The Tyrone Council

voted tonight to move forward with the forensic audit of the books. The only two people against it was Michael Smola & Eric Dial. Smola’s afraid the audit might turn up some criminal activity that would implement him. Dial is a Smola ally, having met with Smola last September to plan election strategy. Look for Dial to oppose anything that would change past actions of the old council.

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Submitted by lemmondrop87 on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 7:26am.

He may have missunderstood the amount quoted for the audit. I couldn't hear good either. Smola got up and pleaded with them not have an audit and stated some place hadn't even finished theirs and that it was already over $100,000. Unlike Smola, Mr McNally stated facts, said the quote for ours was $4,000. to $5,000. going back 4 years. At first I thought he said $45,000. But the figure was $4 to $5 thousand.

I couldn't understand voting against it either, unless he misunderstood the amount.

But if it had been 45, that would have been acceptable as well. Our taxes have been high, and I have a feeling to keep sewer rates low, and try to make them apealing, maybe other tax money was used to pay down the sewer bills, in other words, maybe, all of us that don't have sewer have been unknowingly paying for those that had it.

Anyway, the audit needs to be done in order to go foward. We need to know where the money went and see what we've got. It would be insane to do anything else. No one buys a bussiness and doesn't have a complete audit, and that is what this new group have done. They are in charge of a bussinees, the town, and to make it work, they have to know what they are working with.

It also helps disspell Smola's booger tacticks. No one wants to hide under the bed with him, afraid to look see the bill. These guys are taking the bull by the horns and going forward. Smola can cowar under the bed alone if he wants to.

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Submitted by dudleydoRIGHT on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 7:32pm.

What do you expect that another audit is going to find that the state did not? Insane is spending 5ht kind of money without atleast getting bids to see what you are going to get.

Submitted by lemmondrop87 on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 8:00pm.

what did you spend on the mailout when you didn't like what people WANTED for Shamrock park...Wasn't is $12,000.? Just shows where your priorioties are = wanting YOUR way....and the new groups priorties = getting at the truth and what the PEOPLE want...

you know what confusa said about guys who pee into the wind get it back on you?...I think you pee too much in all the wrong directions!

Submitted by lemmondrop87 on Fri, 01/18/2008 - 7:52pm.

quit hiding behing pictures of children...ugly fat ones at that.

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