching out to each other, trusting one another and wanting to make friends, occasionally. So, if someone we care about is hurt by all this, well, the perpetrator(s) should bow out and leave. It makes it uncomfortable for other people on here, having disturbed individuals continue to post and act strangely.

btw - let us know when your book comes out. I want to purchase several copies (ever think about having a reading and book signing - maybe at Books-a-Million??)

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Submitted by muddle on Tue, 06/10/2008 - 7:33am.

Thanks. This is very kind of you.

What is the source of these comments? Are you sure they are talking about me? Are you sure you didn't just cherry pick the flattering ones? Did you leave out this one?

He is a beer-drinking, pot-smoking, cussing, Christian-basher.

Or how about this one?

He wears tie-dyes and sandals to class, and rarely gets his hair cut. I'm not even sure he is a republican!!!!

Or this?

One day he lectured about "Buridan's Ass." Now, I don't know who this Buridan guy is, but I don't think that the profesor should be talking about people's asses."

Submitted by sageadvice on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 3:18pm.

As I have warned numerous times, those who are curious as to who you are on here are up to no good. Do not attend the coffees!

Also, I happen to know that there is a private general bookstore in PTC---been there for years. Behind McDonald's. Better to sign there than BAM, I think.

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Submitted by Main Stream on Mon, 06/09/2008 - 3:37pm.

"As I have warned numerous times, those who are curious as to who you are on here are up to no good."

Sadly, you were right about this. I think if any of us ever get together again, we should issue invites through private emails and not on the blog.

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