Cal and crew: East Fayette questions

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The old Cal I know, gumshoe reporter Cal, would've already had these questions answered in previous coverage.

1. Something smells funny 'bout the board geezers wanting to repurpose East Fayette for alternative school. What would they do with the extra room at LaFayette???

Have any property appraisals been made of LaFayette Center, i.e. they might sell that valuable central downtown property? Have any appraisals been made of East Fayette perhaps?

Has the Fayetteville City Council tried to exert some influence on this to "redevelop" the blighted area (drug bust a while back) around East Fayette perhaps? You'd be surprised.

Maybe an Open Records Request with both BOE and city of Fayetteville's in order here.

And just who paid to get Bob Todd and Marion Key into office to insist on "repurposing" or selling East Fayette? Any developers perchance? (Yeah, a long shot but worthy nonetheless).

2. If East Fayette is closed what are the numbers of students that will be moved both IN and OUT of the affected schools, chiefly Spring Hill and Minter?

3. Also it would be handy to know EXACTLY what's wrong with East Fayette Elem to begin with. An open records request for documents on health hazards, brown water and the other stuff alleged (heavens, they have to walk down the hall to the bathroom instead of tinkling in their adjacent bathroom, oh my GOSH!!!).

4. Get with the state BOE and find out about school funding per pupil and exactly how the school system will lose hundreds of thousands by having empty elementary school units/seats/whatever. Maybe they can condemn East Fayette altogether (if it's so bad) and the numbers won't count against BOE.

5. See if BOE violated Ga. law by not advertising the possible school closing as part of the bond package.

The Citizen is our last line of defense for getting any of the facts. The other paper's bought and paid for (see legal ads) so they don't bother to stir up much of nothing.

Dear Citizen gang we're depending on you to get out there and PLEASE shed some light on this crummy sounding deal.

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Submitted by hopeful on Sun, 02/03/2008 - 11:15am.

These are all the questions that no one can get any answers to. The board needs to step up and answer any questions the public and tax payers have, the process should all be open to the public. Remember it is election year, it will be nice to had a whole new board elected, and one that can't be bought by the highest paying areas.

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