The Most Important Thing

I think the most important thing for everyone to keep in mind is the dauntless courage shown by Sergeant Bergh. As all of us at the police department know, Chief Murray had a long disgusting history of standing in front of his office engaging in sexual and inappropriate conversations either about or in front of his young and attractive female secretaries. He also built and maintained a reputation of destroying anyone who so much as disagreed with anything he did. He ruled the police department through fear. He directed his subordinates Major Dupree, Captain Pye, and Captain Ernst to brow beat, harass, and intimidate anyone who dared to challenge anything he did. It was in that environment that Sergeant Bergh, an officer with a perfect record, a long list of accomplishments at the police department, and a true Street Cop, stood up and took a stand against Murray’s inappropriate behavior. She had NOTHING to gain and everything to loose in challenging Murray. And let me be clear, she knew the risks. For as long as Murray would have been Chief and for as long as his three stooges are in her chain of command she will always be watching her back. That is how they get you, not many can take intense scrutiny for years. Time was on the Chief’s side, and he could get payback years latter. The Chief’s Staff has lied for him so many times in the past that getting them to do it again was no problem. Corporal Lackey on the other hand IS a close friend of the Chief’s and that is why she was hired and promoted to Corporal and given the internet crimes unit without ever having been a shift cop. For those who think you misread that, let me say it again. Corporal Lackey had no experience in law enforcement prior to being assigned to the internet crimes branch. She never “earned her spurs” as a cop. However, the fall out from her false statement about the harassment incident was immediate, she was promoted to Sergeant. She is not even a real police officer and yet now she has supervisory authority. The Chief’s cover up actually worked. Had he not been involved in other misconduct he would have gotten off scot free. Despite the obvious lies told by Lackey and Dupree the City was more than willing to sweep things under the rug and even went so far as to unfound Sergeant Bergh’s allegation despite the fact that they had found sexually explicit web sites on the Chief’s computer. I guess the thinking was that there is just no way that if you are surfing porn all day you would ever consider making an inappropriate sexual remark to or in front of a female subordinate. That makes sense. And just to let those outside of the PD in on a few things that are common knowledge inside of the PD, Major Dupree and Captain Pye drive around together all day long going to garage sales and other shopping trips. They have falsified other officer’s time sheets and denied paying officers for time they actually worked. They have ordered officers to work without pay or compensation. The off duty jobs, which can be a significant increase to an officer’s pay, have been run for year by Major Dupree as a personal gold mine. As a result Dupree, Pye and Ernst get all the pick jobs and the ones that are difficult or that they just do not have time to work they put out for the officers. They have all either back dated or caused to have backdated reports for their accreditation. Does anyone out their really believe that our department is perfect? It is if you invent reports and back date them for the accreditors. Pye and Dupree have both worked off duty jobs while on duty and getting paid for both. Captain Ernst has both reported for duty while reeking of alcohol and has come out on serious incidents while smelling strongly of alcohol. And he has been seen sleeping on duty.
On Friday Major Dupree came into our shift change and said that the article would be a negative reflection on the department and on us as officers. I disagree, Murray was responsible for his own actions and his misconduct is no reflection on us, as is the misconduct of Dupree, Pye and Ernst, which boys and girls will get ignored and swept under the rug. Chief Murray did not get fired he resigned. He may not even have had to do that. He might have gotten a slap on the wrist and this may have never have even come out, if not for the excellent work of The Citizen. One of the things that Murray said on one of his Survivor videos is that he knows how to manipulate people, to lead them without them knowing they were being lead. I never saw him lead anyone.
Dupree, I am closer to you than you think and I am always watching you.

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Submitted by CuriousBob on Fri, 02/08/2008 - 6:40am.

I'm certainly glad the PD raised the hiring standards for new officers. If the literacy of Lord Knight is an example of what you get from an existing officer without a college degree.

Your ramblings are unreadable and frankly sound like sour grapes from a disgruntled employee...just what this city needs making decisions in the protection of our citizens!

Submitted by CI5835 on Fri, 02/08/2008 - 12:21am.

Please...NOW. The time to clean house is now. We all know what happens to controversy in Fayette Co., it is simply not discussed and eventually goes away. Please don't let that happen this time. You men and women in the Dept. deserve better leadership or should I say real leadership, and the citizens of PTC deserve better and expect more. I can tell from your strait forward style and significant insight which is difficult to forge that you in fact most likely are "Lord Knight". You are a good officer who has had enough of this behavior and wants to do something about it. Please don't wait. If you feel you have to, then fight this battle by proxy. Use an intermediary if you have to in order to keep your cover (and job). Some of the allegations rise above any error in moral judgement we are currently dealing with. This might constitute violation of oath by public offcier, false official certificates or writing, and more...but you prolly already know that. I don't think you would have posted this if you weren't reaching out for help and wondering what you should do next. I know a bunch of folks in city, county, state government and I would be willing to assist you. Just let me know...we'll figure somethin out and take care of this mess.

Submitted by Charity Rider on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 8:51pm.

You attack and impugn the leadership of the very department of which you claim to serve. Do you not have the courage of your convictions to identify yourself publicly?

If you cannot make your accusations without hiding in an anonymous forum such as this one, you are not deserving to wear the badge of your office. I'm sure there are other departments that will gladly take you and your 'credentials'. Please find one.

Identify yourself or remain silent.


Submitted by sageadvice on Fri, 02/08/2008 - 5:55am.

What is your name Charity?

Town-Crier's picture
Submitted by Town-Crier on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 5:42pm.

Sounds like an implosion with a delayed fuse! Anyone have a match?

Submitted by Spyglass on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 11:19am.

Paragraphs are a nice thing. Your letter is unreadable. Well two points.

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 8:05pm.

Yes, he is only 1 day old on these blogs. He is not the real Lord Knight inside the PD. The real Lord Knight is a woman.

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 8:41pm.

And you know this how, mudcat?
The Question They Will NOT Answer:How Much Jail Time?

NUK_1's picture
Submitted by NUK_1 on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 8:52pm.

Considering that the blog post and the anonymous letter sent by "Lord Knight" are extremely similar, I'd say they are the same author.

Submitted by Nancy Williams on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 10:11pm.

I could be wrong, but if I had to put money on it I would say that "Load" Knight is actually a man AND a woman. A recently promoted PTC officer with more brawn than he has brains and his wife who is addicted to PTC gossip, criticizing people and wrecking havoc on other people's lives. It is all too familiar, isn't it Dan?

sniffles5's picture
Submitted by sniffles5 on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 11:12am.

Disgraced Chief Murray's sexcapades are embarassing and I'm sure they sell newspapers. Ditto the small-minded small-town mentality that bans PTC officers from going to Chili's restaurant.

I'd much rather hear some followup, though, on the above accusations that Dupree and/or Pye forged accreditation papers and defrauded the city by being paid to work private security while on-duty. Wouldn't those be considered criminal offenses?

The Question They Will NOT Answer:How Much Jail Time?

Submitted by skyspy on Thu, 02/07/2008 - 10:07am.

This stinks, even in a small town we have the top brass on the take.

I was hoping this was only a problem with large PDs like New York, LA, Chicago, ATL, and Detroit.

So what can we do?

I guess in order to rise to the top of any police dept. you have to be crooked.

I doubt the new chief will make a difference, chances are whoever it is will come with "experience" from "rising to the top" of another PD.

Once again the citizens lose.

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