Racism Vice Culturalism?

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With all the hoopla ongoing between the two Democratic candidates regarding the race issue, and now the somewhat implied racially toned issues facing us locally because of the imminent loss of accredidation of the Clayton County Schools, I submit that the issue is one of culturalism not race.

Since the introduction of Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" back in the 1960's, Americans in ever increasing numbers have become more and more dependent upon government for their daily subsistence. It was then, and most certainly now, nothing more than a free handout to those unwilling to do for themselves. Granted, should anyone care to do the research the highest percentages of those on welfare back then were minorities. I do not believe that to be the case currently.

What this country has produced over the last forty years is a generation who maintain that they are "entitled" by virtue of being American. The value system of hard work, entrepreneural risk taking, and the simple art of living within one's means is fading from the American personna.

Politicians pander to those who can be bought by programs designed to to maintain a status quo of a particular group instead of a means to raise constituants out of a downward social spiral. And, sadly, they keep getting reelected. The oft used term "victimization" has more to do with culture than race.

It's high time America pulls itself out of its current nosedive or the America rebuilt by our father's Greatest Generation" will be but a dream.

Just my two cents worth.

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Submitted by look to the future on Thu, 03/27/2008 - 8:56am.

Mr. King, you have touched on some extremely valid points in my view, but I would expand this a little further. This country has become more egocentric through the recent societal trend that "everyone is a winner" and "everyone should have the same" not to mention the fact that our standard of living has become focused on mass consumerism and technology. Parents, in an honest effort to provide better for their youngsters, fail to realize that they are not instilling the basic core values such as "you get what you work for" and “you are culpable for your own actions”. Time and time in this paper I see letters and comments blaming outside parties for situations that were a direct result of the actions of an individual. Email, social networking sites and text messaging have eradicated human contact, thus removing a developing child's ability to relate on a one to one basis with another human, absorb their gestures and reactions, and respond in an appropriate manner. Recent generations has become so focused on their own "wants" that the basics edicts through which societies have functioned for centuries are ignored because they no longer apply in the current era of "Enlightened Self Interest". Those in power use this narcissistic world view to further their own agenda of remaining in power. I am not so gullible to believe that our legislative system was not so corrupted prior to the present time. I do ascertain, however, that the current breakdown in society will lead to more dangerous precedents set by our government in the near future.

I ask everyone to consider that there is a great big world beyond your own backyard. America is urban, suburban and rural. Each individual has their own preferences and makes choices based upon those preferences. Open your mind to see the real meaning of diversity. It is not racism that motivated me to relocate from rapidly expanding and crowded areas to the suburbs or even the country. It is a love of space, nature and fresh air. It is not bigotry that leads a community to fight for what it considers best, it is a belief that what we do is right for our community. We should study the old philosophers and fables and choose our leaders carefully over the next few years or, as Mr. King stated above, we are doomed to collapse.


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